Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Thoughts



So this is the season where Cristina is leaving. And you know me, every time something came up with Cristina I was like – is this where it happens? And then you know I knew Burke was gonna come back for it and I was like “well how does he fit into anything?” but overall I think it was fine. I mean, I could have done without seeing him again to be honest but aside from that I’m gonna miss Cristina a whole bunch.

Also, my housemate was on season 9 the last time I spoke to her so I’m not even surprised if she finished season 10 before me.

But here are my thoughts, I feel like my main focus this season was savouring the time with Cristina we had left but there was some other stuff going on too:

  • Cristina and Hunt keep having sex and I expect nothing less from them lol I don’t want them to be broken up
  • Callie running away to Meredith’s – man I’d be the same
  • I know looking back Arizona did deal with Callie having Mark’s baby which is a huge thing to process but like technically Callie and Arizona were broken up when Mark and Callie slept together which is better than Arizona literally cheating when they were married :/ complicated relationship
  • Omg Brooks is gone :/ I did kind of see it coming, I had no attachments to her so can’t be too sad
  • Too bad no one has anything nice to say to her
  • Also everyone freaking out about Richard was giving me anxiety but I knew he was gonna be okay, but also I would definitely give someone a head’s up that I had chosen them to make medical decisions about me
  • Look at the interns sticking up for one another. Cute.
  • April actually giving up on getting with Jackson and agreeing to marry Paramedic guy. I don’t know how this will go especially because they haven’t even been dating long lol
  • Wait, Richard didn’t wanna be saved…oh now this is a turn. Or is he just angry about the tube feeding? Either way, Meredith has grown a lot since season one she has feelings and cares for other people, THAT INCLUDES YOU RICHARD. Gosh. She was not just gonna let you die
  • Jackson hi-fiving April instead of hugging her was such a slap in the face
  • Callie standing up to Arizona and being like “No I ain’t going to therapy” is good. I don’t want her to go back there right away
  • Also Meredith and Derek be struggling with this baby and it’s showing lol they thought it’d be fine because they adopted a toddler but they really didn’t have to deal with a baby – I love them looking so domestic though
  • Okay Meredith and Derek in competition and being cute and stuff at the gala honestly I love them so much
  • Wow Arizona and April getting drunk in a supply closet is not something I could have imagined ever haha “Can I try on your leg?” – I mean I wish she had
  • Alex’s dad situation – I knew there was a reason he was so distracted…
  • It’s nice to see everyone dress up fancy every once in a while
  • Also that girl hitting on Hunt was cute and all but like my heart definitely broke for Cristina
  • I also love Cristina flirting to get that dolla and laughing in the guy’s face like yasss werk girl
  • “I have rebounded to the McDreamies” – definitely not a bad way to be Callie
  • So Meredith’s priorities have changed and she ain’t a happy bunny – is this where the marriage problems start?
  • It’s not because the McDreamies are just too perfect and of course Derek would step up to allow Meredith to shine because he’s just a babe
  • Jackson’s mum is always a fave when she comes around, judging Jackson’s girlfriend lol
  • I know Jo was trying real hard with Alex’s dad and that’s cute but seems like a waste
  • Callie dancing in her underwear is a mood and I love it
  • Murphy thinking she’s in love with Arizona is hilarious like girl you ain’t nothing special soz
  • Oh the Alex dad situation was a waste :/ I feel bad for him though because ALEX IS ALWAYS GETTING HURT – I remember when I was like stop sleeping on George – now it’s time to STOP SLEEPING ON ALEX – he deserves good things
  • So this is how the Cristina thing starts – she called out Meredith and then Meredith called her out and now…the friendship is…at a bump :/
