You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes Review

Settle in lads. This one is a long one.

Just when you think things couldn’t get crazier for Joe, he is thrown into the small town of Bainbridge where all he wants is his librarian but there are so many people standing in his way. Naturally. But this time it’s different for Joe, he’s a different person than he was before, he has a son now and he is a better person. He will not kill anyone.

Spoilers from here on out, although anytime I do a blog post review there’s always spoilers but I feel like I need to start warning people so yes. All the spoilers here, stop reading now haha.

You know, I thought it was kind of crap that Joe said he wouldn’t kill anyone this time around, but he didn’t! That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of death though because there definitely was, but none of it was at Joe’s hands! Hooray! Proud of him, this is growth lol.

So yeah, we are with Joe out there in the world after getting out of prison. I was confused when I first started reading because I thought I had missed something but I hadn’t. Joe got out of jail with the help of the Quinns but they paid him off so he would disappear and so now he is in Bainbridge, pining after a new girl while stalking Love’s Instagram to check up on his son. Also Love named their son Forty and that is so gross.

Naturally, getting this new girl Mary Kay is not going to be easy for Joe. There are always obstacles and by that I mean people in his way to getting his “prize”. First of all, the overbearing best friend, Melanda. Joe does not exactly hit it off with her and she immediately becomes annoying af. So maybe Joe should just kill her and it will all be fine right?

No he can’t. He’s reformed. He’s not that person anymore. But then when Melanda catches him hanging around outside Mary Kay’s house she ends up kidnapped and in Joe’s whisper room. Sounds so familiar right? No it was a misunderstanding, Melanda thought Joe was after MK’s daughter, but he wasn’t and now he has his future girlfriend’s BFF hiding out in the basement. Cool.

Surprisingly Joe doesn’t kill Melanda, but he knows he can’t keep her in the basement forever. He spins some story about her moving away and finding love and ditching Mary Kay. Which Joe thinks is good for her because they are too co-dependent and Melanda doesn’t even like Mary Kay.

While Melanda is locked up in Joe’s basement, he finds out there’s another huge obstacle in his way to Mary Kay – she’s MARRIED. And worse, he’s a musician and an ex-drug addict. Bad news. And also again, potentially someone Joe might kill off?

But he doesn’t kill the husband either, he just pretends to be a huge Philstan – yeah probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard of – to try to convince Phil to divorce Mary Kay. Seems straight forward enough and so different in comparison to the old Joe. Proud of him, yet also itching for him to just kill the low life? I mean I don’t know why I’m rooting for a serial killer to kill people but like everyone in this book was SO ANNOYING that I wanted them gone as much as Joe lol.

Some time passes and Joe thinks he is beginning to win over Mary Kay and maybe everything will be alright for them. Until there’s another complication. Enter Oliver, he was hired by the Quinns to spy on Joe. Super fun. Joe has a stalker. Now he definitely can’t get caught killing anyone because otherwise Oliver could report back to the Quinns and Joe will never get the chance to be with his son.

Too bad for Joe, as he decided to be nice to Melanda and finally move the TV into the whisper room for her to be able to see more clearly. That was his mistake. I knew there was a reason that Melanda was begging for the TV, she ended up smashing it and using the glass to kill herself. Bad news for Joe, he now has a dead body in his house and he has to get rid of it. Even though he didn’t kill her, he can’t just leave her here or call anyone because it’s hella sus she was there in the first place.

So Joe tries to get rid of the body, only to be caught by his buddy Oliver. This is when he strikes a deal with Oliver so that he doesn’t tell the Quinns what he saw. Basically if Oliver wants something, Joe buys it for him. Turns out Oliver got screwed over by the Quinns and isn’t getting paid as much as Joe. And this is when Oliver literally becomes the worst and most annoying person in the book and I kind of just want Joe to kill him. But he can’t, if he does then Oliver’s brother will kill him and no one wants that. So Oliver sticks around.

Meanwhile, Joe is still trying to worm his way in with Mary Kay and he thinks it’ll be easier now her BFF is no longer in the picture. But there’s still the husband. Although turns out he didn’t have to worry about him too much because he does win over the girl in the end, but they’re seeing each other on the sly until Mary Kay can get the divorce sorted.

But it’s not over for Joe just yet because while he and Mary Kay are hooking up, Phil overdoses. So I guess Joe is getting lucky with everyone offing themselves so he doesn’t have to lol. Although this time everybody knows about it and Mary Kay is shutting Joe out because if she hadn’t have been with him then maybe her shitty husband would still be alive. Yikes.

