Orange Is the New Black Season 7 Thoughts


I just finished binge-watching Orange Is the New Black and I thought I would share my thoughts – obviously, this is going to be a spoiler central blog post so if you still haven’t seen it then stay away!

I think I’m going to break down my thoughts per character because that makes the most sense to me, unlike with my Grey’s Anatomy posts I haven’t been taking notes as I’ve gone along so I might forget things but we see how we go.



So when the series started I was confused because I totally forgot that Piper got out of jail the last season. Well, in this season we see her trying to adjust to the outside world. It’s been an interesting journey with Piper because in the very beginning I found her super annoying, but as the show progressed and we stopped focusing on her as much she became more tolerable.

Honestly seeing her on the outside was nice, it was good to see her getting things back on track. I liked that she was able to make a new friend in Zelda and the relationship they shared, I just wished that they had been able to keep it platonic tbh.

All in all though I am super glad she ended up with Alex, I totally cried when I saw that Piper had chosen her. I mean there’s always one couple that is End Game on a TV show and Alex and Piper were it. Can’t complain.



Okay so Alex has always been just an okay character for me, and I felt like this season she was kind of dull…

I mean sure she was doing the phone charger selling thing but it was repetitive and nothing exciting ever really happened with it. Except for the McCullough thing, I kind of saw it coming but I wish it didn’t happen. Only because Alex should have been trying to stay faithful to Piper. I do wish good things for McCullough she’s been through a lot.

Anyway, like I said above, I’m glad she and Piper are working it out even though she got transferred.



Oh Nicky, she been through so much. She was always one of my favourites.

My heart breaks for her because things were falling apart towards the end. Nicky herself was fine but I mean with Red and Lorna it was not good and she was trying to take over the role of mother but it wasn’t really working.

Plus she didn’t even get her love! The girl she was seeing was deported and that was sad too. I needed her to have one win this season but she wasn’t getting any. She did have her moments but still…sad.

Then at the end they were showing the cast saying goodbye and they showed her saying her lines and she was crying and I was crying and I’m gonna miss her so much.



Love her. Don’t have much else to say.

She has always been the ray of sunshine in an otherwise depressing episode. And then she got to be mayor of the chicken coop and it was adorable.

So yay Suzanne.



Taystee went THROUGH IT this season.

I was confused about what was going on with her at the beginning of the season because I didn’t remember last season at all but I pieced it together as the season went on.

I can’t believe she was going to take her own life – I know everyone is upset that the episode didn’t give a warning when they showed her suicide attempt – I was shocked too because I thought as we saw the set up for it we weren’t going to see the actual attempt. It was heartbreaking.

Luckily, Taystee didn’t die and remained throughout the season. I’m so glad that there was always someone there or a reason to pull her back.

And the last reason, the memory with Poussey – I LOST IT. Honestly, the show was playing with my emotions this season, bringing back old characters just so we could be emotional all over again. My heart.

I loved that Taystee was able to make a foundation in Poussey’s name, it was deserved.



Like all the other characters, Pennsatucky has grown a lot since the first season.

I liked seeing her relationship with Suzanne grow when they were put in Florida together. It was cute.

In this season I liked that she was trying to get her GED and was engaged with the teacher. It was great, things were going well for her…

So it BROKE ME when she died. SHE PASSED HER GED EXAM SHE COULD HAVE HELD OUT I WAS SO MAD. I feel like this is the one reason why I wanted to make this blog post – just to let y’all know this wasn’t cute and I just couldn’t believe that it was happening…

SHE DESERVED BETTER. But it happens I guess…still so sad.



I don’t have a lot to say about her other than I’m sad that her and Taystee never made amends. I am also sad that she ended up living on the streets because of Taystee’s letter but I guess I’m glad she was able to make things better for herself and was making things right for her daughter. We love reformed inmates.



