My Pole Family!


After trying to organise the night out for weeks, we finally got a night when we were all free!

This is my pole family, aka the people I have been taking pole dancing with for the past year. We have never hung out outside the pole studio together before so it was really exciting to see everyone fully clothed lol.

It took me the longest time to learn everyone’s name in pole class. It’s partly because when you first go to a class you don’t really talk to anyone but then as the weeks go on, you start giving each other looks when the teacher wants you to do crazy tricks that you know you can’t do. You also start showing off your bruises and complaining to one another when a trick you’ve done burns lol.

But after a year together, we’ve learned the names and we’ve spent a good amount of time together. So when it came to the night out it was really comfortable and conversation flowed nicely.

It turned out to be a really fun night with lots of laughs so I definitely hope that we get to do it again! At least we always get to spend time together in class 😛

~ Courtney x

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