Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Thoughts


Here we are another recap for Grey’s. You know, it’s going to be so weird when I’m not doing these anymore. I have predicted that I will be caught up by the end of season 15 and then after that, I’ll be watching the show in real time with everyone else.

It’s been a wild ride we’ve been having through the seasons, while also trying to balance my final semester of uni work… but I think it’s been good. I have actually really enjoyed having a long TV show to binge watch over this time, as I think having to find some new entertainment after one or two seasons would have stressed me out.

I’m feeling kind of reflective and sentimental in some ways because I just finished my dissertation and that was a journey…but anyway enough with that – that will come in a later blog post lol

Time to share my thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy season 13:

  • Alex beat up DeLuca and now he’s pressing felony charges – eek. So much fall out and nothing good.
  • Maggie finally asked Riggs out but Meredith told him to say no. Definitely gonna be ugly when Maggie finds out about those two. Messy messy.
  • The clinic still exists! And Alex is working in it. I wonder how this DeLuca and Alex thing resolves itself.
  • Okay but for real Meredith just tell Maggie about Riggs
  • April and Jackson actually being good parents and cute is exactly what I need
  • Amelia and Hunt are working on the marriage and getting to know each other that is cute
  • When are going to find out what happens with Alex and DeLuca because they are dragging it out – I mean it’s only been 4 episodes but I’m impatient
  • Also, I hope DeLuca gets some friends, I feel like he doesn’t have any – I guess Jo is there but I don’t know, I don’t want him to be alone, though sometimes I forget he lives with Arizona until they bring it up lol
  • So Amelia and Hunt were okay and now they aren’t – she definitely has to tell him about the baby situation – he would totally understand
  • Oh my God Murphy is back! I definitely did not see that one coming, I mean normally when people leave they don’t return. I totally forgot she existed, to be honest…
  • Side note: I looked up that Callie just doesn’t come back – she just straight up left for New York and that was it – kind of sad because I’ll miss her… Why is it when someone leaves the show it seems so abrupt? Like it wasn’t even like she got a real send off it was just Arizona being like “go to New York” and she did. The end… Not a fan – I shouldn’t have to Google if someone has left the show for good, it should be clear from the show’s context. That being said I’m super glad they didn’t just kill her off – had enough death thanks
  • Lol April on Tinder – of all the people I didn’t think she was gonna go there
  • So Amelia told Hunt the truth and that didn’t go well but when you just yell at him “I don’t wanna have a baby” that’s probably why…
  • So this woman is just gonna come in and take Richard’s job? Not cute.
  • Jo finally told Alex the truth – good. I knew he would understand. He’s a good guy. But she should have told him sooner and saved all this fall out.
  • Lol this woman makes it so easy to hate her – love that everyone is fighting for Webber
  • Also good to know Amelia just ran away – like she does – I need her to be good with Owen and for them to be cute because they never really have good moments, I mean they do it just doesn’t ever last
  • Minnick is not going down without a fight – which means I actually had to look up her name so I could stop referring to her as “this woman” gross
  • I can’t believe Bailey made April interim chief of General Surgery and took out Meredith – that’s how you know they came to play
  • Also, DeLuca is a really decent guy – like he’s attractive and charming and he just dropped the charges on Alex like damn boy – you a fave
  • So everyone be fighting then and Minnick just on her merry way doing things – ugh she’s annoying
  • Do I like Minnick with Arizona? Eh… we see how it goes but I knew Richard was going to find out eventually, Arizona was trying too hard to keep it secret
  • And Meredith needs to decide if she wants to get with Riggs or not – I’ve kind of accepted Meredith is gonna move on but they’ll never have that epic love like McDreamy and Meredith
  • This Maggie’s mum cancer thing is not gonna end well I can already sense it
  • Yeah see, she dies :/ why do people’s parents come on the show only to get ill and die? Like was it so hard for Maggie’s mum to be okay? She already lost her birth mum – not fun
  • I also think about how it must be when you’re ill and you’re around all these doctors like aren’t you lucky to be having dinner with a bunch of them and something goes wrong?
  • Also what was with that episode with Jackson and his dad? Is that a filler or is there something more gonna happen with them?
  • So Meredith and Riggs still not happening? I feel like he’s being super patient but is it really gonna pan out?
  • And can Amelia please decide what’s going on with her and Owen it’s kind of annoying
  • Of course Meredith is on another dangerous flight – this is not cute after what happened the last time guys
  • Finally Meredith and Riggs! Woo
  • But also she can’t get rid of that tumour that her and Derek drew – it’s like throwing away the post-it you just don’t do it
  • I also guess we aren’t getting more out of Jo and Alex this season? It’s kind of been lulled down lately…
  • Just as I say that Alex goes looking for Jo’s husband WHO IS WILLIAM SHUSTER FROM GLEE HAHAHAHAHA wow
  • Sad nothing actually happened between him and Alex though – I mean I’m also glad because at least Alex isn’t going to jail or anything but still…now what happens between Alex and Jo?
  • WTF rapist in the hospital with Edwards – she sets him on FIRE AND THERE WAS AN EXPLOSION
  • Damn Edwards is such a badass – you know what I ain’t even mad she leaving I think I’m glad they didn’t just kill her off which would have been the easy thing to do but she survived and is a queen
  • Also Megan’s alive?! Okay I spoiled this for myself so I always knew this was going to happen lol but still so random
  • This means Riggs and Meredith can’t be together – did the show know that everyone was gonna hate Meredith with someone who isn’t Derek and so decided this wasn’t the time lol, either way, I am okay with it
  • Poor Owen though, his life is just turned upside down lately – like they literally went this whole season with Amelia and Owen being married but like not really married because Amelia left the house ASAP lol and now his sister is actually alive?! So crazy…
  • And Minnick got fired yassss – I mean okay I am sad about her and Arizona a little but eh time to move on

