Killer PLL Book #6 by Sara Shephard Review

We’re back. Surprised? Didn’t think so lol. I can’t believe I only posted the review of book five last week…it feels like so long ago but that’s probably due to the heat wave.

But yes here we are another PLL book and the girls are up to their usual drama. Or lack thereof. I feel like so much was going on in this book but not a lot is that important?

For example, Hanna and Kate fighting for Mike Montgomery’s attention. It was fun but it didn’t add much to the story, though that could be said about Emily’s relationship in the last book lol. So yeah, let’s start today with Hanna’s thing.

I honestly was just surprised that of all the boys Kate and Hanna chose to fight about it was Mike Montgomery. Unlike the TV show, which seemed to have forgotten about Mike except for when he had depression but also dated Mona for 5 minutes, the books mention Mike a lot.

Mike is often hanging around with Noel Kahn and the other lacrosse boys generally being skeevy. And when he goes on dates with Hanna he is not much different but still Hanna has a soft spot for him and she wanted to one-up Kate by stealing Mike away from her.

Like I said, not much of substance here but it’s fun. I can’t figure out if Kate genuinely liked Mike or if it was a ploy but either way we will see how long Hanna and Mike last. We will also see what else Kate has up her sleeve to throw at Hanna because I doubt that’s the last we will hear from her.

Next, we can talk about Emily because again she really has nothing going on. Like her relationship with Isaac is cute and she ends up losing her virginity to him. Which I guess is a big deal but not in the way Spencer losing hers to Wren was because it’s glossed over very quickly.

Basically the drama Emily has is that Isaac’s mom doesn’t like her and is rude to her and when she tells Isaac he doesn’t believe her. Even though this has happened before with one of his exes. Not cute.

Towards the end though Isaac confronted his mom and she told the truth so Isaac tries to apologise and Emily says she can’t forgive him immediately. And I love that because I feel like usually Emily would forgive someone for doing that but he hurt her feelings and she needs time. So I applaud Emily for that. Even if she still runs away from everything and everyone at the slightest hint of trouble. Literally every scene she was practically running out after confrontation lol. Which I mean same but it’s annoying to read.

And then we have Spencer, who is not making smart choices this book. Which I’m sad about because again, this is not the Spencer I expected. I feel like on the TV show Spencer would never have jumped into something like this but then she did pawn her sisters ring that time so I guess that would be similar.

In this book, Spencer meets up with her birth mom, the one the adoption site matched her with. They hit it off immediately and Spencer fantasises about living this glam life in New York with her mom and her rich husband.

Sadly, Spencer jumps the gun on this as she calls up her birth mom’s supposed real estate agent and agrees to buy an apartment over the phone. First off, this is sketch because you NEVER accept an apartment without seeing it first. Second of all, it was wild she just blindly trusted someone she had just met and handed over her account details on the phone. Yikes.

It all comes crumbling down when Spencer goes to New York and finds out the apartment she paid for didn’t exist and the real estate agent’s phone had been disconnected. Poor Spencer.

I honestly just think she was being stupid but it upsets me so much that she literally has nothing good going for her. Someone even painted Killer on her family’s garage door…like why can’t she have anything good? Even Andrew kind of broke up with her after she jumped into this whole new mom thing. I just want something good for her and soon.

Lastly, we have Aria who pulled through with a good storyline. So Aria is hiding out at Meredith and Byron’s because her mom’s boyfriend is creepy and hitting on her but that is a minor thing. Her main thing is she’s been seeing Jason DiLaurentis on the side.

Jason is an interesting one because we still don’t know a lot about him. He’s just kind of dark and broody which is right up Aria’s alley. They talk a little bit about Alison and flirt and kiss and I’m over here in the corner yelling about how inappropriate that is because he’s older than her. Once again, he’s the same age as Ian and Wilden so too old for Aria and it’s gross.

But it doesn’t last long because A tricks Aria into going to Jason’s house when he’s not there and she spies an old yearbook which seems to indicate that Jason and Wilden used to be friends in high school. And Jason catches Aria in his house and is furious. So I think that’s the end of that relationship.

Now that we’ve talked about the girls’ drama let’s talk about Jason, Ian and Wilden. So once the girls find Ian’s body in the woods, they go to get Wilden but when they get back to the woods the body is gone. Classic A.

Once this happens people start thinking the girls are liars. And everyone believes that Ian is still alive and could have possibly escaped Rosewood. The girls refuse to believe this but one night, Spencer gets an IM from Ian on Melissa’s laptop. Spencer pretends to be Melissa long enough to prove if it’s really Ian and she believes it is.

A is also pushing the girls to figure out who the real killer is by trying to send hints. Like a photo of Jenna, Alison and another blonde who everyone assumes is Naomi, one of Ali’s old friends, but they are partially hidden behind a tree so it could be anyone. Though this never goes anywhere.

There is also a lot of evidence of Jason and Wilden working together as Jason had the yearbook note from Wilden and Hanna figured a lot of clues about Wilden that line up with him possibly working with Jason. Plus the fact they used to be friends in high school and were annoyed about something Ian did.

Emily also sees Jason leaving Jenna’s house and he is very angry – I’m not sure what that has to do with anything yet. So there are some mysteries here.

The girls also end up going to the opening of a hotel, the Radley which used to be a mental institution. This is something I thought was SO RANDOM in the TV show and now I see it happened in the books lol. But Emily finds a ledger there and in it is lots of evidence of Jason visiting. So looks like Jason might have been seeing someone there, the girls think he was seeing a therapist but he could have been visiting someone…

And at the end of the book, Ian reveals to Spencer, Hanna and Emily through IM that Wilden and Jason were out to get him and that’s why he disappeared. Just as this happens someone is outside Spencer’s barn and whoever it is, sets fire to the woods behind it.

Aria is on the other side of the fire, she was rushing to Spencer’s with Ali’s time capsule flag because she thought it could have some answers to their mystery. But she sees someone who is trapped in the woods and manages to save them and pull them to safety.

Aria and the mystery girl manage to make it safely and meet up with the others. This is when the girl is revealed to be Alison?! And the book ends lol.

But not without some words from A which make you question everything you just read lol like did A plant the log of Jason visiting Radley? And did they con Spencer out of her money??? Who knows.

I feel like I could have done without the A chapter. I mean the shock value of the girls possibly seeing Alison would have been enough. But I suppose it serves as a nice recap of stuff. Eh, still don’t need it.

So that’s where we are now. I feel like Ian is dead and A is trying to frame Wilden and Jason. Wilden probably did some other shady things but not murder. Jason though idk why A would want to frame him. Unless it’s because he took Ali’s twin’s side over hers…interesting.

I also wonder if A would make their identity known so soon by being the girl Aria saved from the fire. The twin. The girls don’t know Ali had a twin they just think Ali is alive! If it is the twin, but it could be a lookalike.

I just have a lot of questions at the minute but thankfully all I need to do to get them answered is to keep reading. This is not like the TV show where I am waiting each week to ultimately be disappointing. So on we go to book 7!

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    1. I loved the original show when it was airing and it was so popular then. And they are now doing a spin off show with HBO max which looks good! I meant to read the books years ago and am only getting around to it now lol


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