Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Thoughts


Here we are this is it. The last season of Grey’s Anatomy I needed to watch before I was all caught up.

This season had a lot going on, although when I think back I think the main focus really was on Owen’s love triangle with Amelia and Teddy. I felt like out of everything this season I was commenting on that a lot lol.

However, the show had a lot of other good things this season and definitely had me crying on multiple occasions. The show is definitely in a good place right now and I am so excited to see what the future holds.

But for right now, here are my thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy season 15:

  • Hi Chris Carmack! Our new ortho God – replacing Callie – it’s been a while since we had someone in that department
  • Who is the Asian guy with him though? Who also has a thing for glasses – hi we see you
  • Lol okay but Teddy coming back and going to Owen’s and Betty answering the door and her freaking out and everything – I did see it coming but I wish she had stuck around…
  • This definitely isn’t the last we’ve seen of Teddy but like I need Owen to know he’s gonna have a child!
  • Honestly, I was rooting for Amelia and Owen but if he can be with Teddy? I wouldn’t be mad about it…
  • Alex didn’t get on the board, but it’s okay because Bailey just made him Chief? Lol can’t wait to see where this goes
  • Yasss Jo Wilson coming up with the innovative ideas – excited to see where this goes
  • Meredith having all the dreams about all the hospital men lol same girl same. But also, I guess it’s time for her to get back on the horse. But also RIP Derek we still love you and miss you, I see Meredith retired the ferry boat scrub cap last season and everything ugh my heart
  • Alex as chief for one day and already spending all the dolla and firing that intern for the second time – love that
  • So Jackson just left out of nowhere – cool, cool I know he’s not leaving the show but when does he come back?
  • Also Jo is the only one to get married and actually change her name – cute
  • C’mon Meredith with the shopping, excited to see where this goes
  • Okay Meredith dating Ted Mosby is something I would have never imagined so thanks Grey’s lol – but seriously he was basically the same guy on Grey’s except he did software and then he said that one thing and ruined it all, classic Ted
  • Link vs DeLuca for Meredith’s affection huh? Interesting lol
  • YASS glasses and the other guy kissing in the lift – I support that 100% I hope they get together
  • Catherine with cancer :/ gosh darn it nothing is going well for Richard…
  • Plus Richard going to that bar and smashing up everything – loved that, I mean yes he got arrested but I stand behind it
  • Maggie and Jackson are over now? That didn’t last long…
  • I mean I understand why Maggie would be angry that Jackson was talking to everybody but her but at the same time she wasn’t exactly talking to him either…
  • Also Teddy you totally had a chance to tell Owen and you still didn’t come on girl
  • Oh my gosh and also when Meredith was walking through the hospital on the Day of the Dead episode and they had to have George come out of nowhere and everyone else I cried like a baby – like GEORGE still not over it…Lexie and Derek and Mark too – AND THE DOG just hit me right in the feels. They had no right
  • I cried when Amelia was hugging Betty when she came back – I’M AN EMOTIONAL WRECK THIS SEASON – but seeing Amelia loving Betty like her own child, so beautiful
  • Love that Kim and glasses are having sex in the ambulance during a storm while everyone else is stuck in lifts because the power lines have fallen – you better keep those two safe or I swear to God – also yeah I caught the Asian guy’s name in this episode but still not glasses? My bad…
  • Okay so Teddy drops the bomb and now her, Owen and Amelia be stuck in that lift – ready for the T to be spilt honey
  • COME THROUGH DeLuca throwing his hat into the ring – we love a good love triangle. Though nothing will ever be as fun as Derek vs the vet from the early days lol
  • I LOVE that Alex was the one to catch glasses and Kim lol I love that he gave them advice about rooms that lock – I see you Karev, I see you
  • DeLuca speaking Italian to Meredith ugh I love it. And I loved even MORE that she spoke Italian too – I ship it
  • BUT we can’t discount Link because he’s still playing
  • I hope that they can save Catherine because so far all of Richard’s great loves have died and I just don’t know how he will survive if Catherine also dies…
  • Owen now has to decide if he wants to be with Teddy or Amelia and at this point I really don’t know who I want him to be with because he’s good with both of them. And he kind of has children with both of them so like…what’s he gonna do lol
  • Okay so Owen chose Amelia and he and Teddy will always be friends? I guess I can be okay with that. Especially because it seems like Teddy is getting cosy with Tom
  • I hope Bailey and Ben work things out, I mean she’s getting help for her problem and she working through stuff but they so cute together
  • Also yasss Meredith and DeLuca – when I first heard about these two I wasn’t sure about it but…the show has made it grow on me