So to summerise, this season was all about Minnick taking over but not really, Meredith being wishy-washy about being with Riggs but it doesn’t even matter because Owen’s sister is alive so that’s over and I guess some other things that kind of faded into the background after a while aka the whole Alex thing.

I gotta say this season was kind of meh, I feel like they knew it because they decided to throw in an exciting season finale lol. But I guess that’s okay – not every season can be a winner. I guess I was just expecting more from it, it did have promise but then was kind of more less the same things over and over again.

Also yeah Murphy came back for like 3 episodes and now she’s just disappeared again? Why bring her back if you are going to get rid of her lol. Random.

But yes, the season wasn’t the best, but we are in the home stretch. Just two more seasons left! I’m excited but also I will be sad when it’s over because I don’t know what I’ll be doing with my life then…And I mean that literally because I predict I’ll be caught up in a few weeks and I’ll have finished uni then and I will just have all the free time but no more Grey’s to watch…

I guess I have to figure something out, but for right now I shall treasure the time I have with Grey’s, see you after the next season.

~ Courtney x


Get Ready with Me | Adore Delano | 6th April 2019

Finally uploading my Get Ready with Me that I filmed when I was getting read to see Adore Delano! I have already made a blog post showing off this makeup look, but if you wanna see how I created it then check out this video!

I also spend time talking about RuPaul’s Drag Race, my experience with drag show VIP and other random things.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a video that wasn’t an unboxing so I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

~ Courtney x

Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan Review

In January I was in Waterstones and decided to pick up one of those Blind Dates with a book and this is the one I got.

Honestly, when I unwrapped it and read the blurb it wasn’t what I was expecting. But I had made my choice and I was going to read it.


It was hard to get into at the beginning. I think it was just adjusting to the writing style. I also thought it was weird to read a book that was set locally. I’ve never read a book by a local author before so that was new.

Not that the location matters too much.

The story follows the life of Emily who is struggling day to day after getting out of an abusive relationship. She is out shopping one day and sees a woman being hit by a car, she thinks maybe it was a mistake…that she should have been the one to die. After the incident, she becomes obsessed with the life of Rose, the woman and that died and jokes with her friend about taking Rose’s spot in her perfect life…

And that’s kind of what she does. Then things take a turn as Emily begins to uncover the truth about Rose’s life and how she died.

Honestly, sounds like the kind of thing I would enjoy. And I did to a degree. Though as it got towards the end and the mystery was unraveling it became predictable.

I feel like it ended like all these kinds of movies/books do. You know, you find out who murdered Rose and it was someone you thought you wouldn’t have suspected but in the end just makes sense. And you find out that the husband is not a great guy either but you saw that coming from a mile away.