And just when Joe thinks he’s back in with MK after all the grieving and what not, Phil’s brother rolls into town. And honestly, does Joe never catch a break? I mean I guess I shouldn’t be rooting for Joe to be happy but I always secretly am, I thought he would’ve been happy with Love but that wasn’t working out, but it looked like him and Mary Kay had a real chance…but no all these people be getting in the way.

Phil’s brother hangs around for a while, he’s annoying and is a life coach who tries to tell women that their feelings aren’t real and to think with their head and it sounds like the worst thing. Yet Joe still ain’t about to kill anyone so he tries to find other ways to take down the brother and then he hits the jackpot. Turns out Phil’s brother is a creep and has forced himself on multiple women and so he gets taken out by the #MeToo movement. Woo! Goodbye brother, hello Joe and MK forever.

But it still ain’t over hahahaha. Honestly even writing this it’s wild. But in comes LOVE. Yeah that’s right Love wants to see Joe. And that’s weird, because I thought she never wanted to see Joe again and I’m wondering if this is following a little along the lines of the TV show and how Love is also crazy and the same as Joe. Although somehow on the TV show I think it’s way more escalated and Joe’s more afraid of her on the TV show.

Anyway, Love demands Joe fly out to LA so he does and he finds Love in a hotel room with a GUN. Yikes. I thought Joe might die but I didn’t think it would be at the hands of Love. Turns out she is mad that Joe has moved on from her and their son. And she knows that Joe would have preferred to watch them from afar which is why she was always posting on Instagram, but then Joe stopped watching them and he moved onto a new family.

Love is clearly crazy and depressed and Joe can’t talk her down and next thing you know, Joe is shot in the head. Oh my God. Honestly thought this might have been where it ended, but it didn’t because there was still some book left so Joe lives, HE LIVES! But unfortunately Love committed suicide. Yep another suicide. This book is wild, why does death follow Joe everywhere he goes? He’s cursed for sure.

So Joe wakes up in hospital to find out Love had post-partum depression and she didn’t really want Joe to leave her she thought he would fight for her and their son but he didn’t. So she tried to kill Joe and then she killed herself. Super dark Love. Like I didn’t think she had this in her, but depression does bad things to people.

After Joe finds out from Love’s dad that he will never see his son again he goes back to Bainbridge to try to win MK back one last time. She isn’t happy that he bailed on her even though he literally got shot like come on sis, give him a chance. But she sends him away so Joe goes back home to rest, because he got shot so he should rest.

LOL NO REST FOR JOE. He’s being kidnapped by Seamus, MK’s other friend who is all about CrossFit and the definition of toxic masculinity and I hate him. Seamus is going to kill Joe because he came back for MK and he can’t have that. Seamus was finally gonna get the girl after Phil left but nah, Joe got there first. And so here we are with Joe trapped in the forest and possibly going to die AGAIN. And seriously, Joe can’t catch a break.

This time it’s worse though because I so did not want him to die at the hands of Seamus, of all people. Like what? Nah. Joe deserves to be taken out by a true villain and not just some annoying dude who has been waiting in the wings for years. I mean no doubt Joe deserves to die after everything he’s done but like not like this. I mean I guess exactly like this but not because of Seamus lol.

Luckily Joe gets rescued by Oliver! Yay! Oliver has a purpose! Sort of. I mean glad he came to Joe’s rescue but he’s still annoying af and talking to Joe about this TV show he’s gonna pitch about Joe’s life (lol sounds familiar You on Netflix much). And so Joe is safe but he’s still paying for Oliver’s crap and again, if Joe was gonna make one kill this book, could it be Oliver?

Finally, after ALL of that. Joe gets the girl. He and MK get married and it’s cute and I’m finally like yes, this is it. They live happily ever after, Joe deserves it he literally escaped death twice and he should definitely have some PTSD or something but he’s fine and he’s with his girl…

And then MK’s daughter tries to put the moves on Joe and it’s weird and uncomfortable because she is a CHILD. And this is when Joe learns that Seamus was sleeping with the daughter this whole damn time and so when Seamus kidnapped Joe it was actually about the daughter and not MK and it’s so so so gross. And then it makes me think this is why Melanda attacked Joe in the woods and assumed he was after MK’s daughter. Maybe she knew about Seamus…hmm well can’t ask her because she’s dead.

But anyway, MK comes in and finds her daughter trying to seduce her new husband and is furious. And then there’s a lot of mother daughter fighting and next thing you know…MK has been pushed down the stairs by her daughter.