  • Okay so Betty’s parents are now in the picture and they almost took Leo away from Owen – man that would have been heartbreaking, it’s sad that Betty is going though…
  • Meanwhile, Teddy and Tom are becoming a thing and Owen is not cool with it lol
  • Ooh DeLuca’s dad has arrived, I wonder what trouble this is going to bring…
  • Not really trouble but a baby in a bag? I don’t know if this is going to be genius or the start of his mental decline
  • Also love Catherine and her family having food in the limo – it’s cute, love a good family moment
  • I 100% stan this Schmit and Kim relationship it is too cute for words I can’t even deal
  • Owen and Amelia officially over…kind of sad about it because I wanted Owen to have a good partner after Cristina. But at least he has his baby which is super cute so yay for Owen! And he even has another baby on the way so double yay!
  • Jo finding out about her biological mother…I wonder what this will lead to
  • So DeLuca’s dad sticking around didn’t last long, didn’t think it would tbh at least he didn’t really put a baby in a bag though – still seems super crazy
  • Look at Bailey advocating for those who need help with their mental health – yasss queen you tell Alex to look after his mum
  • Amelia and Link? I mean from the start of the episode when she ran into him at the conference I KNEW something was going to happen between them. It’s just so soon after Owen, I don’t think this will be anything good either lol
  • Okay so like I know that Teddy is with Tom and everything but her moments with Owen and the baby this season have been too cute so I need more of that
  • The episode where Jo is helping that patient deal with her injuries from rape was so powerful. I don’t really have other words to describe it.
  • I just hope Jo feels she can open up to Alex about everything that happened with her birth mum, although I totally understand that she needs her own time to process and heal
  • Love that Alex was getting the interns to do all his Chief paperwork lol he truly was a great Chief
  • Meghan came back just to call Owen out on his shit and to get some help – interesting. I mean I know his life was messy but I didn’t know if he really needed to talk to someone about it but there ya go
  • Also Amelia’s other sisters are crazy – I almost forgot that Derek had other sisters haha at least she also has Meredith and Maggie, they good ones
  • Btw Link is such a cutie standing up for Amelia with her family maybe this is the good relationship Amelia has post-tumour
  • Okay I know Jo is going through this thing and doesn’t wanna talk to anyone about it but I’m super worried about her I think she needs to go to therapy it seems to be working for Owen
  • Jackson asked Maggie to move in with him and she is freaking out lol that’s fun
  • Jo is definitely having a breakdown right now someone help her please
  • Right okay Owen who you going to choose because as much as I like love triangles I want this one to end
  • DeLuca told Meredith he loved her and she blanked him – it was sweet but definitely too soon for her
  • Bless Meredith for helping Jo get back on her feet. their relationship has grown so much! I remember when Meredith hated Jo lol
  • DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith gosh darn it man is it possible to love him more? What an angel
  • Also come through Teddy and Hunt! They better make it work or I swear I’m done with them
  • Please tell me Hunt, Schmitt and that blood donor girl make it through the fog alive…we need people to be saved we don’t need more death please and thanks
  • This season finale had me all over the place
  • First of all, Owen and Teddy having their baby – yes so about this, excited to see their family life in the next season. But also super sad that Tom is going to have his heart broken I mean he was just sitting in that apartment all day building baby furniture for a woman who is about to dump him and he doesn’t even know :/
  • Maggie and Jackson went camping and it was a disaster but I could sense that coming. I guess this is the end of that relationship – but also Jackson went out in the fog and never came back and I kind of want him to stick around on the show but something tells me this could be his exit?
  • Amelia deciding to find out who she is without Owen is smart. I think it’s good she’s not just going to jump into this relationship with Link because it would just be another cycle of on again, off again and I’m ready for better things for Amelia
  • Is Meredith actually turning herself in and going to jail? This is going to be interesting. I really don’t want her to go down for this but honestly with the way this show goes she will probably get away with it. I mean Bailey reminded us all of the Izzie Elvat wire situation and they seemed to be okay with that? Lol wild times
  • Jo is getting the help she needs and I am proud of her. My heart breaks for Alex though not wanting to let her go but I think this is going to be good for them.
  • Also yes they got the blood donor to save that child so that was great thanks guys
  • And once again, Kim and Schmitt prove to be the cutest couple on the show.