If anything I think maybe I was more interested in Rose’s life before she died. We get glimpses of that in the book and I think I wanted more about that. She seemed to be more interesting than Emily.

I also wished there had been more of a mystery and more to think about. Everything kind of wrapped up nicely and there were no loose ends. Which I guess is nice if you like that. But I did want something out of the ordinary to happen towards the end. I think part of me did want Emily’s ex to come back or something, it would have thrown something else into the mix.

As predictable as it was though it still made for a good read. I can’t say I wasn’t interested in it because I did read the last 100 pages in a day. So I did enjoy it.

That being said it might just be because I don’t read thriller books very often. I feel like lately, the books I have been reading haven’t exactly been ones where I’m on the edge of my seat.

Still, it was a nice change. Plus it was something I never would have picked up on my own and to have enjoyed it was a bonus. So I’m glad I took the chance.

It would have been a lot worse if I had picked something up and started to read it but couldn’t finish it at all.

Now that I’ve read it, it’s time for it to be shelved. I rated it 3/5 on Goodreads because it was enjoyable but predictable, not a lot to say about it. I almost didn’t make a blog post to be honest but felt I should because I haven’t done a book post in a while. Sometimes when I read a book I don’t always have a lot to say so I don’t bother making a post, I just rate it on Goodreads and move on. So follow me there for all the reading updates!

My next book will be the final one in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, I have read the first two and now I’m ready for the finale – I’m interested to see how the series wraps up. πŸ™‚

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Thoughts


The first season without Derek…

I guess it was okay. I mean I think the main focus kept being on the same people and I was kind of…over it?

Sounds weird because I haven’t ever been bored of a season of Grey’s but this one kept feeling like it was interesting enough to keep watching but it was definitely missing something.

Probably just that we lost two main characters in the last two seasons and the show hasn’t yet fully recovered.

But here are my thoughts on season 12:

  • Bailey as Chief! The first day wasn’t great but she’ll get there
  • Love that Amelia, Maggie and Meredith are living together
  • Alex and Jo made their crappy place a nice home real quick
  • April is determined to fight for Jackson but I don’t know if that’s gonna go well
  • Yeah so Jackson moved out lol they don’t last… (might have seen that when I was Googling to see if April was leaving and never coming back because of the army)
  • Wonder how long Jackson can crash on Bailey’s sofa before she’s like “Nah time to go bro”
  • Maggie sleeping with that intern lol yikes
  • That was the most awkward dinner party of all time – but I do love when all the doctors get together outside of work and hang out
  • Like you can’t have a party and invite the woman that killed Derek ya know :/ I felt bad about the whole situation Callie didn’t know, no one else knew…
  • At least Meredith is trying to rise above, I don’t know if I could so yay for Meredith being the bigger person
  • I guess she’s becoming a member of the cast
  • Side note: I don’t like the new interns as always lol
  • Maggie and her guy though I hope they work out – I totally forgot she even went out with that guy from radiology because it was mentioned twice and then never brought up again, nevermind the fact they dated for six months?
  • Also love that Amelia has a “jumbo box of condoms” in the bathroom and wants to share – safe sex for everyone
  • This new guy is causing PTSD for Owen so I already hate him
  • Love that Meredith is being Owen’s person – “do we hate him” “yes we hate him” “okay” – that’s the kind of person you need in life lol
  • April and Jackson aren’t talking but they had sex – yep everyone does it, they’re too awkward to talk to each other but I can’t have this iffy status with them because it’s annoying
  • Okay so Jackson wants to talk and April doesn’t – they yelling and…what? I hate that this one episode had so many cliff hangers
  • So Owen had a sister?! What is up with that I know that the new cardio guy is related to him but is it a trans situation? Is it a this new guy is his brother and caused his sister to die? Like there’s a lot going on…
  • And because Owen doesn’t want to talk about it and Amelia is being shut out – but Meredith is there for Owen, Amelia is going off the deep end and drinking… super cool
  • On top of that Arizona is trying to find someone new to date and I think it’s cute she’s trying and also cute that she is using Richard as a wingman lol
  • Of course Meredith is almost beaten to death. As if she hasn’t been through enough in her life
  • At least all the doctors are there for her love them
  • Amelia getting sober again yay!
  • So Hunt had a sister and she was with Riggs and his sister died so he blames the guy okay…
  • It was kind of amazing seeing them work together though.
  • I hope Amelia and Hunt figure out there stuff. Just like I hope Jo and Alex cut the shit and get together again
  • Lol Richard finding out about Maggie and DeLuca we knew that was gonna be a fun time – I like that he was kind of cool about it in the end though
  • They really love all these flashback episodes don’t they. I feel like we’ve been having too many lately. Just tell me what happened with Jackson and April in order – though from How to get away with murder I know Shonda Rhimes loves a good rewind
  • Wow this Jackson and April episode takes it way back to the beginning and I can’t tell if they had planned this all along so filmed those scenes years ago or they filmed them new because Jackson and April’s hair changes over the years lol
  • Oh my God April is pregnant again but she just signed divorce papers. Eek. Jackson needs to know sweetie…
  • I love that they are including Richard more by having him be friends with Arizona – it was an unlikely friendship but I want him included in the fam because he’s always around but I always felt he was a little on the outside
  • Arizona just went ahead and told Jackson about April dang it this ain’t gonna be good
  • I don’t want Meredith to be a sad widow forever but like I am not ready for her to be dating someone else, like for me Derek just died and I’m still not okay with it
  • Also yeah I’ve been wondering for a while why Meredith and other people have been treating Jo like crap? Like she’s genuinely nice, sure that thing with her and Edwards was awkward and in that moment Jo seemed real shitty but like she has good intentions
  • I knew that Jackson’s mum would have some ulterior motive for talking to April about the baby – this is going to be a war
  • So DeLuca and Maggie are over because DeLuca doesn’t know how to communicate, Owen and Amelia are over because he was drunk and she’s sober so that’s not a good space for her and Meredith and that guy just can’t be right now because she’s not ready – that’s totally fine I’m all here for the Grey sisters and their power, I just love when they are in scenes together, also Alex is cool too
  • I kind of like that Penny is growing a spine she really needs to stand up to everyone else
  • Ben is so out of control – cutting into that psych patient and giving that woman a C section in the hallway – he’s also like really scary when he was yelling at Bailey I was like “NO DON’T HURT HER” like this ain’t good someone stop him
  • Oh and April with the restraining order? I did not take her for that type of girl but I guess she wants to protect the baby…so messy though
  • Okay Jackson and April are being civil to each other again, they can put the lawyers down – I knew they would work it out
  • Meanwhile Callie wants to jet off with Penny to New York and take Sophia without asking Arizona. Now they are lawyering up – it’s gonna be a big custody battle
  • I am also pissed at Ben for being suspended but then deciding to get his old job back like wtf I don’t think he should be allowed in the hospital either after the whole situation
  • I also can’t tell how we feeling about Riggs anymore do we love him, do we hate him? He seems okay apart from cheating on Owen’s sister…
  • Arizona won the custody battle, damn. Now Callie and Penny have broken up and Penny is going to New York alone because Callie can’t leave her daughter. I wish they had worked something civil out. I mean I don’t think Callie should have taken Sofia to New York but at the same time I think that they should have been able to share custody – especially when Callie was only going to be away for a year?
  • Meredith just started kissing Riggs and I am so not okay with that what the heck
  • Amelia just asked Hunt to marry her lol okay. And Jo said no to Alex 😦 I know Jo and Alex work it out but like if Jo could form words to explain herself to Alex that would be great
  • Jo is already married? Didn’t see that one coming
  • YES BEN YOU SAVE APRIL’S LIFE – oh my gosh I was worried but then I was like no he can redeem himself and he did!
  • Amelia and Hunt made it down the aisle – finally. I hope they actually stick to it because they’re relationship is honestly non-existant because they never talked and just ended up having sex every so often yet they getting married so yay?
  • Arizona decides to let Callie take Sofia to New York omg so they all happy
  • And finally…Maggie likes Riggs but Meredith slept with him so what now?

Yeah so Meredith moving on after Derek is not something I am a huge fan of. I mean I know it was going to happen eventually but like McDreamy was her big love, so to have her get with someone else so soon is just not my thing. I know it’s boring for the show if she didn’t have new love interests but doesn’t everyone else have enough drama to have Meredith without some for a while?

