Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Thoughts


Another season down. Only six to go and then I’m on season 15 and watching with everyone else. That being said I’m probably gonna be caught up at the end of season 15 which makes me upset because that just means waiting forever for season 16…

But yes, this was a long season of Grey’s and this is probably the longest one of these blog posts I’ve made yet. I did think of slowing down on the bullet points but then that went out the window with the last couple of episodes lol.

So here’s my thoughts – looking back we have come a long way this season, and I can’t even imagine what’s to come next:

  • Meredith got fired. And everyone still hates Alex. This is gonna be a good season.
  • April is not going to be able to control everyone else but it’s cute that she thinks she can.
  • McDreamy plz talk to Meredith again you guys supposed to be the OTP…
  • The Chief stepping down and Hunt stepping up is so weird – like I never thought about who might be Chief next but I don’t think it was gonna be Hunt. The last competition for Chief of Surgery was so much fun…
  • April is finding her feet! Yay!
  • Bailey being sassy to Hunt is everything
  • Love that Cristina and Teddy don’t know how to take out an appendix – y’all as bad as each other
  • Also can Meredith and Derek have their baby back – that was cute – them almost breaking up and not having a baby is not
  • It’s been a few episodes and like where is Lexie? I know she younger than the rest of them but where did she go?
  • Also that episode that focused on the guys instead of Meredith and Cristina was real cute
  • Love that they can’t build a deck
  • Oh my God Lexie appeared! Only to be shipped away by Jackson…alright then
  • Of course Jackson’s mom is a surgeon it runs in the family
  • Bailey’s old man appeared and she dumped the new one. Okay so she getting back with the old one? Plus I also thought she wanted him to wait for her so…it wasn’t clear
  • They talked about George </3 gah I miss him
  • Why are Meredith and Alex always in the accidents? Like Meredith drowning/putting her hand on a bomb…Alex getting shot? What’s up with you guys
  • So Teddy’s husband is gone… RIP :/ but also knew he wasn’t going to be around long because the actor is a major part of Scandal the other Shonda Rhimes TV show…
  • Jackson has finally decided to end it with Lexie because she’s still kind of in love with Mark Sloan lol surprised that they lasted this long
  • Also Lexie’s new fringe is not cute, I didn’t like Meredith’s either. Let’s not make this a trend.
  • Okay having Meredith and Derek keep Zola was the best decision they are the cutest family
  • And everyone moving out of Meredith’s – gonna miss that crazy house lol


  • OH MY GOSH they are doing a what if episode – I am so for this here are some thoughts on just that episode:
  • First of all Ellis and Webber can’t even deal
  • Callie as a heart surgeon and not with Arizona can’t even
  • Bailey! SO SHY
  • Cristina and Meredith are not each other’s person omg what is this
  • Derek and Addison together and she pregnant – omg can’t
  • CALLIE IS WITH HUNT HAHAHA WOW – so unexpected
  • MEREDITH IS WITH ALEX AND HE IS A DORK – this is too weird
  • Lexie the druggie with dreadlocks – she looks ridiculous
  • Alex and April doing it on the side hahahahahaha
  • Also Charles is still alive? And they briefly mentioned Izzie and George – I wish they had got them back for one episode…
  • Okay but like overall that was a really fun ep – ya know imagine if that’s how the show really was – I’d die


  • Surprised Teddy hasn’t forgiven Owen for Henry – like she’s chill with Cristina? I imagine they work it out
  • Sloan and Lexie are they gonna get back together or what’s the deal – he’s with that other girl but Lexie just wants to tell him – and girl I want ya to tell him too – you both make an exit this season and I imagine you do it as a couple
  • Are Cristina and Hunt over? I mean at least they trying counseling…
  • Derek accusing everyone being racist just because he didn’t do Zola’s hair is hilarious
  • Sloan trying to get Avery laid is cute lol guess they are real good friends now
  • HUNT CHEATED or damn this is not good and the last thing I expected from him wtf
  • Okay but Sloan as Chief in that suit with the earpiece – I love it
  • Also I see we remember that Callie is a genius when it comes to studying and she helped Meredith so yay!
  • I can also see that Teddy is so not handling this whole Henry thing very well…
  • The boards! They all so close to being doctors – BUT ALSO THEY ALL GONNA LEAVE?!
  • I mean I know for the purposes of the show that probably isn’t gonna last but come on guys :/
  • Also I can totally see why they drop Lexie because she’s younger than all of them so kind of just lifts out
  • APRIL AND JACKSON – I died. Like what’s going on there? I guess not a lot since April failed her boards but like…that could be something I could be behind
  • Cristina and Hunt officially over because Cristina has decided to go elsewhere? I guess she made her choice. But I think besides the cheating Hunt was a keeper.
  • Also can’t believe Meredith and Derek aren’t even gonna get to live in that house – we’ve been waiting for this house 8 seasons and now they gonna leave?!
  • I also need to take some time to feel sorry for Richard after his wife fell in love with that guy at the care home – I mean he was a saint and he didn’t deserve that. Heartbreaking – but him and Jackson’s mom though…I see that
  • Bailey got a proposal from her man! It probably wasn’t the best in the middle of that O.R. but hey I thought it was cute
  • Even though I knew about the plane crash I was still shocked
  • MARK
  • Of course I cried – like they all stranded out there, Lexie is gone, the rest of them barely holding on…

And so here we are again at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. You know…you think I would get used to all the traumatizing things that happen by now but apparently not.

This season seemed to be a long one, lots of stuff going on. But maybe it’s because I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to watch as much as normal lol. Even as I’m writing this I know I have uni work to be doing but I needed to get my thoughts out there.

I’m so ready to start in on season 9 too. I need to see everyone get rescued and be fine. But I guess that has to wait. The struggles of having responsibilities and other things to do…that being said I should also get back to reading, kind of haven’t been doing that either…

Anyway, I should end this here otherwise I’m gonna ramble forever – I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of ending blog posts…but I will be back very soon with another Grey’s Anatomy blog post that’s for sure.

~ Courtney x