So here we are guys, I’m all caught up!

It has been a real rollercoaster. But I have loved it a lot. And I’m excited for the next season already!

I also think this brings an end to these Grey’s Anatomy blog posts – it’s been fun but I am excited to move on to posting other things on my blog, and while I will still be following the show I feel there is no need for these posts to continue. This is just something I wanted to do to share my thoughts when I was behind, now I can livetweet with everyone else lol

But it has been great, and I do like when I have regular content to post here so I’m sure I’ll be back with another blog post soon enough, it just won’t be Grey’s Anatomy related. Now if you’ll excuse me…I think I need to find a new show to watch.

~ Courtney x

24 Hours in Manchester for BLACKPINK | 21st May 2019

So me and my brother decided to go to Manchester last minute to go see Black Pink!

This is probably one of the most impulsive things I have ever done, I mean I’ve booked tickets to things before and had to think about travel and accommodation later but this time, we literally had to book everything and get tickets the day before lol.

It seemed to good to be true to be honest and I was worried that because we bought resale tickets that maybe we could have been scammed but luckily for us everything worked out in our favour and we got to see BLACK PINK!

The show was amazing and I am so glad we decided to go and you know if BTS in London wasn’t so expensive I feel like we would have been going to that too lol but I guess I will hold out for BTS for another time.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this vlog! I think it was the best way to kick off summer šŸ™‚

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Thoughts


Grey’s got it’s groove back! So after me saying the last season wasn’t great, I actually really liked season 14.

That being said the show did not do well this season when writing out two of its main characters. If there was anything to fault this TV show for it would definitely be for the way it decides to get rid of people. Some people have had great exits and others you can tell they didn’t really think about…

But they are good at bringing in so many new people you kind of forget about the old ones…

That being said if there was ever like a good reunion episode where they just brought everyone back I wouldn’t be mad. Even if you could just bring George, Derek, Lexie, Sloan and everyone else back from the dead like that would be cool, I wouldn’t even care I need that lol.

Anyway, this season I enjoyed. I liked seeing all the people there for Owen at the beginning and the innovation contest being brought into Grey Sloan. I love seeing the doctors excel and get competitive. And I’m even more excited to see what season 15 brings, but for now here are my thoughts on season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy:

