I Heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk Review

Eight books, two short stories and one month later and here we are…

It has been a wild ride with Angela, in my last blog post I actually mentioned most of the adventures that we had been through with her and it’s been quite the journey. But now we are here with the final book.

Angela is off to Hawaii! Now I was wondering how this came about considering in the previous book Angela had just given birth to a baby but she decided to abandon motherhood for one last trip with the gang. Who could blame her?

Okay, it didn’t exactly go that way but, as usual, Angela was running away from something so decided to go off on a trip. Which isn’t unusual since that’s how she ended up going to Paris…and most of her adventures.

I wasn’t exactly in Hawaii when I was reading the book but I did manage to squeeze in a beach day while I was reading and that was nice 😛

Anyway, I didn’t read this book as quickly as I’ve read some of the others in the series, I think because I knew this was the last one I wasn’t rushing to get through it. I guess I just wanted to spend some more time with the characters before saying goodbye.

I definitely think this book would also make a good movie if anything just to bring to life how beautiful Hawaii is. Angela and her friends spent the week in Hawaii where they were meant to be promoting some mascara…however the mascara was not a good one lol.

But when Angela was not getting drunk and having a blast with her friends, she was also dealing with the stress of launching a new website for Cici, dodging the Mothers of Brooklyn and worrying about why Jenny was avoiding her…You know standard Angela behaviour.

Though honestly if I was her I would be dodging the M.O.B group too. They seemed crazy and like who invites someone to join their group and immediately empties their bag on the table? So rude. But I think Angela will find her place with them, even though she isn’t as polished as them I think it’ll work out.

As for everything else…well everything managed to work out in the end. Although this time I wasn’t mad at it because it was the last book and I wanted that happy ending.

I don’t really know what else to say about the book, to be honest, I just think it was a great book. I enjoyed the story, I liked seeing Angela’s growth and her step into motherhood.

I was, however, amazed that everything with Jenny kind of resolved itself super quick. I mean I thought Jenny was super angry at Angela for the video and costing her her job and everything. I definitely thought it would have taken longer for the two of them to work things out, I knew they always would but I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Also, I felt myself cringe when Angela ruined her phone again it’s kind of like she makes it a point to do those things. It was a bit annoying, kind of like her whole Marc Jacobs bag thing in the first few books, a bit of an overkill.

Speaking of which, her bag! I’m amazed she kept it all this time but I suppose it’s just one of those things, I mean we girls do get attached to things and I imagine if I bought a designer handbag I’d want to keep it by my side forever. But I gotta say I need to be seeing pictures of this bag to fully understand its greatness. Anyway, her bag didn’t quite last all this time but it was revived and all is well. I can’t imagine what it would look like with a guitar strap sewn to it but I imagine Angela rocked it.

Another thing that was a bit cringey was the whole Angela deciding to write a book and it coming out to be ‘I Heart New York’. I mean I saw it coming when I was reading about her getting a book deal but I just didn’t think they were going to go with the same title for the book and everything. It was a bit much.

That being said I totally started crying when Angela was talking about how Jenny was her soulmate. Again, totally cheesy but like I was so emotional that this was the end. I mean Jenny and Angela have the kind of friendship that everyone would want, and the way Angela was talking about it definitely had me tearing up. I am going to miss those two so much.

Overall a really good series, I know I’ve had my mixed opinions on it as we’ve gone along but it definitely was a good one. I enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some good Chick-Lit. I would also recommend it if you’re like me and have never really travelled because at least you can live vicariously through Angela for a bit.

Now it’s time to move on…to what I have no idea but I’m sure I’ll find something to read. I think I might take a break before diving into another book series so if you guys have any recommendations for standalone books to read then that would be great 🙂

Oh! And with the finishing of this book, I can officially say that I have surpassed my reading goal for the year by 2 books! I am so proud of myself for this, and even more proud of myself for actually reading an entire book series in a month, I didn’t think I had it in me but there you go.

Anyway, I’m off. Don’t know what my next blog post will actually be but maybe it’ll be something not TV show, book or YouTube related because I know there’s been a lot of those posts lately but I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I feel like writing. 😛

~ Courtney x

I Heart Forever By Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, the second to last book in the series.

