Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Thoughts


Okay so I guess my primitive Internet search to find out when Derek leaves was wrong. I thought we had a couple more seasons with him but we don’t. Not anymore… he’s gone. And I cried for like three episodes straight after that because it was just the worst.

Aside from that this season has been…I don’t even know to be honest, I felt like it was okay, I kept wanting the best for Derek and Meredith because they were fighting and I didn’t need that. We had Maggie on the scene as another long lost sister of Meredith’s and then we also had a bunch of other things that I don’t quite recall.

Honestly, after the whole Derek situation it’s all I can think about but luckily, I’ve been blogging as I’ve been watching so here are all my thoughts on season 11 of Grey’s as a whole:

  • Don’t know how to feel about Meredith’s new sister – I wonder when she’s gonna tell Meredith anyway because they got off on the wrong foot and were fighting the first time they met lol
  • Also Richard needs to be like “I’m your dad tho” because she’s gonna find out eventually
  • Can they just have Bailey and Karev on the board? Then there would be no fighting
  • Is Arizona actually doing a fellowship? I honestly just wanna know if her and Callie are gonna have a baby or not the back and forth is getting annoying
  • Okay they aren’t having a baby?
  • Richard finally tells the girl the truth and she doesn’t even give him a chance to explain – nice
  • Meredith is so not about having another sister and her and Alex’s friendship is kind of cute lol
  • Alex didn’t get his seat on the board? Man I’d be pissed, especially because Cristina did choose him :/
  • So Derek is mad at everyone for his choice and it ain’t cute – though not surprised he felt like he didn’t have a choice but he did – even if it wasn’t the choice he wanted he made it
  • Trust Derek to be the one to tell Meredith to embrace her family – we stan a husband who wants the best for his wife
  • Now we just need Richard and Maggie to talk and make things right
  • Callie and Arizona finally ending it. I’m sad about it for sure but I think it was the right thing. It was downhill for so long and so I think it was their time – though honestly their time should’ve been when Arizona cheated but that’s just me
  • Callie and Meredith as friends is fun. Remember when Callie hated her for sleeping with George lol they’ve come so far!
  • So Arizona’s mentor has a brain tumor…great…
  • Everyone finding out about Derek’s sister’s drug addiction – yikes though how did everyone not know before?
  • Derek has hit rock bottom 😦 poor guy honestly I’m on edge about anything that happens to him because we don’t have a lot of time left with him
  • It’s cute that Meredith brought Maggie around to the house with everyone. I love the O.G Grey house
  • Jo being jealous of Alex and Meredith is hilarious
  • Are Derek and Meredith really calling it quits because my heart can’t take that – YOU ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME LEFT TOGETHER PLEASE MCDREAMY COME BACK
  • There’s something wrong with April and Jackson’s baby 😦 NOOO why can’t they just have cute babies and they be the one couple where things are going right?
  • I think it’s cute that Arizona wants to save Herman – too bad she doesn’t wanna be helped
  • Oh she changed her mind – I hope she gets saved – no one likes when the build-up is big and then someone dies :/
  • Okay Meredith and Derek are making it work – of course they are, they have the post-it – they are cute and amazing and it’s gonna be fine
  • Also Meredith and Cristina used to pause during sex to text each other back? Lol that’s actually the kind of friend I need in life
  • When Meredith, Maggie, Amelia and Miranda are all bonding in the 3D printer room – I liked that scene a lot. So much female power in this show and I love it.
  • Cue me crying when Owen is standing in the vent room by himself thinking about Cristina. I miss her too Owen 😥
  • April and Jackson said goodbye to their baby 😦 I wonder what will be next for them
  • Maggie volunteering to look after Meredith’s kids was pretty cute
  • So Meredith didn’t go to see Derek and she just had some alone time and I think that’s fair – I mean you gotta have alone time with no kids or work
  • Arizona and Herman are becoming friends and that’s cute
  • Is Amelia really flirting with Hunt? Is this gonna be a thing?
  • After hyping up this brain surgery they better save Nicole’s life because if she dies I just can’t take it
  • Nicole is alive! But she’s blind 😦 so close. But it was a great episode and the important thing is that she’s alive and Amelia kicked ass in that surgery. Derek who?
  • Derek better not be cheating on Meredith because I swear
  • Yes Amelia and Owen are totally being a thing – I just want someone good for him, Cristina and him have been through a lot
  • Ben better except his trans sister – sure it’s something no one expected but he better be a good brother
  • I think it’s cute that Jackson is trying to revive the Plastics Posse. Mark would have wanted it that way
  • Derek is back! I mean I’m proud he didn’t sleep with that girl but he definitely should have stopped that kiss
  • So Hunt and Amelia are on the outs, that didn’t last long.
  • I cried like a baby
  • My heart
  • I can’t believe them. This was the worst way and too soon after Cristina I can’t be okay with this.
  • Did you think that not having Derek around a lot this season and having Amelia come in was REALLY gonna prepare us for THIS?!
  • NO
  • Gosh
  • Then there was the whole time-lapse thing of Meredith disappearing to have her third baby, I wish Derek had been around for that they didn’t give them enough time 😥
  • And April and Owen went off to the army for their trauma training and Jackson was left alone…
  • And Amelia was trying to hold it together but it wasn’t really working but Owen comes back and saves her from taking drugs again that was a whole thing and now they don’t even look at one another :/
  • Alex being the hero we never knew we needed calling after Meredith and trying to hold down the fort – what a cutie even hosting Christmas at his house
  • OH AND ALSO – why couldn’t they have gotten Cristina to come back for one episode to be there for Meredith in her time of need. Of all the reasons for a character to come back, this would be the time?! I wish they had gotten her back just for one episode.
  • Meredith better not sell that house, Derek built it for her and she should live in it 😦
  • Richard and Catherine finally made it down the aisle! Super cute
  • So April and Jackson are breaking up? Honestly I’m really annoyed about this because they barely got a chance to be together and also I really did want them to be cute and have babies and everything :/
  • Jo and Alex moving out into their own place? Looks a lot like the place Cristina and Owen once moved into but Cristina was able to fix up in no time at all lol