Cut the epilogue, Joe has moved to Florida, and opened the bookstore him and Mary Kay always talked about opening. Turns out Mary Kay went into a coma but they are going to be pulling the plug on her. And Joe is once again alone, the daughter packed up and went off to college so at least Joe didn’t have to deal with that. But yeah…he opens the bookstore and naturally there’s a women who walks in and you’d think that Joe might give up by now but no, he wants to know this girl…

And that is where we end it. Finally. Honestly the end was a roller coaster, after the Love thing it just kept going and going and I didn’t really like it? I mean yes okay the whole series is far fetched and wild and crazy but this really was next level. And I really don’t like when books do that, like ramp it up to 100 at the very end and just keep throwing in things last minute like hi I didn’t need Nomi (the daughter) to suddenly come out and throw herself at Joe like nah, gross.

I guess it would make sense that Joe would end up losing another girl and in line with this book he didn’t even kill her. Sad. I would’ve been fine with him riding off into the sunset with Mary Kay in their bookstore. It would’ve been cute but life can’t be that simple, not for Joe.

I wonder if there will be another book or if this is the end. I think I would be fine if this was it, I mean Joe’s been through a lot and there’s only so many of these books you can do before it becomes too much. I mean it’s always going to be Joe chasing after a girl and probably killing the odd person here and there, so it makes sense to end it here. Especially because so much craziness happened this time around it felt like the end.

So yeah, I’m fine leaving Joe here but because I enjoy the writing style so much I would also be okay if there was another one lol but I think four is the limit. But we see what happens.

On the bright side there is always season 3 of the Netflix show. I’m not sure what it will be like because I believe it was written before or at the same time as the third book so it will probably be different. Especially since Joe didn’t go to jail in the TV show and Love is still around and crazy too lol. So I’m excited to see where that goes and if it will be just as wild.

In the meantime it’s time to go on and probably read something lighter haha. Hopefully something that doesn’t have six plot twists at the end would be nice.

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer Review

Oh boy…

It has been a while since I allowed myself to revert back to my Twilight phase. Yes I had one, who didn’t?

It’s crazy to think about now, being so long ago but it’s always a time I look back on fondly…though it was also very cringey. I mean when you think of a Twilight fangirl you have a certain image in your head and well I was definitely one of them.

And with the release of this new book, I definitely fell back into that world a little bit. Though a little more mature after all this time – at least I like to think so.

I actually haven’t been away from the Twilight world that long in terms of books. It was only a couple of years ago that I finally got around to reading Life and Death – though it was something different and I wasn’t a fan.

This time, we were brought back to the real Twilight world. Our O.G Edward and Bella story. But this time, we got to hear Edward’s point of view, his and everyone else’s because he has that mind reading thing going for him.

I have to say it was pretty great to submerge myself in this world again. I mean, the story is nothing new, I know it a hundred times over but I think it’s the familiarity that makes it great. Plus I enjoyed this new perspective.

I suppose this can’t always be said for books like this (i.e. Grey – that book was awful) because it can be repetitive reading the exact same dialogue and everything just from someone else’s viewpoint and it ain’t great. But I think because it has been so long since a Twilight release that it was okay and made sense. I know that Stephenie was torturing us all by keeping this from us for so long but maybe it was a little bit strategic?

Either way, I was a fan. I mean I was getting a little bit fed up maybe around halfway through because the book is so big and I felt it dragging just a little. Sometimes Edward’s thoughts were just annoying but I powered through and made it to the end.

I think I was probably most interested in knowing the dynamic between Alice and Edward and how they worked together. I think what I really needed was a whole novel on Alice to be honest. Like Edward is fine, I like hearing the thoughts of others around him and stuff but other than that he can be really depressing. Alice has always been one of my favourite characters so I definitely enjoyed that a lot.

I also did think it was interesting the way Edward saw Bella, I mean it definitely helped put things into perspective. I mean we all roll our eyes when it comes to the stories of the seemingly average girl who everyone falls all over themselves to be with – because that doesn’t happen in real life. But somehow with Edward, I could see it. But I suppose I’m just biased from my love of Twilight to begin with…Plus I guess the whole blood temptation thing is also something above other love stories.

Oh and I think the whole pomegranate seed thing was overplayed, like okay I understand the choice of book cover now but it was just something that was mentioned more than I needed it to be.