We have come a long way with Angela from running away to New York, to outing actors in Hollywood, to fighting on stage with her boyfriend’s ex in Paris, to partying it up in Vegas, to almost getting married in London, to a very messy Christmas in New York and now…running a magazine!

It’s been a wild ride and it’s still going in this book.

Angela is PREGNANT! Okay I mean I kind of thought maybe in ‘I Heart London’ Angela was pregnant just because she was throwing up a lot but that was just from drinking. This time when she was throwing up it was actually because she’s having a baby! I was excited about this, if only because it was the next natural step. And I have to say I am impressed that she was able to keep it to herself for the most part.

Not only is she pregnant this time around but she is actually doing a good job of running Gloss all by herself – yay! We love a boss bitch.

Sadly though it is not all smooth sailing as Spencer media begins to go through some ‘restructuring’ and basically what that meant was magazines were closing and people were going to lose their jobs. And Angela’s previous BFF Delia Spencer is running the whole show. Not cute.

I gotta say I was kind of sad about Delia not being in the picture as much. I was shocked to see her sister Cici actually had a bigger role in this book. Cici is Angela’s number one enemy in New York but surprisingly the two actually grew closer in this book. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this initially, but I am impressed by Cici’s growth.

I just wonder how long this whole Angela and Cici working together thing is going to last especially if now Angela may be working for Cici…I imagine it’ll be a bit chaotic but I do wish for good things for them both. Even after all of Cici’s antics, I think we can forgive her. We do love a villain reformed…sometimes.

Aside from Angela dealing with her work life she also had to deal with her home life…or lack thereof. I mean Alex was basically AWOL this entire book as he was off on holiday and even when he came back he was kind of freaking out. Typical guy behaviour. Luckily he came around and things were okay again. YAY.

Honestly surprised with everything going on that Angela did manage to keep her blood pressure down for the baby’s sake because with the way things were going in this book it was unsure whether that was going to be the case.

Plus along with all of that we also had Jenny, who has redeemed herself for her past mistakes with Jeff and actually got married! Yay Jenny! I was so happy for her, this is what she’s wanted this whole time and now she has it!

I was surprised there was actually no mention of Jeff at all this time, I guess she’s fully moved on which is nice. I suppose there was a little mention of Jeff’s wife in ‘Jenny Lopez saves Christmas’ but it didn’t really go anywhere. But I’m proud of her, she’s come so far! :’)

So yes, this book had a lot going on and it meant that I kept reading because I wanted to see how it all played out, but I feel like this book was just okay. I mean sure there was drama like always but I don’t know…something about it just seemed ‘meh’.

I suppose not every book can be a winner, while I still enjoyed this one I felt like maybe it could be better. I don’t know what would have made it better but it lacked something for me. Maybe it’s a little bit predictable? We know Alex would never leave Angela they are meant to be, and Angela’s parents showing up randomly isn’t anything new…

I guess it wasn’t as exciting as previous books but I was super happy for Angela and Jenny to be growing up and having cute moments, I imagine Jenny’s wedding was beautiful and I know Angela and Alex are going to be great parents.

So that just leaves us with one final book. I think now I am ready to say goodbye to the series, this book definitely felt like a nice ending – you know, Happily Ever After and all that but I’m excited to have one last adventure with the gang. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

~ Courtney x

I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk Review

Here we are, another ‘I Heart’ book done and dusted.

After my rocky start with the series I do have to say everyone has grown on me. It took me a week from finishing the last book to even get a hold of this one in the series as it was one I didn’t already have on my Kindle and I was determined to get a library card and use it. And in that time while I wasn’t in Angela’s world I did miss her a bit…

So here we are with Angela following her adventures leading up to Christmas and I have to say it is a wild one. While she may not have left New York this time, it was still insane. And I loved it.

Just like ‘I Heart Vegas’ I feel like this book would be a great chick flick movie and a Christmas one no less. It just had the right amount of chaos and I wasn’t even mad when everything resolved itself because it’s a Christmas book so obviously it had to end on a good note.

Also, festive Angela didn’t even bother me too much in this book yay! For once she seemed to be somewhat sensible in her choices. Not so sensible she stopped drinking or didn’t jump to conclusions but compared to the ideas her friends were having it did seem Angela was trying to be the sensible one so I guess that’s something.