I was not expecting her to be the one that killed ‘Daddy’. Also kind of glad that ‘Daddy’ wasn’t gonna stick around this season because I always thought that whole storyline was kind of crazy.

But it’s also crazy that Daya went all gangster and took over the drug operation. She never really suited that role and I am sad that she went from this young woman who had a cute relationship with that guard to a drug addict/dealer. Yikes. (Also side note remember when that guard literally just disappeared and we never heard from him again – what was up with that? – Like I know the dude went on to be on How To Get Away With Murder but he could have come back for like one episode at least???)

Anyway, yeah wasn’t expecting Daya to be a gang leader though I feel like she gets a lot of help from that one girl who’s name I can’t remember. I was expecting more drama from it but then I guess there wasn’t really anyone else selling drugs…until Aleida ended up back in jail lol.

Joe Caputo


He was always a good guy. I don’t remember what happened with that girl who exposed him for sexually harassing her but at least Joe eventually realised that he was in the wrong. I always feel like he means well but it takes him a while to realise that not all his ideas are good ones.

I like his relationship with Fig and I’m glad they were still together. They balance each other out.

It’s also great that Joe was helping the inmates again – it’s cute that he still wanted to be involved.



Lorna definitely wasn’t handling things well as the season went on. I mean my heart just broke for her losing the baby and also possibly her husband…

I would have liked to see her get out of prison and live a happy life with her husband – I think she deserved that.



Again. Heartbroken.

Seeing Red lose her memory is so sad. I wanted more for her, she was always a fighter. But I guess it doesn’t always turn out that way. It hurts a lot to think that it took everyone so long to notice. :/

And so this brings us to the end of my thoughts – I know I’ve missed some people but I felt like I didn’t need to say much about them. Or I have forgotten lol.

I’m still sad that a lot of things have been left open-ended – I mean we don’t know for sure what happened to a lot of people and so it was left up to us to interpret what happened. I mean I suppose it’s not the worst thing but sometimes you just want solid endings for people.

Now that the show is done I can add it to the list of things I will probably rewatch in the future. I think it would be good to rewatch the whole thing and binge-watch properly to see the full timeline, because so much has happened it’s hard to remember – especially if it happened before the riot.

But yeah, I guess it’s time to move on to other TV shows…if you have any suggestions leave them below!

~ Courtney x

Ugly Betty Cast | Sims 4 CAS

I have recently completed a long Create A Sim project!

After binge-watching Ugly Betty, I decided to make a lot of the cast on the Sims. I haven’t spent this long in Create A Sim in a long time but I had a fun time.

Down below I have included my YouTube video where I created the Suarez family, the Meade family and Wilhelmina, Marc and Amanda.

You can download these Sims from the Sims 4 Gallery by searching ‘SimmingAndSuch’ or #UglyBetty – the Sims are separated into 3 separate households respectively.

I hope you guys enjoy these Sims as much as I did creating them! 🙂

~ Courtney x

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty Review

I picked this up after watching the TV show and also because I’m on a reading kick and wanted to read something new.

Right off the bat I will say I prefer the TV show just because I really enjoy the actresses that play the main characters, they are amazing and I also think the drama plays out really well on the show. I also like the changes they made in the TV show in terms of Renata’s character and other little things.

One thing though I was surprised about was that in the book, Madeline and Ed have a good relationship. In the TV show, the relationship is very strained. I was also super surprised that Madeline actually had three children and not two lol, but I guess that’s a minor thing.

Anyway, time to talk about the book.

I liked the book, it started off easy enough to read, kind of like To All The Boys I Loved Before the sentences were mostly kept short and chapters were tiny. Though I feel like as it went on I was taking more frequent breaks from reading. I think just because I already knew what happened so the build-up was kind of nothing to me.

The little snippets where parents are being interviewed was a bit confusing for me because I always ignored the names and just read what was being said. Which is really on me because I should have kept up with the names but there were a few and I just didn’t bother.