Aside from that I’m not sure what is to be expected next. I’m sure Owen and Amelia won’t be in wedded bliss forever, and people are gonna find out about Meredith and Riggs for sure…

I’m not even sure who’s the next to go but I guess we see, only a few more seasons to go and I’ll officially be all caught up! It’s been a wild ride but I’m glad I’m in the home stretch πŸ˜›

~ Courtney x

(P.S my housemate has already caught up with the show, so…I’m avoiding her at all costs because of spoilers)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Thoughts


Okay so I guess my primitive Internet search to find out when Derek leaves was wrong. I thought we had a couple more seasons with him but we don’t. Not anymore… he’s gone. And I cried for like three episodes straight after that because it was just the worst.

Aside from that this season has been…I don’t even know to be honest, I felt like it was okay, I kept wanting the best for Derek and Meredith because they were fighting and I didn’t need that. We had Maggie on the scene as another long lost sister of Meredith’s and then we also had a bunch of other things that I don’t quite recall.

Honestly, after the whole Derek situation it’s all I can think about but luckily, I’ve been blogging as I’ve been watching so here are all my thoughts on season 11 of Grey’s as a whole:

  • Don’t know how to feel about Meredith’s new sister – I wonder when she’s gonna tell Meredith anyway because they got off on the wrong foot and were fighting the first time they met lol
  • Also Richard needs to be like “I’m your dad tho” because she’s gonna find out eventually
  • Can they just have Bailey and Karev on the board? Then there would be no fighting
  • Is Arizona actually doing a fellowship? I honestly just wanna know if her and Callie are gonna have a baby or not the back and forth is getting annoying
  • Okay they aren’t having a baby?
  • Richard finally tells the girl the truth and she doesn’t even give him a chance to explain – nice
  • Meredith is so not about having another sister and her and Alex’s friendship is kind of cute lol
  • Alex didn’t get his seat on the board? Man I’d be pissed, especially because Cristina did choose him :/
  • So Derek is mad at everyone for his choice and it ain’t cute – though not surprised he felt like he didn’t have a choice but he did – even if it wasn’t the choice he wanted he made it
  • Trust Derek to be the one to tell Meredith to embrace her family – we stan a husband who wants the best for his wife
  • Now we just need Richard and Maggie to talk and make things right
  • Callie and Arizona finally ending it. I’m sad about it for sure but I think it was the right thing. It was downhill for so long and so I think it was their time – though honestly their time should’ve been when Arizona cheated but that’s just me
  • Callie and Meredith as friends is fun. Remember when Callie hated her for sleeping with George lol they’ve come so far!
  • So Arizona’s mentor has a brain tumor…great…
  • Everyone finding out about Derek’s sister’s drug addiction – yikes though how did everyone not know before?
  • Derek has hit rock bottom 😦 poor guy honestly I’m on edge about anything that happens to him because we don’t have a lot of time left with him
  • It’s cute that Meredith brought Maggie around to the house with everyone. I love the O.G Grey house
  • Jo being jealous of Alex and Meredith is hilarious
  • Are Derek and Meredith really calling it quits because my heart can’t take that – YOU ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME LEFT TOGETHER PLEASE MCDREAMY COME BACK
  • There’s something wrong with April and Jackson’s baby 😦 NOOO why can’t they just have cute babies and they be the one couple where things are going right?
  • I think it’s cute that Arizona wants to save Herman – too bad she doesn’t wanna be helped
  • Oh she changed her mind – I hope she gets saved – no one likes when the build-up is big and then someone dies :/
  • Okay Meredith and Derek are making it work – of course they are, they have the post-it – they are cute and amazing and it’s gonna be fine
  • Also Meredith and Cristina used to pause during sex to text each other back? Lol that’s actually the kind of friend I need in life
  • When Meredith, Maggie, Amelia and Miranda are all bonding in the 3D printer room – I liked that scene a lot. So much female power in this show and I love it.
  • Cue me crying when Owen is standing in the vent room by himself thinking about Cristina. I miss her too Owen πŸ˜₯
  • April and Jackson said goodbye to their baby 😦 I wonder what will be next for them
  • Maggie volunteering to look after Meredith’s kids was pretty cute
  • So Meredith didn’t go to see Derek and she just had some alone time and I think that’s fair – I mean you gotta have alone time with no kids or work
  • Arizona and Herman are becoming friends and that’s cute
  • Is Amelia really flirting with Hunt? Is this gonna be a thing?
  • After hyping up this brain surgery they better save Nicole’s life because if she dies I just can’t take it
  • Nicole is alive! But she’s blind 😦 so close. But it was a great episode and the important thing is that she’s alive and Amelia kicked ass in that surgery. Derek who?
  • Derek better not be cheating on Meredith because I swear
  • Yes Amelia and Owen are totally being a thing – I just want someone good for him, Cristina and him have been through a lot
  • Ben better except his trans sister – sure it’s something no one expected but he better be a good brother
  • I think it’s cute that Jackson is trying to revive the Plastics Posse. Mark would have wanted it that way
  • Derek is back! I mean I’m proud he didn’t sleep with that girl but he definitely should have stopped that kiss
  • So Hunt and Amelia are on the outs, that didn’t last long.
  • I cried like a baby
  • My heart
  • I can’t believe them. This was the worst way and too soon after Cristina I can’t be okay with this.
  • Did you think that not having Derek around a lot this season and having Amelia come in was REALLY gonna prepare us for THIS?!
  • NO
  • Gosh
  • Then there was the whole time-lapse thing of Meredith disappearing to have her third baby, I wish Derek had been around for that they didn’t give them enough time πŸ˜₯
  • And April and Owen went off to the army for their trauma training and Jackson was left alone…
  • And Amelia was trying to hold it together but it wasn’t really working but Owen comes back and saves her from taking drugs again that was a whole thing and now they don’t even look at one another :/
  • Alex being the hero we never knew we needed calling after Meredith and trying to hold down the fort – what a cutie even hosting Christmas at his house
  • OH AND ALSO – why couldn’t they have gotten Cristina to come back for one episode to be there for Meredith in her time of need. Of all the reasons for a character to come back, this would be the time?! I wish they had gotten her back just for one episode.
  • Meredith better not sell that house, Derek built it for her and she should live in it 😦
  • Richard and Catherine finally made it down the aisle! Super cute
  • So April and Jackson are breaking up? Honestly I’m really annoyed about this because they barely got a chance to be together and also I really did want them to be cute and have babies and everything :/
  • Jo and Alex moving out into their own place? Looks a lot like the place Cristina and Owen once moved into but Cristina was able to fix up in no time at all lol