Honestly, when Jenny suggested having a baby with James I thought she was mad. It was totally not going to work out and I’m just glad she’s realising that before she got knocked up. It would not have been a good story if she had decided to go through with the situation. But at the same time I do feel like it could have been a hilarious side story, but overall a terrible idea.

Then Louisa appearing in New York was a shock too. Didn’t see that one coming. Gotta say though it is crazy how fast Jenny and Louisa became friends after their whole showdown thing about Angela’s wedding. But I guess it’s nice when your two best friends from opposite sides of the world come together instead of fight each other. So I guess it’s cute. But I hated when Jenny kept calling Louisa ‘Lou Lou’. It’s not a cute nickname.

On top of that Angela had her other drama going on with her job and Alex. The job stuff was understandable I mean dealing with CiCi again and also a new editing job that she thought she wasn’t prepared for but I think she handled it as best as Angela could. Minus the whole CiCi kidnapping Grace thing lol that was insane but enjoyable to picture.

Also the Angela and Alex fight was actually kind of reasonable this time, and by that I mean it wasn’t something they made up in their heads, it was an actual issue. I feel like half the time they fight it’s because Angela is being irrational and jumping to conclusions but this time I think it was like a proper ‘grown-up’ fight lol.

Edit: Can’t believe I didn’t mention this the first time because I was annoyed about it when I read it but in this book they tell you who Gossip Girl is. This book has nothing to do with Gossip Girl at all but like I think it’s kind of shitty that they would spoil the TV show for you. I mean I think at this point everyone knows who Gossip Girl is but I would be so annoyed if I hadn’t watched the show yet and was just enjoying reading my book and they spoiled my TV show for me…like not cute.

But yes overall an enjoyable read, and this is coming from someone who is no way anywhere near as festive as Angela. And I’m already super excited about the next book because it’s another Jenny short story so we see what happens next for the gals. I hope something good comes for Jenny, she sure does need it.

~ Courtney x

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

Another book done and dusted. Honestly, I’ve been getting through this book series a lot faster than I thought I would but I’m not complaining.

So this time, Angela is headed back home, can you believe? After avoiding everything she left behind for two years it was time for her to come back and face the music.

But never in my mind did I think that coming home to England would mean Angela deciding to get married in her back garden last minute.

I mean that seems to be Angela’s style, just kind of going along with things because it’s easier than to actually plan them and execute them right. But who needs to when you have Jenny Lopez planner extraordinaire by your side?

Honestly though, if this book didn’t have wedding planning as a theme it was going to be super boring. Literally, everything about this book had to do with the wedding and it didn’t even end up happening, at least not how it was planned.

I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world but I feel like I wanted more out of the characters this time rather than them running around because Angela was getting married.

I thought maybe there would be more fallout with Angela’s parents because she running away, that and I didn’t expect them to take to Alex as quickly as they did. I was expecting there to be more work involved in winning them over.

Not to mention the war between Jenny and Louise, I needed more of that. I mean sure they had a big blowout but it resolved quickly. I wanted to see more of them together and trying to make it work. If only because I thought it was kind of interesting.

Plus Angela and Mark LOL. Technically Mark got what he deserved but I don’t get why this wasn’t made more of a big deal. I mean thank God Angela actually stood up to him but I feel like she and Alex shouldn’t have dropped their serious conversation about kids so quickly…

Everything in this book just seemed to go by too fast, nothing had time to properly flesh out and so it was kind of a hot mess. I mean Jenny’s whole situation with Jeff is still messy, and she thought running away to London was going to solve it but next thing you know she’s getting together with Craig and planning a wedding…not exactly ideal.

I hope Jenny actually gets over her Jeff situation, it makes me sad to see her get this way and I don’t want things to magically resolve for her either. I want her to take her time.

But yeah, despite the hot mess that this whole thing was I did enjoy the slight comic relief of James, you gotta love him. As well as Cici getting what she deserved, and Mark getting his hand broken. You know things that were a long time coming lol.

Not really sure what’s next but I can only imagine. Though I do have to say, this book does kind of seem like the end of the series. Even though there’s like three more books. So we see comes our way next.