I did like being able to understand more about the thoughts and actions of Celeste and Jane though. I mean Celeste does talk a lot about her feelings on the TV show because she sees a therapist but for Jane, we never know fully what she is thinking so I liked knowing things from her perspective like why she moved to town and everything.

Overall I think it was a good read, personally, I think it’s the kind of thing that if you have watched the TV show you don’t really need to read the book because it’s not vastly different. I think the TV show just adds extra bits to fill out the story so they could get the second season. Other than that I mean it’s not necessary to read the book.

Sometimes when books are adapted to TV and film you do need to read the book still because the adaptation leaves things out but I’d say the TV version is pretty great. And if you have read the book but haven’t seen the TV show I recommend it, it’s really well done and like I said the actresses are amazing.

Anyway, now that this book is done, the next one on my list is Gone Girl – yes I know I’m years behind but I am finally going to get around to reading the book. I’ll try not to make a lot of comparisons to the movie but I guess we see.

~ Courtney x

Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes Review

I found this in the library and the title caught my eye. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to check it out but after looking around I decided to give it a chance because honestly, nothing in the library that day was really standing out.

This book took a while to adjust to, the writing style is drastically different from the previous two books I had read which were casual and written in the first person POV. This book is more of a formal style and also written in the third person POV. Not to mention the fact that we get introduced to a lot of characters very quickly and it took me ages to figure out who these people were lol.

Anyway, the story follows Ursula Flowerbutton as she investigates the murder of India Brattenbury, set in Oxford in the 1980s.

I enjoyed the story a lot, once I got the hang of the characters and the mystery began I was fully engrossed. I wanted to know what happened and how all of these characters suddenly intertwined in India’s life and if they were connected to the murder.

When they started talking about societies and black-tie affairs, not to mention everyone sleeping with each other it definitely gave me Gossip Girl vibes. You know if Gossip Girl was British and in the 80s.

So it’s safe to say this is definitely my kind of book.

When I first started reading and looked up the author I saw that this was An Oxford Girl Mystery, which made me think it was part of a series, I thought maybe I wasn’t going to understand what was going on but luckily for me this was the first book in the series and there haven’t been any new ones released so I am on top of this series.

Of course, I want to know what things Ursula and her friend Nancy get up to next, I enjoyed this book a lot and I want to see what else they get up to, especially since Ursula is only a Fresher, there are plenty of university scandals still to be uncovered.

It will also be interesting for me to follow a book series as it’s being released because I’ve never had that before, the closest I had was when I was reading the ‘I Heart’ series just because I was reading it and caught up just as the final book was being released – not that I knew about that until it came time for me to get the last one.

I don’t know if I can take the waiting though…but luckily for me I have a lot more books to read until then. 😛

~ Courtney x

Currently Watching: July 2019


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, mostly because I’ve been engrossed in Grey’s Anatomy the past few months. Now that I’ve finished Grey’s and have been free of university I have had time to watch some TV. So here are the shows that I have been watching recently!



This was a suggestion from my boyfriend after finishing Grey’s so I have been making my way through. I’m currently at the end of season 3 so should be on my way to season 4 in no time. Honestly wasn’t sure what to think about it at first but it did grow on me. I didn’t really know what the show was about before I started it but if you told me it was about Lucifer basically being a detective I probably wouldn’t have believed you lol.

Big Little Lies


I started this because I got a free pass for NowTV from McDonald’s Monopoly and they don’t have a lot of box sets on there that I wanted to watch except this one. I really enjoyed the first season of the show and the end gave me some Pretty Little Liars vibes so I was excited about the second season. Though sadly season 2 is not really doing it for me, I don’t know what it is but it’s not as good as the first season :/

Ugly Betty


So I started rewatching this last year and then kind of gave up but then they put the show on Amazon Prime and I’ve been binging ever since. I actually just finished rewatching it today. Ugly Betty is a fabulous show and I have loved rewatching it this past month, I feel like I’ve never gotten through a show this fast before just because I’ve had it on basically nonstop lately.

