Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty Review

I picked this up after watching the TV show and also because I’m on a reading kick and wanted to read something new.

Right off the bat I will say I prefer the TV show just because I really enjoy the actresses that play the main characters, they are amazing and I also think the drama plays out really well on the show. I also like the changes they made in the TV show in terms of Renata’s character and other little things.

One thing though I was surprised about was that in the book, Madeline and Ed have a good relationship. In the TV show, the relationship is very strained. I was also super surprised that Madeline actually had three children and not two lol, but I guess that’s a minor thing.

Anyway, time to talk about the book.

I liked the book, it started off easy enough to read, kind of like To All The Boys I Loved Before the sentences were mostly kept short and chapters were tiny. Though I feel like as it went on I was taking more frequent breaks from reading. I think just because I already knew what happened so the build-up was kind of nothing to me.

The little snippets where parents are being interviewed was a bit confusing for me because I always ignored the names and just read what was being said. Which is really on me because I should have kept up with the names but there were a few and I just didn’t bother.

I did like being able to understand more about the thoughts and actions of Celeste and Jane though. I mean Celeste does talk a lot about her feelings on the TV show because she sees a therapist but for Jane, we never know fully what she is thinking so I liked knowing things from her perspective like why she moved to town and everything.

Overall I think it was a good read, personally, I think it’s the kind of thing that if you have watched the TV show you don’t really need to read the book because it’s not vastly different. I think the TV show just adds extra bits to fill out the story so they could get the second season. Other than that I mean it’s not necessary to read the book.

Sometimes when books are adapted to TV and film you do need to read the book still because the adaptation leaves things out but I’d say the TV version is pretty great. And if you have read the book but haven’t seen the TV show I recommend it, it’s really well done and like I said the actresses are amazing.

Anyway, now that this book is done, the next one on my list is Gone Girl – yes I know I’m years behind but I am finally going to get around to reading the book. I’ll try not to make a lot of comparisons to the movie but I guess we see.

~ Courtney x

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