I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, another ‘I Heart’ book done and dusted.

After my rocky start with the series I do have to say everyone has grown on me. It took me a week from finishing the last book to even get a hold of this one in the series as it was one I didn’t already have on my Kindle and I was determined to get a library card and use it. And in that time while I wasn’t in Angela’s world I did miss her a bit…

So here we are with Angela following her adventures leading up to Christmas and I have to say it is a wild one. While she may not have left New York this time, it was still insane. And I loved it.

Just like ‘I Heart Vegas’ I feel like this book would be a great chick flick movie and a Christmas one no less. It just had the right amount of chaos and I wasn’t even mad when everything resolved itself because it’s a Christmas book so obviously it had to end on a good note.

Also, festive Angela didn’t even bother me too much in this book yay! For once she seemed to be somewhat sensible in her choices. Not so sensible she stopped drinking or didn’t jump to conclusions but compared to the ideas her friends were having it did seem Angela was trying to be the sensible one so I guess that’s something.

Honestly, when Jenny suggested having a baby with James I thought she was mad. It was totally not going to work out and I’m just glad she’s realising that before she got knocked up. It would not have been a good story if she had decided to go through with the situation. But at the same time I do feel like it could have been a hilarious side story, but overall a terrible idea.

Then Louisa appearing in New York was a shock too. Didn’t see that one coming. Gotta say though it is crazy how fast Jenny and Louisa became friends after their whole showdown thing about Angela’s wedding. But I guess it’s nice when your two best friends from opposite sides of the world come together instead of fight each other. So I guess it’s cute. But I hated when Jenny kept calling Louisa ‘Lou Lou’. It’s not a cute nickname.

On top of that Angela had her other drama going on with her job and Alex. The job stuff was understandable I mean dealing with CiCi again and also a new editing job that she thought she wasn’t prepared for but I think she handled it as best as Angela could. Minus the whole CiCi kidnapping Grace thing lol that was insane but enjoyable to picture.

Also the Angela and Alex fight was actually kind of reasonable this time, and by that I mean it wasn’t something they made up in their heads, it was an actual issue. I feel like half the time they fight it’s because Angela is being irrational and jumping to conclusions but this time I think it was like a proper ‘grown-up’ fight lol.

Edit: Can’t believe I didn’t mention this the first time because I was annoyed about it when I read it but in this book they tell you who Gossip Girl is. This book has nothing to do with Gossip Girl at all but like I think it’s kind of shitty that they would spoil the TV show for you. I mean I think at this point everyone knows who Gossip Girl is but I would be so annoyed if I hadn’t watched the show yet and was just enjoying reading my book and they spoiled my TV show for me…like not cute.

But yes overall an enjoyable read, and this is coming from someone who is no way anywhere near as festive as Angela. And I’m already super excited about the next book because it’s another Jenny short story so we see what happens next for the gals. I hope something good comes for Jenny, she sure does need it.

~ Courtney x

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