Shark Tank


I wanted something to watch on Netflix one night and decided to finally tackle something on my watch list. So I started to watch Shark Tank. Since then I have kind of been obsessed, I just think it’s interesting to see the kind of ideas people have and what the sharks actually invest in. Sometimes they invest in the weirdest things. I also liked that there are tons of episodes on Netflix which makes it easier to binge.



I’ve been watching Glee here and there as well. I love Glee, it’s the kind of show that’s had it’s ups and downs but I really enjoyed it. Honestly growing up most of the songs on my iTunes were Glee covers and I still love them lol. So yeah been enjoying some Glee lately too.

So these are the main shows that I’ve been watching lately, you know when I haven’t been reading a bunch because I have also been doing so much of that in case you couldn’t tell. I’m honestly proud of how much I’ve been able to read but also how much TV I have been able to consume since finishing university lol. Anyway, I’m going to get back to enjoying the time I have left with no responsibility and I’ll be back soon with a new book review 😛

~ Courtney x

Wilde About the Girl by Louise Pentland Review

I read the first Robin Wilde book over a year ago and the other day in the library I saw the sequel and thought I would give it a go.

So once again we are joined with Robin as she begins to navigate her life after she was pulled from ‘The Emptiness’ in the previous book. I have to say I don’t remember a lot about the previous book but it was okay because this book caught me up on almost everything. Except for the incident with Theo – Robin mentions it a few times throughout and I still don’t really remember what happened but basically I gather things ended badly with him which is enough to get by on.

Anyway, in this book Robin is dealing with a whole new batch of problems.

I have to say though I kind of found that all the issues she dealt with seemed to be solved quite quickly?

For example, the work issue where she thought she might be fired, that was glossed over and things were resolved in no time, granted it was so not her fault what happened but things worked out great.

But even when it came to her fight with her friend Lacey, they didn’t speak for months and things magically worked out.

I don’t know to me it felt like even though the book was touching on serious issues it still managed to stay very lighthearted. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I just think I was expecting things to get a bit heavier, especially when Robin had her miscarriage.

I suppose it’s a good thing that instead of letting ‘the Emptiness’ take over again Robin was able to keep her head up and move on. I mean that’s great but I was hoping for more serious in a way?

That being said I still enjoyed reading the book, it was a nice read, and because of the lighthearted tone, it was something I got through quite quickly.

As with the previous book, this book has a clear message of female empowerment which I enjoyed. Robin’s world is often filled with strong women doing it for themselves with barely any mention of a man. Sure, Robin was dealing with some boy issues but they didn’t take over her life which is nice.

I also enjoyed the moments between Robin and Lyla. I don’t really read books about the relationships between mother and child, especially from the mother’s perspective so it was a nice change. I think it was cute to see Robin teach Lyla that a new man in Kath’s life wasn’t the worst in the world.

So yeah, like I said overall a cute read. Don’t think I’m in any rush to see what happens next but I am sure I will pick up the third book in the series at some point down the line.

~ Courtney x

Graduation and Life After Uni

After four long years, I have finally graduated from university. It feels weird like it hasn’t even really happened. I think I felt the same way after I finished secondary school too. You know, you just spend so much time in a place doing the same things all the time and you get used to it.

Even though it still doesn’t feel like it has been four years since I started university, it feels like it wasn’t that long ago that I was going there for the first time and I was nervous. I remember making a YouTube video about it actually, I just talked about some things I was nervous about when starting uni. Not that I really had anything to worry about.

Though it did take me a while to come out of my shell at uni, I mean you’re thrown into a new place full of new people and don’t really know what to be doing. I was lucky that I still had some friends from secondary school to hang around with at the beginning so I didn’t feel totally lonely. We didn’t do the same course but it was nice to see them outside of class.

