I Heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk Review

Eight books, two short stories and one month later and here we are…

It has been a wild ride with Angela, in my last blog post I actually mentioned most of the adventures that we had been through with her and it’s been quite the journey. But now we are here with the final book.

Angela is off to Hawaii! Now I was wondering how this came about considering in the previous book Angela had just given birth to a baby but she decided to abandon motherhood for one last trip with the gang. Who could blame her?

Okay, it didn’t exactly go that way but, as usual, Angela was running away from something so decided to go off on a trip. Which isn’t unusual since that’s how she ended up going to Paris…and most of her adventures.

I wasn’t exactly in Hawaii when I was reading the book but I did manage to squeeze in a beach day while I was reading and that was nice 😛

Anyway, I didn’t read this book as quickly as I’ve read some of the others in the series, I think because I knew this was the last one I wasn’t rushing to get through it. I guess I just wanted to spend some more time with the characters before saying goodbye.

I definitely think this book would also make a good movie if anything just to bring to life how beautiful Hawaii is. Angela and her friends spent the week in Hawaii where they were meant to be promoting some mascara…however the mascara was not a good one lol.

But when Angela was not getting drunk and having a blast with her friends, she was also dealing with the stress of launching a new website for Cici, dodging the Mothers of Brooklyn and worrying about why Jenny was avoiding her…You know standard Angela behaviour.

Though honestly if I was her I would be dodging the M.O.B group too. They seemed crazy and like who invites someone to join their group and immediately empties their bag on the table? So rude. But I think Angela will find her place with them, even though she isn’t as polished as them I think it’ll work out.

As for everything else…well everything managed to work out in the end. Although this time I wasn’t mad at it because it was the last book and I wanted that happy ending.

I don’t really know what else to say about the book, to be honest, I just think it was a great book. I enjoyed the story, I liked seeing Angela’s growth and her step into motherhood.

I was, however, amazed that everything with Jenny kind of resolved itself super quick. I mean I thought Jenny was super angry at Angela for the video and costing her her job and everything. I definitely thought it would have taken longer for the two of them to work things out, I knew they always would but I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Also, I felt myself cringe when Angela ruined her phone again it’s kind of like she makes it a point to do those things. It was a bit annoying, kind of like her whole Marc Jacobs bag thing in the first few books, a bit of an overkill.

Speaking of which, her bag! I’m amazed she kept it all this time but I suppose it’s just one of those things, I mean we girls do get attached to things and I imagine if I bought a designer handbag I’d want to keep it by my side forever. But I gotta say I need to be seeing pictures of this bag to fully understand its greatness. Anyway, her bag didn’t quite last all this time but it was revived and all is well. I can’t imagine what it would look like with a guitar strap sewn to it but I imagine Angela rocked it.

Another thing that was a bit cringey was the whole Angela deciding to write a book and it coming out to be ‘I Heart New York’. I mean I saw it coming when I was reading about her getting a book deal but I just didn’t think they were going to go with the same title for the book and everything. It was a bit much.

That being said I totally started crying when Angela was talking about how Jenny was her soulmate. Again, totally cheesy but like I was so emotional that this was the end. I mean Jenny and Angela have the kind of friendship that everyone would want, and the way Angela was talking about it definitely had me tearing up. I am going to miss those two so much.

Overall a really good series, I know I’ve had my mixed opinions on it as we’ve gone along but it definitely was a good one. I enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some good Chick-Lit. I would also recommend it if you’re like me and have never really travelled because at least you can live vicariously through Angela for a bit.

Now it’s time to move on…to what I have no idea but I’m sure I’ll find something to read. I think I might take a break before diving into another book series so if you guys have any recommendations for standalone books to read then that would be great 🙂

Oh! And with the finishing of this book, I can officially say that I have surpassed my reading goal for the year by 2 books! I am so proud of myself for this, and even more proud of myself for actually reading an entire book series in a month, I didn’t think I had it in me but there you go.

Anyway, I’m off. Don’t know what my next blog post will actually be but maybe it’ll be something not TV show, book or YouTube related because I know there’s been a lot of those posts lately but I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I feel like writing. 😛

~ Courtney x