Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Thoughts



So this is the season where Cristina is leaving. And you know me, every time something came up with Cristina I was like – is this where it happens? And then you know I knew Burke was gonna come back for it and I was like “well how does he fit into anything?” but overall I think it was fine. I mean, I could have done without seeing him again to be honest but aside from that I’m gonna miss Cristina a whole bunch.

Also, my housemate was on season 9 the last time I spoke to her so I’m not even surprised if she finished season 10 before me.

But here are my thoughts, I feel like my main focus this season was savouring the time with Cristina we had left but there was some other stuff going on too:

  • Cristina and Hunt keep having sex and I expect nothing less from them lol I don’t want them to be broken up
  • Callie running away to Meredith’s – man I’d be the same
  • I know looking back Arizona did deal with Callie having Mark’s baby which is a huge thing to process but like technically Callie and Arizona were broken up when Mark and Callie slept together which is better than Arizona literally cheating when they were married :/ complicated relationship
  • Omg Brooks is gone :/ I did kind of see it coming, I had no attachments to her so can’t be too sad
  • Too bad no one has anything nice to say to her
  • Also everyone freaking out about Richard was giving me anxiety but I knew he was gonna be okay, but also I would definitely give someone a head’s up that I had chosen them to make medical decisions about me
  • Look at the interns sticking up for one another. Cute.
  • April actually giving up on getting with Jackson and agreeing to marry Paramedic guy. I don’t know how this will go especially because they haven’t even been dating long lol
  • Wait, Richard didn’t wanna be saved…oh now this is a turn. Or is he just angry about the tube feeding? Either way, Meredith has grown a lot since season one she has feelings and cares for other people, THAT INCLUDES YOU RICHARD. Gosh. She was not just gonna let you die
  • Jackson hi-fiving April instead of hugging her was such a slap in the face
  • Callie standing up to Arizona and being like “No I ain’t going to therapy” is good. I don’t want her to go back there right away
  • Also Meredith and Derek be struggling with this baby and it’s showing lol they thought it’d be fine because they adopted a toddler but they really didn’t have to deal with a baby – I love them looking so domestic though
  • Okay Meredith and Derek in competition and being cute and stuff at the gala honestly I love them so much
  • Wow Arizona and April getting drunk in a supply closet is not something I could have imagined ever haha “Can I try on your leg?” – I mean I wish she had
  • Alex’s dad situation – I knew there was a reason he was so distracted…
  • It’s nice to see everyone dress up fancy every once in a while
  • Also that girl hitting on Hunt was cute and all but like my heart definitely broke for Cristina
  • I also love Cristina flirting to get that dolla and laughing in the guy’s face like yasss werk girl
  • “I have rebounded to the McDreamies” – definitely not a bad way to be Callie
  • So Meredith’s priorities have changed and she ain’t a happy bunny – is this where the marriage problems start?
  • It’s not because the McDreamies are just too perfect and of course Derek would step up to allow Meredith to shine because he’s just a babe
  • Jackson’s mum is always a fave when she comes around, judging Jackson’s girlfriend lol
  • I know Jo was trying real hard with Alex’s dad and that’s cute but seems like a waste
  • Callie dancing in her underwear is a mood and I love it
  • Murphy thinking she’s in love with Arizona is hilarious like girl you ain’t nothing special soz
  • Oh the Alex dad situation was a waste :/ I feel bad for him though because ALEX IS ALWAYS GETTING HURT – I remember when I was like stop sleeping on George – now it’s time to STOP SLEEPING ON ALEX – he deserves good things
  • So this is how the Cristina thing starts – she called out Meredith and then Meredith called her out and now…the friendship is…at a bump :/
  • Arizona sleeping with Murphy even though she just broke up with Callie? You ain’t even divorced! You should not just be jumping into bed with the next girl you see this isn’t cute
  • Ben just deciding to quit being a surgeon is the worst thing I have ever heard – if you don’t have the drive to stick the residency then what you even doing why go in the first place – of course Bailey is gonna be mad
