I Heart Hollywood By Lindsey Kelk Review


Following up Angela’s adventures in New York, she is headed to Hollywood to interview a major Hollywood star, and of course, she couldn’t go without BFF Jenny.

I gotta say, this book was…annoying me.

I mean the first one was fine with Angela exploring her life without her fiance and finding her feet in New York and dating around but in Hollywood? Angela is more whiny and annoying than ever.

I guess she was always kind of annoying in the beginning in her indecisiveness in what to do when choosing between Brooklyn and Wall Street but like it was not nearly as bad as her choices in Hollywood.

It’s clear from the beginning that Angela is not taken with Hollywood as she is with New York. Which is fine because you don’t have to like everywhere in the world that you travel to but she seemed to want to find flaws in everything which just got on my nerves. I mean Jenny was having fun and trying to include Angela but she just kind of dragged things down.

I think I much would have rathered hearing about Jenny’s Hollywood adventure compared to Angela’s.

That being said I know not everything that happened in Hollywood was totally Angela’s fault. I admit that a lot of it had to do with the actor she was interviewing, who of course was flirting with her and being super charming. Because in what book world does the main character who is a plain girl not get the attention of every guy that she sees?

Even though the actor turned out to be…playing for the opposite team which honestly wasn’t the most shocking thing, I mean sure it meant things with him cleared up kind of nicely but eh, wasn’t fussed.

I am definitely being more critical with this one than I am with the first one lol. I think just in the first book Angela made everything about New York and what she was doing seem so exciting and glossy, but as soon as she went somewhere else…well…she didn’t like it very much and it showed which meant that reading it was kind of meh.

Not to mention the fact that she had just gotten herself a boyfriend which meant that being away from him for even a second she was paranoid he was hooking up with every girl in New York…I mean I get it, I’ve definitely been the girl who has been worried when her boyfriend doesn’t text me for some time but at the same time, you gotta give the guy some space.

Overall, I would say this book was not the best. I don’t really know what I was expecting from a sequel but this one was meh. This might have been the reason I didn’t continue reading the series (the first time around), the first one is a good fluffy read but this one is just a hot mess. I mean I know that it shows that not everything in Angela’s life is peachy all the time but this was just one disaster after another and it seemed highly unlikely that it would end in a neatly wrapped bow like it did…

That being said I will give the series a chance, so I will continue on with Angela as she travels to Paris, here’s hoping she actually likes this place a bit more than LA…

~ Courtney x