So another season down…honestly not sure how to cope now Derek is gone. Like how do we just move on from this? He was Meredith’s big love and they were supposed to be that couple that no one else could compare to because they are the best. But now…now Meredith is a widow with three kids, thinking about selling the house and trying to move on from things…

It’s just not good. But I have to keep watching. I can’t just get to now and quit. A lot of characters have left the show and I knew from the beginning that only Meredith and Alex really stick through it for the long haul but still…I’ve become attached to everyone so anyone leaving is just devastating now…

But anyway, I guess we see where we go from here. I’m not aware of anyone else leaving anytime soon so I don’t need to be on high alert for that. That being said I think it makes it a little easier knowing when someone is going to leave, because then you can prepare to some degree. But I think I should really stop spoiling the show for myself and just enjoy it lol

~ Courtney x

(P.S my housemate is in fact now ahead of me in Grey’s. She finished season 11 when I had just started so if she spoils it for me I’ll be so mad)

My First Weekly Sticker Spread! | Erin Condren Planner



This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I got my Erin Condren planner. A weekly sticker spread!

When I first got into the whole world of planning I discovered that some people like to do no whitespace sticker planning and I loved it. I thought it was so pretty and fun but I knew I could never afford to do it every week.

But I knew when I got my Erin Condren planner that I wanted to try it out, so I have been looking at weekly sticker kits a lot on Etsy and I have purchased some of them to use. I decided that I would use them for special occasions because it would make the week a lot more special.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about last week but I got my first weekly sticker kit from Etsy and decided to try it out.

I actually really love it. I think that they are perfect for someone like me who doesn’t fill all their boxes in their planner but wants to have something decorative. It just adds something more to the planner and it actually was the week I’ve been using the planner the most because of the checkboxes I added every day. I normally don’t do that much in a day and I was determined to fill those checklists with things.

So I guess it does make me more productive when you really think about it.

But yeah, like I said before as much as I would love to do this every single week I know I couldn’t, the reason being that sticker kits are expensive. I have already considered buying my own sticker printer etc to make my own if it would be cheaper but I think I’m getting ahead of myself as a newbie sticker planner lol.

So, for now, I think I will stick to buying stickers on Etsy but keeping weekly sticker spreads to a minimum (for now). If you have any advice on sticker making though, please let me know because it may be something I look into in the future. 🙂


~ Courtney x