But other than that, I suppose there’s not much to say. We all know the story, there can’t be that many surprises out there for us. It was still great to revisit this world though, and I was sad to see it come to an end. It’s definitely a nice distraction from what’s actually going on in the world. It was a simpler time when all I had to concern myself with was my Twilight fanfiction and whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were actually dating.

Though I suppose it’s not all sad, apparently Stephenie has two more Twilight books in the works so it’s not the end yet. I wonder how many books it will be before it’s truly the end. I don’t think I could ever complain about more Twilight books but sometimes it’s better to let a world have it’s ending before it gets out of hand…I mean I was never a big fan of Harry Potter but sometimes I just wonder how that world can keep going on forever…I don’t know, it seems a bit excessive.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s been news on what these new books will be about but you know I’ll be picking them up too. I’ll be interested to see where the story goes from here, or will we just expect more of Edward’s point of view? I guess we have to wait and see.

~ Courtney x

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen Review

I picked this book up at the start of the year in Waterstones, I almost didn’t but I was buying a few books that day anyway and decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did.

I loved this book.

The story is about Ever, an Asian American who’s parents want her to attend medical school when she has a passion for dance. I suppose it is the age old story we all know, where the child’s parents are pushing them to do something that they don’t want to do.

On top of this, Ever’s parents have sent her to a summer in Chien Tan in Teipai, it is a summer school for the Asian American Elite. And is definitely not how Ever thought she would be spending her last summer before college.

I am not familiar with the culture but I found it interesting to learn about through the book. Supposedly parents send their children off to summer schools like this to find suitable partners for them. Hence the title Loveboat as everyone is hooking up and partying and trying to make the best out of the situation they are in.

Ever is thrown in the deep end at Chien Tan with a roommate who is hell bent on taking full advantage of Loveboat, while Ever decides to spend the summer breaking all the rules her parents set for her.

As the novel progresses, Ever realises that instead of trying to do things because she can that she should focus on doing things because she wants to, and she begins to come into her own identity.

I found myself relating a lot to Ever in the story, as I understand a lot of the pressure that Asian families put on their children. I mean my parents have never been pushy or anything about what I should be doing with my life, but it’s an underlying thing. You know how much they have sacrificed of their own lives for you and you feel the need to repay them in some way.

I know these feelings are not specific to Asian culture but it is definitely stronger there, especially if the family has emigrated from Asia to a Western country. They gave up everything and worked hard to give you the opportunities you have, so turning around and declining to do something for them feels like a betrayal. Which is how Ever feels about choosing dance over medical school.

Aside from the conflict of identity and breaking rules, Ever also has her own loveboat experiences as she ends up tangled in a bit of a love square? I can’t say I was super surprised about her love interests but I think I was surprised about the way things ended up.

I think it was a bit crap how things ended up with Xavier, the boy who didn’t get picked in the end, I guess I just hoped that he and Ever would remain friends, because they were friendly for a while before Ever chose Rick. But I guess when you have feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way, it’s best to stay away from the other person and protect yourself.

Overall an enjoyable read and I was super excited to find out that someone has bought the film rights to the book. I would love to see it come to life on screen because I think it would be amazing to see Taipei and this world come to life on screen.

I also found out that there will be a sequel to this book so I wonder where it will take us, I think it stands well as a solo book but I will definitely pick up a sequel if it’s released.

If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend it as I enjoyed it a lot, and I think it’s a great way to kick off some summer reading.

~ Courtney x

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier Review


I read this for the first time when I was in secondary school. It was on a summer reading list and while I wasn’t a fan of being told what I had to read at the time, I actually really enjoyed this book.

So I decided to read it again.

I didn’t really remember what happened in the book, I just remember at the time I read it and I enjoyed it and I had a fanfiction idea for it. I don’t remember what that idea is now but the ending definitely made me think there was more to the story and I wanted to continue it. I never wrote that story but part of me wishes I did, just to know what I was thinking at the time.

Anyway, reading it the second time was the same as when I read it the first time.

It took me a while to get into it because the language is different from other books I’ve read. It’s more poetic in a way and more descriptive.

But I loved the story when I got into it. I fell in love with the idea of Manderly and Rebecca. It just seemed magical.

Also, I had totally forgotten about the plot twist about what actually happened to Rebecca so I was shocked all over again. Which I think is good, the past couple of books I have read have been based on movies and TV shows so I knew what happened but this time not knowing what would happen was exciting.

I would have loved to know what happened next like I said at the beginning of this post I did want to continue the story in my own way before but now I can’t even imagine what would have happened. With Manderly burning down and Mrs Danvers gone, what happened to all the staff? Did they get out? Would anyone find out the truth about what Maxim really did?