  • Arizona sleeping with Murphy even though she just broke up with Callie? You ain’t even divorced! You should not just be jumping into bed with the next girl you see this isn’t cute
  • Ben just deciding to quit being a surgeon is the worst thing I have ever heard – if you don’t have the drive to stick the residency then what you even doing why go in the first place – of course Bailey is gonna be mad
  • Gah of course Callie wants to give Arizona another chance, but I won’t allow it – she needs to know Arizona been sleeping with an intern
  • I love that they don’t all sleep with each other, it’s just that they bring in new interns to sleep with lol – like Cristina and Alex? Ew and Meredith is with McDreamy so she ain’t sleeping around – April and Jackson already had their thing
  • Alex’s dad is back! Is this a thing? Is Alex gonna get his dad back and it’s gonna be cute? Or are they gonna kill off his dad because the show has already done it to George and Meredith…
  • April’s sisters are annoying af
  • Bailey has OCD? I did not expect that. I mean I guess it was triggered by the whole disease thing and Ben quitting residency and all that but poor girl 😦 It’s weird to see Bailey off her game
  • JACKSON NO YOU DIDN’T WAIT UNTIL APRIL’S WEDDING DAY TO SAY YOU LOVED HER GOD DAMN IT – but also I love he’s finally doing it like I didn’t see her with the paramedic either lol
  • Finally, Ross had a breakdown – it was bound to happen. Do I feel bad? Eh, he needed to be taken down a peg. Do I feel bad about how everyone is treating him since he came back? Yes, a little, I mean he didn’t deserve to be beaten by Alex, it was rough. But he has to learn from his mistakes – they all do
  • So Jackson and April ran away and got married – cute
  • Arizona and Callie are buying their house and making it work
  • Alex’s dad has died…and he also asked Jo to marry him?
  • Cristina and Meredith are working through things which is cute
  • Derek couldn’t say no to the president and Meredith is pissed lol
  • The interns are filing complaints against their superiors because of sexual harassment – we’ve had this before. When George was running around getting everyone to say who they’ve had sex with lol don’t see it lasting
  • Also Ben is back as a resident yay! That was a busy episode
  • See I told you Alex would be pissed all his friends were on the board eventually – I mean sure this is about them all being married and he can’t date his resident but still
  • Wow I had no idea that Jackson’s mom had so many rules about her grandchildren
  • Also if April and Jackson can’t agree on how they want their kids raised then the marriage is totally screwed
  • As if they could ever get rid of Webber too like he’s staying forever and that’s a fact
  • The episode where they show the what ifs for Cristina and Owen break my heart – I wanted them to work out so badly but it seems no matter what things will not be good between them :/
  • I wonder if Jackson and April really will resolve the kids and faith thing because so far it’s not looking like it will
  • OH MY GOD – so Cristina doesn’t win the Harper Avery because she works at the hospital that the Harper Avery foundation supports – IS THIS REALLY WHY SHE LEAVES ugh not a fan
  • So I’ve known Burke comes back to take Cristina away this whole time but like seeing him again is so weird – I just can’t believe Cristina is actually going to leave :/ this makes me so sad 😦
  • Jackson putting his beliefs aside for April and supporting her raising their child Christian is super cute – they will have a cute baby
  • So Callie and Arizona aren’t going to have another child after all that? Hmmm…
  • Would it really be Grey’s if they didn’t try to get rid of at least one intern per season – bye Murphy, it was nice knowing you
  • AS IF Derek thinks he can move to D.C. not today Satan, not today
  • They had one last dance party and I cried like a baby – CRISTINA πŸ˜₯
  • Cristina put Alex on the board but Webber already told Bailey that she could be on the board…wow I can see this being a fun battle
  • I think it’s cute that Ross decided to go with Cristina, and another intern bites the dust
  • Meredith has ANOTHER half sister…great :/