  • So Owen’s sister is back and is played by the actress that plays Scottie in Suits – hi how are ya? Also guess they couldn’t get the actress back who played Owen’s sister in his imagination that one time.
  • It’s so weird to see Teddy back again after all this time, I missed her, she looks great. I can’t believe someone that left the show actually came back AND she sticks around! (Yes I looked it up) excited for her to be back
  • It’s so great to see Owen with Riggs, Teddy, his mum and his sister – it’s cute to see him have people, I feel like he’s been lonely lately because Amelia is being the worst
  • Like hi your husband’s sister just came back and you are dealing with stuff but you should be there for him because he’s your husband? Come on guys
  • DeLuca has a sister? Nice. I’m glad it didn’t take Arizona long to get over the fact Minnick ghosted her lol
  • I could sense a Maggie and Jackson thing blooming at the end of last season and when April told Maggie that’s how Jackson felt it confirmed it – BUT they are being super awkward around each other now – I guess Jackson wanted things to play out a different way
  • Okay so Amazon Prime just don’t give you subtitles for what DeLuca and his sister say in Italian so…that’s fun? I like to know what people are saying even in another language – I don’t care if you can get the gist I feel like I’m missing out
  • Update: They do provide subtitles when it’s important to the story otherwise it’s just DeLuca and his sister yelling at each other in Italian lol
  • Yes Jo and Alex get back together! Finally
  • I loved the female energy in episode 2 with Bailey throwing her heels out, Meredith and Amelia doing badass surgeries like yasss girl power
  • AMELIA HAS A TUMOUR – damn – now we see what’s going on
  • Okay but Harper Avery dying was so random lol
  • So Riggs definitely leaves with Megan right? That’s how this goes? Eh ain’t gonna miss him now that she’s alive and he’s got no reason to be working there he can go
  • DeLuca’s sister is all about spreading the joy and orgasms lol I hope she sticks around
  • Okay I’m going to say no she doesn’t because Arizona is like “I accidentally broke up with her and told her Sophia’s coming home” and she’s been on Tinder so I guess that’s over
  • Actually she does stay and gets with Owen lol DeLuca hates his life, every roommate he gets his sister sleeps with them – messy messy
  • Love that Jackson is rich now and is just like “just bought a boat bitches”
  • I really like when you see all the guys together – we’ve had a lot of girl bonding on the show recently so I think it’s good when we see the guys together too
  • So I guess that’s both Megan and Riggs out of the picture – I did kind of like seeing them both in the army with Owen and Teddy – that is a spin-off I could watch – those characters together are just great
  • Also love Meredith on the cover that magazine – slay queen, slay
  • AND a Harper Avery nomination yassss – so proud of Meredith
  • So because Jackson’s mum told Jackson said he and Maggie are siblings that’s stopping that right? I mean I was thinking about this when Maggie came to dinner I was like…Catherine and RichardĀ areĀ married and Maggie and Jackson are their children so…yeah okay let’s not have that a thing I mean it’s notĀ reallyĀ bad but since they said siblings now I can’t – I mean sure they did it on Gossip Girl with Dan and Serena but I just could not see it be a thing on Grey’s lol
  • I cried like a baby watching Meredith get her Harper Avery – she deserved it, she been through so much – Derek would have been so proud :’)
  • Wow so the hospital has been hacked and everything is going to shit – great cool – love a disaster
  • And Jo’s husband is back at the worst possible time – of course
  • Also can’t believe Ben is quitting surgery to be a firefighter now lol make up your mind bro
  • So Jo’s husband comes back asks for a divorce, gets hit by a drunk driver and dies…wow lol I mean he totally deserved it but all that stuff happened so fast
  • Come through hacker intern who saved the hospital – but what did the FBI end up doing then? lol
  • I can’t believe they hired that glasses intern – he’s such a mess
  • And then there’s April who is totally losing her faith – sleeping with that intern, no good will come of this
  • Jackson and MaggieĀ are doing the dating thing? There’s definitely feelings there so…are we on board with this? I guess we don’t have to be because Maggie is currently dating some guy called Clive lol
  • It’s so sad that Bailey and Ben had to give Tucker that talk with the police šŸ˜¦ I mean I know it’s the reality we live in but it broke my heart
  • Are they ever gonna explain more of a backstory for DeLuca and the intern or what lol