I mean I think the beginning of the book does have reference to what happens to Maxim and his wife, though I can’t remember what that is right now. It’s one of those things that is a small detail before it goes into the real story. So I didn’t pay much attention.

Still, it makes me wonder.

The book also made me curious about Rebecca – naturally, that’s what the whole book is about lol – but I wanted to know more. When something always talks about a person like they are a myth or that they are perfect I wanna know more about the real person. Her point of view and everything. But I suppose I settle for what I know – or go online and see if people have written fanfiction maybe…

But anyway, definitely a great read and I would highly recommend! I guess I can’t say anything too bad about the school reading list if it brought me to a book I actually liked and would have never found otherwise…but I still think if you are reading at all then it’s better than having to specifically read from a setlist. But I finished school long ago so I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

I’m not sure what I’m going to read next but I will probably get something in the next few days. I’m trying really hard to keep up the reading momentum so I don’t lose it. 🙂 So if you want to keep up to date on what I’m reading follow me on Goodreads, I will always post reviews here too but sometimes I don’t write them and just give the book a rating. So if you want to know everything, even the page I’m on then Goodreads is where to go 😛

~ Courtney x

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty Review

I picked this up after watching the TV show and also because I’m on a reading kick and wanted to read something new.

Right off the bat I will say I prefer the TV show just because I really enjoy the actresses that play the main characters, they are amazing and I also think the drama plays out really well on the show. I also like the changes they made in the TV show in terms of Renata’s character and other little things.

One thing though I was surprised about was that in the book, Madeline and Ed have a good relationship. In the TV show, the relationship is very strained. I was also super surprised that Madeline actually had three children and not two lol, but I guess that’s a minor thing.

Anyway, time to talk about the book.

I liked the book, it started off easy enough to read, kind of like To All The Boys I Loved Before the sentences were mostly kept short and chapters were tiny. Though I feel like as it went on I was taking more frequent breaks from reading. I think just because I already knew what happened so the build-up was kind of nothing to me.

The little snippets where parents are being interviewed was a bit confusing for me because I always ignored the names and just read what was being said. Which is really on me because I should have kept up with the names but there were a few and I just didn’t bother.

I did like being able to understand more about the thoughts and actions of Celeste and Jane though. I mean Celeste does talk a lot about her feelings on the TV show because she sees a therapist but for Jane, we never know fully what she is thinking so I liked knowing things from her perspective like why she moved to town and everything.

Overall I think it was a good read, personally, I think it’s the kind of thing that if you have watched the TV show you don’t really need to read the book because it’s not vastly different. I think the TV show just adds extra bits to fill out the story so they could get the second season. Other than that I mean it’s not necessary to read the book.

Sometimes when books are adapted to TV and film you do need to read the book still because the adaptation leaves things out but I’d say the TV version is pretty great. And if you have read the book but haven’t seen the TV show I recommend it, it’s really well done and like I said the actresses are amazing.

Anyway, now that this book is done, the next one on my list is Gone Girl – yes I know I’m years behind but I am finally going to get around to reading the book. I’ll try not to make a lot of comparisons to the movie but I guess we see.

~ Courtney x

Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes Review

I found this in the library and the title caught my eye. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to check it out but after looking around I decided to give it a chance because honestly, nothing in the library that day was really standing out.

This book took a while to adjust to, the writing style is drastically different from the previous two books I had read which were casual and written in the first person POV. This book is more of a formal style and also written in the third person POV. Not to mention the fact that we get introduced to a lot of characters very quickly and it took me ages to figure out who these people were lol.

Anyway, the story follows Ursula Flowerbutton as she investigates the murder of India Brattenbury, set in Oxford in the 1980s.

I enjoyed the story a lot, once I got the hang of the characters and the mystery began I was fully engrossed. I wanted to know what happened and how all of these characters suddenly intertwined in India’s life and if they were connected to the murder.

When they started talking about societies and black-tie affairs, not to mention everyone sleeping with each other it definitely gave me Gossip Girl vibes. You know if Gossip Girl was British and in the 80s.

So it’s safe to say this is definitely my kind of book.

When I first started reading and looked up the author I saw that this was An Oxford Girl Mystery, which made me think it was part of a series, I thought maybe I wasn’t going to understand what was going on but luckily for me this was the first book in the series and there haven’t been any new ones released so I am on top of this series.