So another season down…honestly not sure how to cope now Derek is gone. Like how do we just move on from this? He was Meredith’s big love and they were supposed to be that couple that no one else could compare to because they are the best. But now…now Meredith is a widow with three kids, thinking about selling the house and trying to move on from things…

It’s just not good. But I have to keep watching. I can’t just get to now and quit. A lot of characters have left the show and I knew from the beginning that only Meredith and Alex really stick through it for the long haul but still…I’ve become attached to everyone so anyone leaving is just devastating now…

But anyway, I guess we see where we go from here. I’m not aware of anyone else leaving anytime soon so I don’t need to be on high alert for that. That being said I think it makes it a little easier knowing when someone is going to leave, because then you can prepare to some degree. But I think I should really stop spoiling the show for myself and just enjoy it lol

~ Courtney x

(P.S my housemate is in fact now ahead of me in Grey’s. She finished season 11 when I had just started so if she spoils it for me I’ll be so mad)

My First Weekly Sticker Spread! | Erin Condren Planner



This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I got my Erin Condren planner. A weekly sticker spread!

When I first got into the whole world of planning I discovered that some people like to do no whitespace sticker planning and I loved it. I thought it was so pretty and fun but I knew I could never afford to do it every week.

But I knew when I got my Erin Condren planner that I wanted to try it out, so I have been looking at weekly sticker kits a lot on Etsy and I have purchased some of them to use. I decided that I would use them for special occasions because it would make the week a lot more special.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about last week but I got my first weekly sticker kit from Etsy and decided to try it out.

I actually really love it. I think that they are perfect for someone like me who doesn’t fill all their boxes in their planner but wants to have something decorative. It just adds something more to the planner and it actually was the week I’ve been using the planner the most because of the checkboxes I added every day. I normally don’t do that much in a day and I was determined to fill those checklists with things.

So I guess it does make me more productive when youΒ reallyΒ think about it.

But yeah, like I said before as much as I would love to do this every single week I know I couldn’t, the reason being that sticker kits are expensive. I have already considered buying my own sticker printer etc to make my own if it would be cheaper but I think I’m getting ahead of myself as a newbie sticker planner lol.