  • I see Hunt and DeLuca’s sister are out and Arizona and her are back in just like that – I wanted more for Hunt guys he still needs someone good
  • Oh and Bailey and a heart attack? So not cute y’all I’m glad she’s okay
  • Love when the doctors are competing against each other – like a good healthy competition
  • Wow April has gone totally off the rails – reminds me of when Cristina decided to work at the bar haha
  • Yass Alex and Jo finally engaged – they so cute
  • So DeLuca’s intern finally said I love you, now what happens?
  • So Maggie’s bf was married lol awkward. Luckily Jackson has swooped in – are we here for this or are we not? Still on the fence
  • Meredith can not give up on her invention just because some “aunt” came over for her own agenda – that is not the Grey way
  • Teddy and Hunt were almost a thing…so close… :/ I definitely was happy crying when they were together though like please make this a thing
  • So everyone is okay with the Jackson and Maggie thing – okay cool I guess I can get on board
  • I knew Meredith wasn’t gonna give up on her idea, thank God Jo talked some sense into her
  • Also it seems really weird that Sofia randomly decided to move back with Arizona…did anyone else feel this?
  • Another thing is why hasn’t anyone done anything about April yet like I know people have tried to talk to her but like can they try harder lol
  • Okay so April has found God again and everything is okay, I’m glad it kind of resolved itself but at the same time I thought it was going to take longer
  • I can’t believe that Alex and Amelia couldn’t save Kimmy šŸ˜¦ I guess they can’t save everyone but it was so hopeful in the beginning
  • What did Jackson do to ruin the Averys? He definitely should have looked into that lawsuit
  • DeLuca’s girlfriend leaving because she ran a red light and almost got deported is a wild one. Though not that mad about it because their relationship neverĀ reallyĀ developed much at all – seemed like a filler thing
  • Hunt looking to adopt is super cute, it’s about time he gets a kid, he deserves happiness in his life
  • Wow that intern thinks he’s so big by suing for wrongful termination – mate just accept you lied and moved on
  • Yasss Amelia stepping up to be a sponsor – she’s come so far
  • Alright so Harper Avery was a terrible privileged white guy that sexually harassed a lot of women – I should have seen it coming but I didn’t. At least now the foundation is going to do well because Catherine is getting the credit she deserves for being a boss ass bitch – we stan Catherine Fox!
  • They used Sofia for a crappy plotline to have Arizona leave the show? Um No. Unacceptable. She needs a better exit than that. And Callie definitely deserved a better exit too like what is it with this show and its crappy endings for characters? I’ll always be grateful they didn’t kill them off but at the same time EVEN STEPHANIE THE INTERN WHO WAS ON LIKE TWO SEASONS had a better write-off than this…
  • And they think that they can have April almost die and then just decide to leave and go off with Matthew the end? Nah again not the best exit. I mean I KNEW as soon as I seen Matthew that something was up. No guys.
  • I can’t with these crappy exits.
  • On the bright side, I am so glad that Alex and Jo’s wedding happened, maybe not the way they planned but I still enjoyed it
  • Also Teddy is back and she’s pregnant!!!! I love this. I can’t wait to see where this goes…


It’s been a long journey and I’ve loved it so much. I mean normally when I binge watch TV shows I have to take a break from watching them because I get sick of the characters but not with Grey’s – the only time I’ve went a day without watching Grey’s is if I’m with my boyfriend because he started to watch it with me in the beginning but we were getting through it too slowly so he let me watch on my own. He’s literally only seen the first couple of seasons lol.

So yeah, I’ve been watching Grey’s what feels like non-stop for the last few months and I can’t say anything bad about it. If you want a binge-worthy TV show this is it AND it’s not even like it’s short AND IT’S STILL GOING. So I mean it’s a win win situation.

But yes, one season left to go – the big one season 15. It sounds weird but like this seemed like something I wasn’t going to get to when I first started watching. I mean you hear the show has a load of seasons and you feel like you’re not gonna catch up to watch the rest of the show but here it is.

Once I watch season 15 I will finally be able to watch in real time with everyone and I’m so excited for that because then I can stop avoiding spoilers! It’ll be so good.

Okay, I’m going now, I’m excited for the new season and what it holds and you bet there will be one more of these blog posts coming your way very soon!

~ Courtney x