  • Gah of course Callie wants to give Arizona another chance, but I won’t allow it – she needs to know Arizona been sleeping with an intern
  • I love that they don’t all sleep with each other, it’s just that they bring in new interns to sleep with lol – like Cristina and Alex? Ew and Meredith is with McDreamy so she ain’t sleeping around – April and Jackson already had their thing
  • Alex’s dad is back! Is this a thing? Is Alex gonna get his dad back and it’s gonna be cute? Or are they gonna kill off his dad because the show has already done it to George and Meredith…
  • April’s sisters are annoying af
  • Bailey has OCD? I did not expect that. I mean I guess it was triggered by the whole disease thing and Ben quitting residency and all that but poor girl 😦 It’s weird to see Bailey off her game
  • JACKSON NO YOU DIDN’T WAIT UNTIL APRIL’S WEDDING DAY TO SAY YOU LOVED HER GOD DAMN IT – but also I love he’s finally doing it like I didn’t see her with the paramedic either lol
  • Finally, Ross had a breakdown – it was bound to happen. Do I feel bad? Eh, he needed to be taken down a peg. Do I feel bad about how everyone is treating him since he came back? Yes, a little, I mean he didn’t deserve to be beaten by Alex, it was rough. But he has to learn from his mistakes – they all do
  • So Jackson and April ran away and got married – cute
  • Arizona and Callie are buying their house and making it work
  • Alex’s dad has died…and he also asked Jo to marry him?
  • Cristina and Meredith are working through things which is cute
  • Derek couldn’t say no to the president and Meredith is pissed lol
  • The interns are filing complaints against their superiors because of sexual harassment – we’ve had this before. When George was running around getting everyone to say who they’ve had sex with lol don’t see it lasting
  • Also Ben is back as a resident yay! That was a busy episode
  • See I told you Alex would be pissed all his friends were on the board eventually – I mean sure this is about them all being married and he can’t date his resident but still
  • Wow I had no idea that Jackson’s mom had so many rules about her grandchildren
  • Also if April and Jackson can’t agree on how they want their kids raised then the marriage is totally screwed
  • As if they could ever get rid of Webber too like he’s staying forever and that’s a fact
  • The episode where they show the what ifs for Cristina and Owen break my heart – I wanted them to work out so badly but it seems no matter what things will not be good between them :/
  • I wonder if Jackson and April really will resolve the kids and faith thing because so far it’s not looking like it will
  • OH MY GOD – so Cristina doesn’t win the Harper Avery because she works at the hospital that the Harper Avery foundation supports – IS THIS REALLY WHY SHE LEAVES ugh not a fan
  • So I’ve known Burke comes back to take Cristina away this whole time but like seeing him again is so weird – I just can’t believe Cristina is actually going to leave :/ this makes me so sad 😦
  • Jackson putting his beliefs aside for April and supporting her raising their child Christian is super cute – they will have a cute baby
  • So Callie and Arizona aren’t going to have another child after all that? Hmmm…
  • Would it really be Grey’s if they didn’t try to get rid of at least one intern per season – bye Murphy, it was nice knowing you
  • AS IF Derek thinks he can move to D.C. not today Satan, not today
  • They had one last dance party and I cried like a baby – CRISTINA 😥
  • Cristina put Alex on the board but Webber already told Bailey that she could be on the board…wow I can see this being a fun battle
  • I think it’s cute that Ross decided to go with Cristina, and another intern bites the dust
  • Meredith has ANOTHER half sister…great :/

And so now that we’ve said goodbye to Cristina Yang, there’s only one big exit left on the show that I know about and it’s McDreamy. Am I ready? No. No I’m not. He’s a babe and I just can’t imagine him being gone and Meredith left with the kids like…ugh my heart.

But I have to think positive because he doesn’t leave for another few seasons so I have to enjoy his presence while it lasts, and stock up on tissues to prepare for his departure.

In the meantime, I hope Callie and Arizona get their surrogate, Alex comes back to the hospital and we figure out what the deal is with another mysterious relative of Meredith’s showing up. I’ll be back with another post soon.

~ Courtney x

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