I Heart Forever By Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, the second to last book in the series.

We have come a long way with Angela from running away to New York, to outing actors in Hollywood, to fighting on stage with her boyfriend’s ex in Paris, to partying it up in Vegas, to almost getting married in London, to a very messy Christmas in New York and now…running a magazine!

It’s been a wild ride and it’s still going in this book.

Angela is PREGNANT! Okay I mean I kind of thought maybe in ‘I Heart London’ Angela was pregnant just because she was throwing up a lot but that was just from drinking. This time when she was throwing up it was actually because she’s having a baby! I was excited about this, if only because it was the next natural step. And I have to say I am impressed that she was able to keep it to herself for the most part.

Not only is she pregnant this time around but she is actually doing a good job of runningĀ GlossĀ all by herself – yay! We love a boss bitch.

Sadly though it is not all smooth sailing as Spencer media begins to go through some ‘restructuring’ and basically what that meant was magazines were closing and people were going to lose their jobs. And Angela’s previous BFF Delia Spencer is running the whole show. Not cute.

I gotta say I was kind of sad about Delia not being in the picture as much. I was shocked to see her sister Cici actually had a bigger role in this book. Cici is Angela’s number one enemy in New York but surprisingly the two actually grew closer in this book. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this initially, but I am impressed by Cici’s growth.

I just wonder how long this whole Angela and Cici working together thing is going to last especially if now Angela may be working for Cici…I imagine it’ll be a bit chaotic but I do wish for good things for them both. Even after all of Cici’s antics, I think we can forgive her. We do love a villain reformed…sometimes.

Aside from Angela dealing with her work life she also had to deal with her home life…or lack thereof. I mean Alex was basically AWOL this entire book as he was off on holiday and even when he came back he was kind of freaking out. Typical guy behaviour. Luckily he came around and things were okay again. YAY.

Honestly surprised with everything going on that Angela did manage to keep her blood pressure down for the baby’s sake because with the way things were going in this book it was unsure whether that was going to be the case.

Plus along with all of that we also had Jenny, who has redeemed herself for her past mistakes with Jeff and actually got married! Yay Jenny! I was so happy for her, this is what she’s wanted this whole time and now she has it!

I was surprised there was actually no mention of Jeff at all this time, I guess she’s fully moved on which is nice. I suppose there was a little mention of Jeff’s wife in ‘Jenny Lopez saves Christmas’ but it didn’t really go anywhere. But I’m proud of her, she’s come so far! :’)

So yes, this book had a lot going on and it meant that I kept reading because I wanted to see how it all played out, but I feel like this book was just okay. I mean sure there was drama like always but I don’t know…something about it just seemed ‘meh’.

I suppose not every book can be a winner, while I still enjoyed this one I felt like maybe it could be better. I don’t know what would have made it better but it lacked something for me. Maybe it’s a little bit predictable? We know Alex would never leave Angela they are meant to be, and Angela’s parents showing up randomly isn’t anything new…

I guess it wasn’t as exciting as previous books but I was super happy for Angela and Jenny to be growing up and having cute moments, I imagine Jenny’s wedding was beautiful and I know Angela and Alex are going to be great parents.

So that just leaves us with one final book. I think now I am ready to say goodbye to the series, this book definitely felt like a nice ending – you know, Happily Ever After and all that but I’m excited to have one last adventure with the gang. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

~ Courtney x