Wilde About the Girl by Louise Pentland Review

I read the first Robin Wilde book over a year ago and the other day in the library I saw the sequel and thought I would give it a go.

So once again we are joined with Robin as she begins to navigate her life after she was pulled from ‘The Emptiness’ in the previous book. I have to say I don’t remember a lot about the previous book but it was okay because this book caught me up on almost everything. Except for the incident with Theo – Robin mentions it a few times throughout and I still don’t really remember what happened but basically I gather things ended badly with him which is enough to get by on.

Anyway, in this book Robin is dealing with a whole new batch of problems.

I have to say though I kind of found that all the issues she dealt with seemed to be solved quite quickly?

For example, the work issue where she thought she might be fired, that was glossed over and things were resolved in no time, granted it was so not her fault what happened but things worked out great.

But even when it came to her fight with her friend Lacey, they didn’t speak for months and things magically worked out.

I don’t know to me it felt like even though the book was touching on serious issues it still managed to stay very lighthearted. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I just think I was expecting things to get a bit heavier, especially when Robin had her miscarriage.

I suppose it’s a good thing that instead of letting ‘the Emptiness’ take over again Robin was able to keep her head up and move on. I mean that’s great but I was hoping for more serious in a way?

That being said I still enjoyed reading the book, it was a nice read, and because of the lighthearted tone, it was something I got through quite quickly.

As with the previous book, this book has a clear message of female empowerment which I enjoyed. Robin’s world is often filled with strong women doing it for themselves with barely any mention of a man. Sure, Robin was dealing with some boy issues but they didn’t take over her life which is nice.

I also enjoyed the moments between Robin and Lyla. I don’t really read books about the relationships between mother and child, especially from the mother’s perspective so it was a nice change. I think it was cute to see Robin teach Lyla that a new man in Kath’s life wasn’t the worst in the world.

So yeah, like I said overall a cute read. Don’t think I’m in any rush to see what happens next but I am sure I will pick up the third book in the series at some point down the line.

~ Courtney x