And so now that we’ve said goodbye to Cristina Yang, there’s only one big exit left on the show that I know about and it’s McDreamy. Am I ready? No. No I’m not. He’s a babe and I just can’t imagine him being gone and Meredith left with the kids like…ugh my heart.

But I have to think positive because he doesn’t leave for another few seasons so I have to enjoy his presence while it lasts, and stock up on tissues to prepare for his departure.

In the meantime, I hope Callie and Arizona get their surrogate, Alex comes back to the hospital and we figure out what the deal is with another mysterious relative of Meredith’s showing up. I’ll be back with another post soon.

~ Courtney x

OOTN: LBD and Knee High Boots


I went on a night out with my friends and it was decided that the dress code was knee-high boots. We were channeling Ariana Grande and living our best lives. I really loved my outfit so I thought I would share.

I also don’t own a full-length mirror so these are taken in a Wetherspoons’ toilets lol.

I’ve never owned a pair of boots before but I’ve always wanted a pair and this seemed like a good excuse as any to finally get them. I really love how they look and it was also my first time wearing fishnets out so I was feeling my full gothic fantasy.

On top of that, I also decided to put on a bold lip. I have never been one to wear weird colours of lipsticks but for Christmas my boyfriend got me a mini set of Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and so I had to use them. I chose the blue one in the colour, blue velvet.

The place we went to that night were also doing face paint so naturally, we had to get some and I really loved how the girl matched mine to my lipstick. So also enjoy a few glam makeup pics.

I don’t wear makeup that often but I always enjoy when I get to wear it out, so expect to see some more makeup looks in the future (hopefully). πŸ™‚

~ Courtney x

My First Erin Condren Planner!


After debating it for a while I decided to treat myself and get an Erin Condren planner!

I have wanted one of these ever since I first found the planning community on YouTube. But the price of them has always put me off. It’s expensive, and was I really going to use it once I got it?

That’s why for my first planner I decided to go a bit smaller and cheaper – a Kikki K planner. I found inserts that had the same size boxes as the Erin Condren so I could still buy stickers and used it as a trial run.

In the end, I actually really enjoyed using my Kikki K planner, it was super cute and it was great to keep track of things. And once I found that the inserts were running out, I did think about just buying more – but before I looked for new inserts I visited the Erin Condren site.

The fact that they were having a sale and I got my planner for half the price sealed the deal. It made up for the fact I did have to pay shipping costs (which is gross, because who likes to pay for shipping?). But aside from that, I was super excited to get my planner!

I have been using the planner for about a week now and it’s been fabulous before in my Kikki K I feel like I didn’t have enough space to always write things down but with the Erin Condren I have more than enough space. It also came with a ziplock bag and an inner pouch which is great for storing my stickers.

Of course, I would love to get stuck in making full sticker spreads and things like that now that I have the right planner for it but I still can’t justify the price of sticker kits. Sure it’s one thing to splash out money on a fancy planner that will last a year, but to spend Β£10 a week on a sheet of stickers that will be used in minutes? Eh…not so sure.

So I will stick with mostly writing things done but adding a sticker or two to make it slightly more decorative. But that being said I could very easily go sticker crazy lol I guess we see what happens over time.

But I’m really glad that I made the choice to get one so I could experience having one otherwise, I guess I would have wondered what it would be like. So now I have the experience I can decide if I want to continue with this planner or use another one in the future.

The price is definitely one of those things that is throwing me off ever buying another one. But they are so pretty and I think that the layout and quality are great, but the shipping costs are just too much. Like you have to pay $55 for the planner to begin with, so adding on the other costs it’s definitely way too much…but youΒ canΒ get them on Amazon, which I don’t know if you still have to pay customs but at least it would shave off the shipping price. Though they definitely don’t have the same range as the original website. So…yeah I guess I will have to decide if this is the planner I want to continue to use. But I have most of a year to think about it in the meantime, I think I will enjoy the planner as it is.

If you want to see my full unboxing and comparing it to my previous planner, a Kikki K filofax planner then check out the video below:

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Thoughts

Another season down!

So my housemate started watching Grey’s about the time I started season 9 and she’s already gotten to season 6. I think this is ridiculous and also I think I need to step up my game otherwise she’s going to catch up with me lol. That being said it’s nice to have someone to talk to about Grey’s.

Anyway, this season had a lot going on. Like I think more than usual. I mean it all started with the aftermath of the crash and just kept evolving from there. A lot happened, all the characters have grown. And as always I had a million and one thoughts on everything lol.

So please enjoy my thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy season 10:

  • Crying from the first episode – great this season is gonna be great
  • I am so annoyed that Sloan is gone – HE HAD GREAT MOMENTS
  • Also can we talk about how we got a WHOLE EPISODE dedicated to Sloan leaving but Lexie died instantly and she got no flashbacks…like hi what? I know Mark has more history with basically all the characters but that was still a bit shady – Lexie was Meredith’s sister
  • Also Arizona is alive! But she had to have her leg amputated :/ did not see that one coming.
  • Derek’s hand 😦 I don’t want this to be another Burke situation – this better be fixed!
  • BOOTY CALL BAILEY – I can’t even deal lol
  • And Meredith is the tough attending, who knew?
  • But more interns who I don’t like at all – gross…
  • Honestly having Mark appear in the episode directly after they killed him off is just mean
  • Cristina better come back I swear to God
  • I am so glad that Meredith and Derek are living in the dream house
  • I’ve never seen Arizona angry before – this is so weird but also I get it – who wants to have their leg cut off
  • I get it April, if I was around Jackson I wouldn’t be able to control myself either – you get it girl
  • Bailey being annoyed at everyone is always a fun time
  • Can we talk about Cristina sleeping with Rex Van De Camp lol I don’t know his doctor name but this is just weird
  • I wonder how Hunt would feel if he knew she was sleeping with someone else :/ are they even actually divorced?
  • Also Cristina being friends with the old guy – love that
  • But also she gotta come back to Seattle Grace please and thanks
  • Okay when I said I wanted Cristina back I didn’t mean kill off her friend come on guys that’s mean
  • Hunt honestly is such a cutie – like he fights for everyone and wants what’s best for them. Sure he cheated, but like overall he’s a pretty good guy – I can’t believe the lawyers wanna go after the hospital for what happened
  • Derek gotta get his hand back I miss him
  • Bailey pushing Arizona is fab – we love when she’s got schemes
  • Alex and Cristina living together? I can’t imagine how this is going to go lol
  • Hunt asking for divorce – ouch – I mean I know he’s doing it so Cristina gets money and everything but even so it’s harsh because Cristina was just going to get back together with him – is there a happy ending in there for either of them?
  • Also Teddy is gone which is kind of sad because I liked her – I don’t know if I mentioned that in my blog post from last season but she was great
  • Meredith is pregnant again! Yay! I hope they have the baby – their family is so cute I can’t get enough of it
  • Bailey’s Christmas wedding – who would have thought? lol
  • Adele! I can’t believe she’s gone – poor Richard… I know he was kind of getting on with Avery’s mom but he totally feels guilty for not visiting his wife 😦 Poor guy
  • I was literally sobbing at Bailey’s wedding just because Richard was having flashbacks
  • Cristina decided to get the divorce from Owen but they still going to be together? I can get behind that
  • Are we really making a big deal about these interns because I don’t think I like them, except the one that has that friendship with Karev I guess
  • I’m glad that Arizona and Callie are powering through – I need them together forever
  • So now Cristina, Meredith, Derek and Arizona are rich…cool
  • Also seems a bit weird that Callie wanted to have a dinner to celebrate I mean, sure they won but like still doesn’t feel great when Hunt was at fault
  • Derek’s hand is getting better yassss
  • Oh no…the hospital can’t go bankrupt…no one can get their money if this is what’s going on…
  • Also side note, I’ve noticed we’ve completely forgotten that the hospital has that free clinic after Izzie donated all that money – unless they did something with it that I don’t recall
  • Efficiency lady really… ew
  • Bailey snapping at Derek about the money wasn’t cute, how were they supposed to know the money was going to come from the hospital?
  • Meredith’s baby is kicking and it’s super cute
  • They are closing the ER and selling 😦 this is gross
  • Everyone sneaking a kid into the trauma center to save his life is nothing come on it’s so not like the time Izzie almost killed her boyfriend to get him a heart – leave them alone
  • April and the ambulance guy are cute – look at her getting her romance on
  • Derek’s face on everything – honestly love that
  • Of course April finds the only other person out there waiting until marriage and doesn’t tell him she had sex with Jackson
  • You know it’s real when Bailey is thinking about walking out
  • Everything is crumbling and I’m crying because the hospital is going to close but I know Grey and everyone are gonna save it but can it happen like right now
  • Avery’s mom really doing this – “momma just bought you a hospital” UM….
  • This whole half the doctors own the hospital and are on the board of directors thing is kind of weird…like you know Alex is really pissed that he ain’t part of it
  • I hate that Meredith is the one talking about how Derek should off her if she gets sick when I KNOW Derek is the one that leaves 😦
  • Oh no…what did Bailey do :/
  • Okay so it was the gloves, not Bailey…she didn’t know but she still mad about it
  • Owen is gonna adopt that kid isn’t he – he feels connected to her
  • Can April and Jackson be friends again or is that just not gonna be a thing
  • Jo dating that guy Bailey had a thing with ages ago – did not see that one coming – but also just get with Alex already plz
  • Meredith had her baby and all is well with her. Sure she almost died but like would it really be meredith if she didn’t almost die?
  • Are Cristina and Owen officially over now? :/ I wish she would’ve been okay with the kid
  • I know Arizona is still pissed about her leg but God damn girl that doesn’t mean you can cheat. Callie has a right to be angry with her.
  • Is April gonna marry that guy or what. I mean you can’t just agree to marry him and then just decide “but Jackson is the one” – the guy arranged a flash mob for you
  • Yasss Jo and Alex make it work
  • I know Richard is gonna be okay but can someone please find him

