Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Thoughts


The first season without Derek…

I guess it was okay. I mean I think the main focus kept being on the same people and I was kind of…over it?

Sounds weird because I haven’t ever been bored of a season of Grey’s but this one kept feeling like it was interesting enough to keep watching but it was definitely missing something.

Probably just that we lost two main characters in the last two seasons and the show hasn’t yet fully recovered.

But here are my thoughts on season 12:

  • Bailey as Chief! The first day wasn’t great but she’ll get there
  • Love that Amelia, Maggie and Meredith are living together
  • Alex and Jo made their crappy place a nice home real quick
  • April is determined to fight for Jackson but I don’t know if that’s gonna go well
  • Yeah so Jackson moved out lol they don’t last… (might have seen that when I was Googling to see if April was leaving and never coming back because of the army)
  • Wonder how long Jackson can crash on Bailey’s sofa before she’s like “Nah time to go bro”
  • Maggie sleeping with that intern lol yikes
  • That was the most awkward dinner party of all time – but I do love when all the doctors get together outside of work and hang out
  • Like you can’t have a party and invite the woman that killed Derek ya know :/ I felt bad about the whole situation Callie didn’t know, no one else knew…
  • At least Meredith is trying to rise above, I don’t know if I could so yay for Meredith being the bigger person
  • I guess she’s becoming a member of the cast
  • Side note: I don’t like the new interns as always lol
  • Maggie and her guy though I hope they work out – I totally forgot she even went out with that guy from radiology because it was mentioned twice and then never brought up again, nevermind the fact they dated for six months?
  • Also love that Amelia has a “jumbo box of condoms” in the bathroom and wants to share – safe sex for everyone
  • This new guy is causing PTSD for Owen so I already hate him
  • Love that Meredith is being Owen’s person – “do we hate him” “yes we hate him” “okay” – that’s the kind of person you need in life lol
  • April and Jackson aren’t talking but they had sex – yep everyone does it, they’re too awkward to talk to each other but I can’t have this iffy status with them because it’s annoying
  • Okay so Jackson wants to talk and April doesn’t – they yelling and…what? I hate that this one episode had so many cliff hangers
  • So Owen had a sister?! What is up with that I know that the new cardio guy is related to him but is it a trans situation? Is it a this new guy is his brother and caused his sister to die? Like there’s a lot going on…
  • And because Owen doesn’t want to talk about it and Amelia is being shut out – but Meredith is there for Owen, Amelia is going off the deep end and drinking… super cool
  • On top of that Arizona is trying to find someone new to date and I think it’s cute she’s trying and also cute that she is using Richard as a wingman lol
  • Of course Meredith is almost beaten to death. As if she hasn’t been through enough in her life
  • At least all the doctors are there for her love them
  • Amelia getting sober again yay!
  • So Hunt had a sister and she was with Riggs and his sister died so he blames the guy okay…
  • It was kind of amazing seeing them work together though.
  • I hope Amelia and Hunt figure out there stuff. Just like I hope Jo and Alex cut the shit and get together again
  • Lol Richard finding out about Maggie and DeLuca we knew that was gonna be a fun time – I like that he was kind of cool about it in the end though
  • They really love all these flashback episodes don’t they. I feel like we’ve been having too many lately. Just tell me what happened with Jackson and April in order – though from How to get away with murder I know Shonda Rhimes loves a good rewind
  • Wow this Jackson and April episode takes it way back to the beginning and I can’t tell if they had planned this all along so filmed those scenes years ago or they filmed them new because Jackson and April’s hair changes over the years lol
  • Oh my God April is pregnant again but she just signed divorce papers. Eek. Jackson needs to know sweetie…
  • I love that they are including Richard more by having him be friends with Arizona – it was an unlikely friendship but I want him included in the fam because he’s always around but I always felt he was a little on the outside
  • Arizona just went ahead and told Jackson about April dang it this ain’t gonna be good
  • I don’t want Meredith to be a sad widow forever but like I am not ready for her to be dating someone else, like for me Derek just died and I’m still not okay with it
  • Also yeah I’ve been wondering for a while why Meredith and other people have been treating Jo like crap? Like she’s genuinely nice, sure that thing with her and Edwards was awkward and in that moment Jo seemed real shitty but like she has good intentions
  • I knew that Jackson’s mum would have some ulterior motive for talking to April about the baby – this is going to be a war
  • So DeLuca and Maggie are over because DeLuca doesn’t know how to communicate, Owen and Amelia are over because he was drunk and she’s sober so that’s not a good space for her and Meredith and that guy just can’t be right now because she’s not ready – that’s totally fine I’m all here for the Grey sisters and their power, I just love when they are in scenes together, also Alex is cool too
  • I kind of like that Penny is growing a spine she really needs to stand up to everyone else
  • Ben is so out of control – cutting into that psych patient and giving that woman a C section in the hallway – he’s also like really scary when he was yelling at Bailey I was like “NO DON’T HURT HER” like this ain’t good someone stop him
  • Oh and April with the restraining order? I did not take her for that type of girl but I guess she wants to protect the baby…so messy though
  • Okay Jackson and April are being civil to each other again, they can put the lawyers down – I knew they would work it out
  • Meanwhile Callie wants to jet off with Penny to New York and take Sophia without asking Arizona. Now they are lawyering up – it’s gonna be a big custody battle
  • I am also pissed at Ben for being suspended but then deciding to get his old job back like wtf I don’t think he should be allowed in the hospital either after the whole situation
  • I also can’t tell how we feeling about Riggs anymore do we love him, do we hate him? He seems okay apart from cheating on Owen’s sister…
  • Arizona won the custody battle, damn. Now Callie and Penny have broken up and Penny is going to New York alone because Callie can’t leave her daughter. I wish they had worked something civil out. I mean I don’t think Callie should have taken Sofia to New York but at the same time I think that they should have been able to share custody – especially when Callie was only going to be away for a year?
  • Meredith just started kissing Riggs and I am so not okay with that what the heck
  • Amelia just asked Hunt to marry her lol okay. And Jo said no to Alex 😦 I know Jo and Alex work it out but like if Jo could form words to explain herself to Alex that would be great
  • Jo is already married? Didn’t see that one coming
  • YES BEN YOU SAVE APRIL’S LIFE – oh my gosh I was worried but then I was like no he can redeem himself and he did!
  • Amelia and Hunt made it down the aisle – finally. I hope they actually stick to it because they’re relationship is honestly non-existant because they never talked and just ended up having sex every so often yet they getting married so yay?
  • Arizona decides to let Callie take Sofia to New York omg so they all happy
  • And finally…Maggie likes Riggs but Meredith slept with him so what now?

Yeah so Meredith moving on after Derek is not something I am a huge fan of. I mean I know it was going to happen eventually but like McDreamy was her big love, so to have her get with someone else so soon is just not my thing. I know it’s boring for the show if she didn’t have new love interests but doesn’t everyone else have enough drama to have Meredith without some for a while?

Aside from that I’m not sure what is to be expected next. I’m sure Owen and Amelia won’t be in wedded bliss forever, and people are gonna find out about Meredith and Riggs for sure…

I’m not even sure who’s the next to go but I guess we see, only a few more seasons to go and I’ll officially be all caught up! It’s been a wild ride but I’m glad I’m in the home stretch 😛

~ Courtney x

(P.S my housemate has already caught up with the show, so…I’m avoiding her at all costs because of spoilers)