So, for now, I think I will stick to buying stickers on Etsy but keeping weekly sticker spreads to a minimum (for now). If you have any advice on sticker making though, please let me know because it may be something I look into in the future. πŸ™‚


~ Courtney x

OOTD: Dresses and Boots

Today’s look is a cute dress with some boots. Pretty much the same as the last outfit I posted here but a different dress lol.

I was at a drag queen show today so wanted to look cute for my meet and greet.

I also really wanted a makeup look where I could rock pink lipstick so ended up going super feminine and pink, but I really love how the look turned out.

Now here’s hoping that the meet and greet photo turns out cute because you never know how these things are going to turn out when someone else is taking the photo…

~ Courtney x

Samsung Galaxy Buds First Impressions

When I preordered my Samsung S10 phone, they had an offer on to also get a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds with it and I finally got them this week.


I was a little disappointed that they didn’t just come with the phone, but the whole process to get them wasn’t too bad. All you had to do was go online and fill in a form and they sent them right out. It took some time but these things normally do.

So what are Samsung Galaxy Buds? Basically Samsung’s version of Apple Airpods – at least that’s how I see them.

I’m not really a big earphone person – as in I really don’t spend a lot of time or money on these things – if they allow me to listen to music while I’m out and about then I am a fan. Before last year I was literally just using those cheap gummy earphones because they did the job.

The reason I stopped using them was because my boyfriend was very good to me and bought me a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones – and I’ve been using them ever since. I have to say I’m a fan of the headphones, though slightly too big for my head, it’s nice to have the wireless experience and they make great earmuffs because of their size lol.

The current headphone situation

Anyway, that’s the height of my experience and knowledge of headphones – I’m not an expert but I like new toys so because the earphones are free and fancy I decided to try them out.

First of all, I have never been a fan of Samsung earphones that come with phones – the last couple of pairs of earphones that came with my Samsung phones I gave to my brother – the shape was weird and I didn’t like how they fit.


Well – that’s exactly the shape of these new Samsung buds – so when I first put them in it felt weird. These things are really invasive when it comes to your ear – which I guess makes sense they have to be secure in there because you don’t want them to fall out when you are walking or exercising etc. But it was definitely an adjustment for me – I mean I still have a fear they are gonna fall out at any moment. Which is probably how people feel with the Apple Airpods too.


The look of them in your ears though I think is nicer than how people look with the airpods in. At least the Samsung buds are in the ear so are easily unnoticed but you can always see people’s airpods hanging out of their ears lol – I’m not saying the buds are the most stylish of looks but I think I prefer it to the Apple airpod look.

I’ve only worn them outside a couple of times and both times I wasn’t out for very long but walking with them in I worry about them falling out. One of them actually did fall out of my ear when I was walking the first time but I think it’s because the rubber attachment I had on it were too big. But even with the smaller ones they don’t quite feel so secure in there. So I can’t imagine using them for more than just walking.

The second time I wore them out it was windy and rainy, the kind of weather where you definitely don’t need your small earphone falling out and landing on the ground. Luckily they stayed in but again, still risky.

The sound quality on the buds are great, and they connect instantly to your phone – though I found this a bit annoying when I tried to pair them with my laptop because they instantly want to connect to your phone but that’s a problem that happens with any bluetooth earphones.

The buds do have this feature where they let in noises around you when in public which I did try a little bit but haven’t noticed much difference between this and when you have the setting turned off.

Screenshot_20190405-163703_Galaxy Buds

As for the touch settings on the buds, not sure how to feel about them. It’s kind of hit or miss and also it doesn’t always pick up the double tap when I want to change the song. It also feels a bit weird to reach up and tap your ear when walking in public lol.

So overall I think they are good earphones and I think I will continue to use them, but I won’t be so quick to hang up my headphones for good. I like the security I have with my headphones as I know they won’t just fall off and get lost.

Do I think they are worth the money? Eh, as a broke student who doesn’t like to spend money on headphones/earphones I would say probably not. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to buy them but it was a nice perk from preordering my phone.

Anyway, I hope you found my opinions useful/interesting if you are considering getting wireless earphones and let me know if you have any tips on how to keep them from falling out of your ears, other than taping them up in there because I’d be interested to know!

~ Courtney x