Another season done and dusted. Honestly this one was a roller coaster from start to finish. Like first we lost mark, then we almost lost the hospital, Bailey got married, and killed patients, Arizona lost her leg and cheated, Meredith had a baby!

I think this has been one of my favourite seasons. So much has happened and it’s been super dramatic like all seasons before but I don’t know. I think I just really enjoyed the storylines this season.

Now on to season 10! I’m excited about also not excited because I know this is the season where Cristina leaves and I’m not ready for that. She’s Meredith’s person and we need her. But I guess we see how it goes, I better stock up on tissues.

~ Courtney x

New Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

After debating with myself for like two weeks I decided to upgrade early and treat myself to a new phone! I am moving from an iPhone 6 to the new Samsung S10.


I did enjoy my iPhone while I had it but I will always probably be an Android person at heart. I just wanted to know what it was like to have an iPhone and now I know so I was ready to jump ship back to Android.

I’ve been using the phone for a few days now and I’m still getting used to it, the always on display, the face recognition, the things I never had with iPhone. I’ve also had to get used to a new message tone and having to install and login to all my apps again.

But so far I’m really enjoying it, I love getting new technology because it’s so pretty and shiny. Now I just have to focus on not dropping it lol

~ Courtney x

My Pole Family!


After trying to organise the night out for weeks, we finally got a night when we were all free!

This is my pole family, aka the people I have been taking pole dancing with for the past year. We have never hung out outside the pole studio together before so it was really exciting to see everyone fully clothed lol.

It took me the longest time to learn everyone’s name in pole class. It’s partly because when you first go to a class you don’t really talk to anyone but then as the weeks go on, you start giving each other looks when the teacher wants you to do crazy tricks that you know you can’t do. You also start showing off your bruises and complaining to one another when a trick you’ve done burns lol.

But after a year together, we’ve learned the names and we’ve spent a good amount of time together. So when it came to the night out it was really comfortable and conversation flowed nicely.

It turned out to be a really fun night with lots of laughs so I definitely hope that we get to do it again! At least we always get to spend time together in class πŸ˜›

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Thoughts


Another season down. Only six to go and then I’m on season 15 and watching with everyone else. That being said I’m probably gonna be caught up at the end of season 15 which makes me upset because that just means waiting forever for season 16…

But yes, this was a long season of Grey’s and this is probably the longest one of these blog posts I’ve made yet. I did think of slowing down on the bullet points but then that went out the window with the last couple of episodes lol.

So here’s my thoughts – looking back we have come a long way this season, and I can’t even imagine what’s to come next:

  • Meredith got fired. And everyone still hates Alex. This is gonna be a good season.
  • April is not going to be able to control everyone else but it’s cute that she thinks she can.
  • McDreamy plz talk to Meredith again you guys supposed to be the OTP…
  • The Chief stepping down and Hunt stepping up is so weird – like I never thought about who might be Chief next but I don’t think it was gonna be Hunt. The last competition for Chief of Surgery was so much fun…
  • April is finding her feet! Yay!
  • Bailey being sassy to Hunt is everything
  • Love that Cristina and Teddy don’t know how to take out an appendix – y’all as bad as each other
  • Also can Meredith and Derek have their baby back – that was cute – them almost breaking up and not having a baby is not
  • It’s been a few episodes and like where is Lexie? I know she younger than the rest of them but where did she go?
  • Also that episode that focused on the guys instead of Meredith and Cristina was real cute
  • Love that they can’t build a deck
  • Oh my God Lexie appeared! Only to be shipped away by Jackson…alright then
  • Of course Jackson’s mom is a surgeon it runs in the family
  • Bailey’s old man appeared and she dumped the new one. Okay so she getting back with the old one? Plus I also thought she wanted him to wait for her so…it wasn’t clear
  • They talked about George </3 gah I miss him
  • Why are Meredith and Alex always in the accidents? Like Meredith drowning/putting her hand on a bomb…Alex getting shot? What’s up with you guys
  • So Teddy’s husband is gone… RIP :/ but also knew he wasn’t going to be around long because the actor is a major part of Scandal the other Shonda Rhimes TV show…
  • Jackson has finally decided to end it with Lexie because she’s still kind of in love with Mark Sloan lol surprised that they lasted this long
  • Also Lexie’s new fringe is not cute, I didn’t like Meredith’s either. Let’s not make this a trend.
  • Okay having Meredith and Derek keep Zola was the best decision they are the cutest family
  • And everyone moving out of Meredith’s – gonna miss that crazy house lol