After a few months, I think I settled in pretty well though, I was living at home so I had a routine of getting up every day to go to uni and coming home. This didn’t last long though because the year after that I decided to move out.

It was a big step to move out for uni. I’d never had that independence before. Though in all honesty, I think I took to living away from home pretty well. It was nice to have my own space, though I shared it with two other people. I was lucky in the flatmates I had chosen as they were pretty chill, we respected each other’s privacy and we never really had any issues living together.

I’m glad I stuck with living with a small number of people, I don’t know how I would have dealt with living with four or five strangers. My first two flatmates were my friends when one of my friends moved out, I lived with someone I went to secondary school with. We weren’t friends but we were friendly enough that it wasn’t too weird to be living with them.

After that, it was just me and my uni friend. Our third flatmate went to study abroad for a year and we didn’t really want another flatmate. Again, this was great, I definitely couldn’t have asked for better flatmates.

Along with uni I also had a placement year, this was another thing I was nervous about because I had never had a job before then. I was new to the application and interview process but it wasn’t so bad. It was just about working hard and proving you were good enough, though it was still hard to believe I even got a job, especially when I had only been coding for two years and didn’t have other experience.

Luckily placement year went really well. Again I was thrust into a brand new environment that I had never been in before. It was actually not so bad settling into a job, it got me into a routine which was more than I had at uni, plus regular pay was pretty great.

Then came final year and it was a tough one. Suddenly I had more work than I had ever had before and deadlines every other week, it was a crazy time. I definitely felt like giving up a lot but I feel like that’s natural, in fact, I made a lot of friends in final year purely because we all bonded based on our lack of motivation and how stressed we all were.

But thankfully me and everyone else hung in there, worked hard and were able to graduate a few weeks ago.

Graduation day was a strange day for me, I mean I knew what to expect because I went to my boyfriend’s graduation ceremony the year before and mine was the same. But instead of watching him have his name called and walking across the stage it was my turn. I had the same concerns as everyone else that day, mainly just the fear of tripping on stage…

Luckily that didn’t happen and everyone made it across the stage in a timely manner. But it was still weird to actually be wearing the gown and getting all my photos taken and things like that, it just didn’t feel like it was the end. It still doesn’t feel like it now.

I mean it was still a good day and it was great to celebrate with friends and family. I guess I was just waiting to feel something super different. Sure I feel relieved now that I don’t have any more uni work to do and everything paid off. I think I felt more when I got my results to when I actually graduated. I guess because by results day I knew that I didn’t have to worry anymore, I got my degree classification and I knew it was going to be fine, so it was just plain sailing until graduation.

But now that’s university is over and I am on my way to being a ‘full adult’ it feels weird. I still feel like I’m too young or not ready or something. I’m definitely still getting used to the idea that I will now be working for the rest of my life. Something that I used to dread when I was in school. Though I guess before I thought it was because I was going to end up doing something I hated, thankfully the university choice I made was a good one and I enjoy what I do.

I think it’ll be an adjustment going into work full-time. Before, when I was on placement I knew that it wasn’t going to be forever and I was going back to uni, but now? It’s just me going to work and nothing else. I know that my whole life will not only revolve around work but it will become the next big part of it.

It’s kind of scary but at the same time, I think it’ll be good. I am looking forward to moving out into my own space, though this time without flatmates, I am looking forward to being able to spend time after work doing things I wasn’t always able to do during uni because I was too busy, and I excited to see what comes next.

So that’s where I am in life now, a university graduate, a young adult moving up in the world.

And so yeah, I guess I just wanted to make a blog post to reflect a little bit. I mean I don’t think I can really capture in one blog post how my four years at university were but I guess this gives you a little bit of insight, and if you have been following me on Twitter all this time then you probably got a good idea of what uni life was actually like for me lol.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading, and I promise I will be back with a regularly scheduled book review or TV show blog post soon 😛

~ Courtney x