I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

Another book done and dusted. Honestly, I’ve been getting through this book series a lot faster than I thought I would but I’m not complaining.

So this time, Angela is headed back home, can you believe? After avoiding everything she left behind for two years it was time for her to come back and face the music.

But never in my mind did I think that coming home to England would mean Angela deciding to get married in her back garden last minute.

I mean that seems to be Angela’s style, just kind of going along with things because it’s easier than to actually plan them and execute them right. But who needs to when you have Jenny Lopez planner extraordinaire by your side?

Honestly though, if this book didn’t have wedding planning as a theme it was going to be super boring. Literally, everything about this book had to do with the wedding and it didn’t even end up happening, at least not how it was planned.

I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world but I feel like I wanted more out of the characters this time rather than them running around because Angela was getting married.

I thought maybe there would be more fallout with Angela’s parents because she running away, that and I didn’t expect them to take to Alex as quickly as they did. I was expecting there to be more work involved in winning them over.

Not to mention the war between Jenny and Louise, I needed more of that. I mean sure they had a big blowout but it resolved quickly. I wanted to see more of them together and trying to make it work. If only because I thought it was kind of interesting.

Plus Angela and Mark LOL. Technically Mark got what he deserved but I don’t get why this wasn’t made more of a big deal. I mean thank God Angela actually stood up to him but I feel like she and Alex shouldn’t have dropped their serious conversation about kids so quickly…

Everything in this book just seemed to go by too fast, nothing had time to properly flesh out and so it was kind of a hot mess. I mean Jenny’s whole situation with Jeff is still messy, and she thought running away to London was going to solve it but next thing you know she’s getting together with Craig and planning a wedding…not exactly ideal.

I hope Jenny actually gets over her Jeff situation, it makes me sad to see her get this way and I don’t want things to magically resolve for her either. I want her to take her time.

But yeah, despite the hot mess that this whole thing was I did enjoy the slight comic relief of James, you gotta love him. As well as Cici getting what she deserved, and Mark getting his hand broken. You know things that were a long time coming lol.

Not really sure what’s next but I can only imagine. Though I do have to say, this book does kind of seem like the end of the series. Even though there’s like three more books. So we see comes our way next.

Overall this book was okay, still a fun read but I still felt like it was missing a lot. I just felt like everything resolved itself way too quickly but that seems to be a theme with these books. And of course, Angela throwing up and drinking too much is also still a theme…and I’m still not a fan.

But anyway, onwards we go. The next book is actually I Heart Christmas so I guess this will be a bit of a change from Angela jetsetting off somewhere. It might actually be nice though I have to get ready for festive Angela, which is probably more annoying than the ‘world is ending’ Angela.

~ Courtney x