  • OH MY GOSH they are doing a what if episode – I am so for this here are some thoughts on just that episode:
  • First of all Ellis and Webber can’t even deal
  • Callie as a heart surgeon and not with Arizona can’t even
  • Bailey! SO SHY
  • Cristina and Meredith are not each other’s person omg what is this
  • Derek and Addison together and she pregnant – omg can’t
  • CALLIE IS WITH HUNT HAHAHA WOW – so unexpected
  • MEREDITH IS WITH ALEX AND HE IS A DORK – this is too weird
  • Lexie the druggie with dreadlocks – she looks ridiculous
  • Alex and April doing it on the side hahahahahaha
  • Also Charles is still alive? And they briefly mentioned Izzie and George – I wish they had got them back for one episode…
  • Okay but like overall that was a really fun ep – ya know imagine if that’s how the show really was – I’d die


  • Surprised Teddy hasn’t forgiven Owen for Henry – like she’s chill with Cristina? I imagine they work it out
  • Sloan and Lexie are they gonna get back together or what’s the deal – he’s with that other girl but Lexie just wants to tell him – and girl I want ya to tell him too – you both make an exit this season and I imagine you do it as a couple
  • Are Cristina and Hunt over? I mean at least they trying counseling…
  • Derek accusing everyone being racist just because he didn’t do Zola’s hair is hilarious
  • Sloan trying to get Avery laid is cute lol guess they are real good friends now
  • HUNT CHEATED or damn this is not good and the last thing I expected from him wtf
  • Okay but Sloan as Chief in that suit with the earpiece – I love it
  • Also I see we remember that Callie is a genius when it comes to studying and she helped Meredith so yay!
  • I can also see that Teddy is so not handling this whole Henry thing very well…
  • The boards! They all so close to being doctors – BUT ALSO THEY ALL GONNA LEAVE?!
  • I mean I know for the purposes of the show that probably isn’t gonna last but come on guys :/
  • Also I can totally see why they drop Lexie because she’s younger than all of them so kind of just lifts out
  • APRIL AND JACKSON – I died. Like what’s going on there? I guess not a lot since April failed her boards but like…that could be something I could be behind
  • Cristina and Hunt officially over because Cristina has decided to go elsewhere? I guess she made her choice. But I think besides the cheating Hunt was a keeper.
  • Also can’t believe Meredith and Derek aren’t even gonna get to live in that house – we’ve been waiting for this house 8 seasons and now they gonna leave?!
  • I also need to take some time to feel sorry for Richard after his wife fell in love with that guy at the care home – I mean he was a saint and he didn’t deserve that. Heartbreaking – but him and Jackson’s mom though…I see that
  • Bailey got a proposal from her man! It probably wasn’t the best in the middle of that O.R. but hey I thought it was cute
  • Even though I knew about the plane crash I was still shocked
  • MARK
  • Of course I cried – like they all stranded out there, Lexie is gone, the rest of them barely holding on…

And so here we are again at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. You know…you think I would get used to all the traumatizing things that happen by now but apparently not.

This season seemed to be a long one, lots of stuff going on. But maybe it’s because I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to watch as much as normal lol. Even as I’m writing this I know I have uni work to be doing but I needed to get my thoughts out there.

I’m so ready to start in on season 9 too. I need to see everyone get rescued and be fine. But I guess that has to wait. The struggles of having responsibilities and other things to do…that being said I should also get back to reading, kind of haven’t been doing that either…

Anyway, I should end this here otherwise I’m gonna ramble forever – I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of ending blog posts…but I will be back very soon with another Grey’s Anatomy blog post that’s for sure.

~ Courtney x