Of course, I want to know what things Ursula and her friend Nancy get up to next, I enjoyed this book a lot and I want to see what else they get up to, especially since Ursula is only a Fresher, there are plenty of university scandals still to be uncovered.

It will also be interesting for me to follow a book series as it’s being released because I’ve never had that before, the closest I had was when I was reading the ‘I Heart’ series just because I was reading it and caught up just as the final book was being released – not that I knew about that until it came time for me to get the last one.

I don’t know if I can take the waiting though…but luckily for me I have a lot more books to read until then. 😛

~ Courtney x

I Heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk Review

Eight books, two short stories and one month later and here we are…

It has been a wild ride with Angela, in my last blog post I actually mentioned most of the adventures that we had been through with her and it’s been quite the journey. But now we are here with the final book.

Angela is off to Hawaii! Now I was wondering how this came about considering in the previous book Angela had just given birth to a baby but she decided to abandon motherhood for one last trip with the gang. Who could blame her?

Okay, it didn’t exactly go that way but, as usual, Angela was running away from something so decided to go off on a trip. Which isn’t unusual since that’s how she ended up going to Paris…and most of her adventures.

I wasn’t exactly in Hawaii when I was reading the book but I did manage to squeeze in a beach day while I was reading and that was nice 😛

Anyway, I didn’t read this book as quickly as I’ve read some of the others in the series, I think because I knew this was the last one I wasn’t rushing to get through it. I guess I just wanted to spend some more time with the characters before saying goodbye.

I definitely think this book would also make a good movie if anything just to bring to life how beautiful Hawaii is. Angela and her friends spent the week in Hawaii where they were meant to be promoting some mascara…however the mascara was not a good one lol.

But when Angela was not getting drunk and having a blast with her friends, she was also dealing with the stress of launching a new website for Cici, dodging the Mothers of Brooklyn and worrying about why Jenny was avoiding her…You know standard Angela behaviour.

Though honestly if I was her I would be dodging the M.O.B group too. They seemed crazy and like who invites someone to join their group and immediately empties their bag on the table? So rude. But I think Angela will find her place with them, even though she isn’t as polished as them I think it’ll work out.

As for everything else…well everything managed to work out in the end. Although this time I wasn’t mad at it because it was the last book and I wanted that happy ending.

I don’t really know what else to say about the book, to be honest, I just think it was a great book. I enjoyed the story, I liked seeing Angela’s growth and her step into motherhood.

I was, however, amazed that everything with Jenny kind of resolved itself super quick. I mean I thought Jenny was super angry at Angela for the video and costing her her job and everything. I definitely thought it would have taken longer for the two of them to work things out, I knew they always would but I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Also, I felt myself cringe when Angela ruined her phone again it’s kind of like she makes it a point to do those things. It was a bit annoying, kind of like her whole Marc Jacobs bag thing in the first few books, a bit of an overkill.

Speaking of which, her bag! I’m amazed she kept it all this time but I suppose it’s just one of those things, I mean we girls do get attached to things and I imagine if I bought a designer handbag I’d want to keep it by my side forever. But I gotta say I need to be seeing pictures of this bag to fully understand its greatness. Anyway, her bag didn’t quite last all this time but it was revived and all is well. I can’t imagine what it would look like with a guitar strap sewn to it but I imagine Angela rocked it.

Another thing that was a bit cringey was the whole Angela deciding to write a book and it coming out to be ‘I Heart New York’. I mean I saw it coming when I was reading about her getting a book deal but I just didn’t think they were going to go with the same title for the book and everything. It was a bit much.

That being said I totally started crying when Angela was talking about how Jenny was her soulmate. Again, totally cheesy but like I was so emotional that this was the end. I mean Jenny and Angela have the kind of friendship that everyone would want, and the way Angela was talking about it definitely had me tearing up. I am going to miss those two so much.

Overall a really good series, I know I’ve had my mixed opinions on it as we’ve gone along but it definitely was a good one. I enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some good Chick-Lit. I would also recommend it if you’re like me and have never really travelled because at least you can live vicariously through Angela for a bit.

Now it’s time to move on…to what I have no idea but I’m sure I’ll find something to read. I think I might take a break before diving into another book series so if you guys have any recommendations for standalone books to read then that would be great 🙂

Oh! And with the finishing of this book, I can officially say that I have surpassed my reading goal for the year by 2 books! I am so proud of myself for this, and even more proud of myself for actually reading an entire book series in a month, I didn’t think I had it in me but there you go.

Anyway, I’m off. Don’t know what my next blog post will actually be but maybe it’ll be something not TV show, book or YouTube related because I know there’s been a lot of those posts lately but I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I feel like writing. 😛

~ Courtney x

I Heart Forever By Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, the second to last book in the series.

We have come a long way with Angela from running away to New York, to outing actors in Hollywood, to fighting on stage with her boyfriend’s ex in Paris, to partying it up in Vegas, to almost getting married in London, to a very messy Christmas in New York and now…running a magazine!

It’s been a wild ride and it’s still going in this book.

Angela is PREGNANT! Okay I mean I kind of thought maybe in ‘I Heart London’ Angela was pregnant just because she was throwing up a lot but that was just from drinking. This time when she was throwing up it was actually because she’s having a baby! I was excited about this, if only because it was the next natural step. And I have to say I am impressed that she was able to keep it to herself for the most part.

Not only is she pregnant this time around but she is actually doing a good job of running Gloss all by herself – yay! We love a boss bitch.

Sadly though it is not all smooth sailing as Spencer media begins to go through some ‘restructuring’ and basically what that meant was magazines were closing and people were going to lose their jobs. And Angela’s previous BFF Delia Spencer is running the whole show. Not cute.

I gotta say I was kind of sad about Delia not being in the picture as much. I was shocked to see her sister Cici actually had a bigger role in this book. Cici is Angela’s number one enemy in New York but surprisingly the two actually grew closer in this book. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this initially, but I am impressed by Cici’s growth.

I just wonder how long this whole Angela and Cici working together thing is going to last especially if now Angela may be working for Cici…I imagine it’ll be a bit chaotic but I do wish for good things for them both. Even after all of Cici’s antics, I think we can forgive her. We do love a villain reformed…sometimes.

Aside from Angela dealing with her work life she also had to deal with her home life…or lack thereof. I mean Alex was basically AWOL this entire book as he was off on holiday and even when he came back he was kind of freaking out. Typical guy behaviour. Luckily he came around and things were okay again. YAY.

Honestly surprised with everything going on that Angela did manage to keep her blood pressure down for the baby’s sake because with the way things were going in this book it was unsure whether that was going to be the case.

Plus along with all of that we also had Jenny, who has redeemed herself for her past mistakes with Jeff and actually got married! Yay Jenny! I was so happy for her, this is what she’s wanted this whole time and now she has it!

I was surprised there was actually no mention of Jeff at all this time, I guess she’s fully moved on which is nice. I suppose there was a little mention of Jeff’s wife in ‘Jenny Lopez saves Christmas’ but it didn’t really go anywhere. But I’m proud of her, she’s come so far! :’)

So yes, this book had a lot going on and it meant that I kept reading because I wanted to see how it all played out, but I feel like this book was just okay. I mean sure there was drama like always but I don’t know…something about it just seemed ‘meh’.

I suppose not every book can be a winner, while I still enjoyed this one I felt like maybe it could be better. I don’t know what would have made it better but it lacked something for me. Maybe it’s a little bit predictable? We know Alex would never leave Angela they are meant to be, and Angela’s parents showing up randomly isn’t anything new…

I guess it wasn’t as exciting as previous books but I was super happy for Angela and Jenny to be growing up and having cute moments, I imagine Jenny’s wedding was beautiful and I know Angela and Alex are going to be great parents.

So that just leaves us with one final book. I think now I am ready to say goodbye to the series, this book definitely felt like a nice ending – you know, Happily Ever After and all that but I’m excited to have one last adventure with the gang. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, another ‘I Heart’ book done and dusted.

After my rocky start with the series I do have to say everyone has grown on me. It took me a week from finishing the last book to even get a hold of this one in the series as it was one I didn’t already have on my Kindle and I was determined to get a library card and use it. And in that time while I wasn’t in Angela’s world I did miss her a bit…

So here we are with Angela following her adventures leading up to Christmas and I have to say it is a wild one. While she may not have left New York this time, it was still insane. And I loved it.

Just like ‘I Heart Vegas’ I feel like this book would be a great chick flick movie and a Christmas one no less. It just had the right amount of chaos and I wasn’t even mad when everything resolved itself because it’s a Christmas book so obviously it had to end on a good note.

Also, festive Angela didn’t even bother me too much in this book yay! For once she seemed to be somewhat sensible in her choices. Not so sensible she stopped drinking or didn’t jump to conclusions but compared to the ideas her friends were having it did seem Angela was trying to be the sensible one so I guess that’s something.

Honestly, when Jenny suggested having a baby with James I thought she was mad. It was totally not going to work out and I’m just glad she’s realising that before she got knocked up. It would not have been a good story if she had decided to go through with the situation. But at the same time I do feel like it could have been a hilarious side story, but overall a terrible idea.

Then Louisa appearing in New York was a shock too. Didn’t see that one coming. Gotta say though it is crazy how fast Jenny and Louisa became friends after their whole showdown thing about Angela’s wedding. But I guess it’s nice when your two best friends from opposite sides of the world come together instead of fight each other. So I guess it’s cute. But I hated when Jenny kept calling Louisa ‘Lou Lou’. It’s not a cute nickname.

On top of that Angela had her other drama going on with her job and Alex. The job stuff was understandable I mean dealing with CiCi again and also a new editing job that she thought she wasn’t prepared for but I think she handled it as best as Angela could. Minus the whole CiCi kidnapping Grace thing lol that was insane but enjoyable to picture.

Also the Angela and Alex fight was actually kind of reasonable this time, and by that I mean it wasn’t something they made up in their heads, it was an actual issue. I feel like half the time they fight it’s because Angela is being irrational and jumping to conclusions but this time I think it was like a proper ‘grown-up’ fight lol.

Edit: Can’t believe I didn’t mention this the first time because I was annoyed about it when I read it but in this book they tell you who Gossip Girl is. This book has nothing to do with Gossip Girl at all but like I think it’s kind of shitty that they would spoil the TV show for you. I mean I think at this point everyone knows who Gossip Girl is but I would be so annoyed if I hadn’t watched the show yet and was just enjoying reading my book and they spoiled my TV show for me…like not cute.

But yes overall an enjoyable read, and this is coming from someone who is no way anywhere near as festive as Angela. And I’m already super excited about the next book because it’s another Jenny short story so we see what happens next for the gals. I hope something good comes for Jenny, she sure does need it.

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I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

Another book done and dusted. Honestly, I’ve been getting through this book series a lot faster than I thought I would but I’m not complaining.

So this time, Angela is headed back home, can you believe? After avoiding everything she left behind for two years it was time for her to come back and face the music.

But never in my mind did I think that coming home to England would mean Angela deciding to get married in her back garden last minute.

I mean that seems to be Angela’s style, just kind of going along with things because it’s easier than to actually plan them and execute them right. But who needs to when you have Jenny Lopez planner extraordinaire by your side?

Honestly though, if this book didn’t have wedding planning as a theme it was going to be super boring. Literally, everything about this book had to do with the wedding and it didn’t even end up happening, at least not how it was planned.

I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world but I feel like I wanted more out of the characters this time rather than them running around because Angela was getting married.

I thought maybe there would be more fallout with Angela’s parents because she running away, that and I didn’t expect them to take to Alex as quickly as they did. I was expecting there to be more work involved in winning them over.

Not to mention the war between Jenny and Louise, I needed more of that. I mean sure they had a big blowout but it resolved quickly. I wanted to see more of them together and trying to make it work. If only because I thought it was kind of interesting.

Plus Angela and Mark LOL. Technically Mark got what he deserved but I don’t get why this wasn’t made more of a big deal. I mean thank God Angela actually stood up to him but I feel like she and Alex shouldn’t have dropped their serious conversation about kids so quickly…

Everything in this book just seemed to go by too fast, nothing had time to properly flesh out and so it was kind of a hot mess. I mean Jenny’s whole situation with Jeff is still messy, and she thought running away to London was going to solve it but next thing you know she’s getting together with Craig and planning a wedding…not exactly ideal.

I hope Jenny actually gets over her Jeff situation, it makes me sad to see her get this way and I don’t want things to magically resolve for her either. I want her to take her time.

But yeah, despite the hot mess that this whole thing was I did enjoy the slight comic relief of James, you gotta love him. As well as Cici getting what she deserved, and Mark getting his hand broken. You know things that were a long time coming lol.

Not really sure what’s next but I can only imagine. Though I do have to say, this book does kind of seem like the end of the series. Even though there’s like three more books. So we see comes our way next.

Overall this book was okay, still a fun read but I still felt like it was missing a lot. I just felt like everything resolved itself way too quickly but that seems to be a theme with these books. And of course, Angela throwing up and drinking too much is also still a theme…and I’m still not a fan.

But anyway, onwards we go. The next book is actually I Heart Christmas so I guess this will be a bit of a change from Angela jetsetting off somewhere. It might actually be nice though I have to get ready for festive Angela, which is probably more annoying than the ‘world is ending’ Angela.

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