Overall this book was okay, still a fun read but I still felt like it was missing a lot. I just felt like everything resolved itself way too quickly but that seems to be a theme with these books. And of course, Angela throwing up and drinking too much is also still a theme…and I’m still not a fan.

But anyway, onwards we go. The next book is actually I Heart Christmas so I guess this will be a bit of a change from Angela jetsetting off somewhere. It might actually be nice though I have to get ready for festive Angela, which is probably more annoying than the ‘world is ending’ Angela.

~ Courtney x

I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk Review

This is hands down the best book in the series so far. I really enjoyed this one.

The fourth book in the ‘I Heart’ series sees Angela out to Vegas on a girls trip before Christmas. Sure she is weeks away from being deported, but when did that ever stop a girl from having a good time?

I don’t really know what to say about this book other than this is the cheesy chick flick movie I would love to see. Like it was fun, it had fashion, it had romance, it had friendship…it’s just one of those things that click and everything is great.

Honestly shocked at how the series has turned around from the last two books haha, I was for sure ready to give up on the series but it’s all turned out for the best.

I even appreciate James, the celebrity Angela interviewed in Hollywood, more than I did before. He’s fabulous. I’ll admit written in as that stereotypical gay character but do kind of love it.

So yes, girls trip to Vegas, I’ll admit this story is super far fetched but at this point, what hasn’t been in this series. I think I’m just jealous that Jenny and Angela are able to score amazing designer clothes no matter where they are in the world. (A moment of silence for the clothes lost in the airport incident in Paris)

But I have to say this trip is probably one of the most successful trips Angela has had since coming to New York. Sure she is still drinking away her problems, but this time it wasn’t so terrible reading about them. I think it’s just the effect of Vegas, that and the fact that instead of reading about Angela curled up by the toilet throwing up, it was less about the hangovers and more about her actually dealing with crap that happened the night before. So yay, growth.

That being said, I feel like Angela wasn’t the one in this book that actually made the worst decisions. Jenny Lopez, I expected better for her. I was shocked when I found out she got married to Jeff. Ridiculous. She needs to forget that boy. He is trash.

Not that Angela wasn’t considering a walk down the aisle of her own, but only so she could keep her visa…

It’s safe to say that didn’t go well and obviously, she and Alex have a fight about the situation because that seems to be a common theme in the books. They fight, and makeup, just like Jenny and Angela fight and makeup. At least this time she and Jenny were fighting for valid reasons, unlike the previous book.

One thing that was annoying though was Angela’s love of Christmas. Ugh. Did not expect her to be super festive, but I did think it was annoying. I don’t have anything against super festive people it was just something I didn’t care to read about.

At least she didn’t mention her Marc Jacobs bag as much, even though it did end up in a fountain at one point.

That being said, I think we are moving from the Marc Jacobs worship to Apple worship. Angela is obsessed with iPhones…which is fine but like does it have to be a big deal every time she mentions them, is there some sponsorship I don’t know about? I feel like it was more obvious in the last book…but still not a big fan.

The other thing that I thought was crazy, was that Angela suddenly won a bunch of money at the end and suddenly put a good plan together to get her visa together. I mean of course the end of the book was going to be cheesy and cliche but it was almost too cheesy. Like I expected everything to work out in the end, but I don’t know one too many details and it ended up going a bit too far but eh can’t complain too much.

I even got excited when Alex proposed. I didn’t think it was going to happen, I felt like maybe it was too soon after the whole fight they had and everything but then he had the box in his hand. I was excited, it was the perfect storybook ending, and I ate it up like the sap I am.

So overall, a great read. It brought the series back to that light fluffy kind of place so I enjoyed it. I’m interested to see where the next book takes us though as I have no idea what happens, I just know Angela must be going back to London based on the title. But what takes her there? I’m excited to find out.

~ Courtney x

Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week by Lindsey Kelk Review

My Kindle made this book seem a lot longer than it was because at the end there were big samples from the first two books in the ‘I Heart’ series and another book by Lindsey Kelk. Which is sad because I would have liked this to be longer.

It was a cute read, something that was different from reading about Angela’s life which was nice.

The story follows Jenny through a week of disappointing dates and possibly a new career venture. I feel like it’s so short I don’t have a lot to say about it.

I was expecting more for Jenny though, I don’t know what it is but I wanted more about her and more thoughts? I don’t know, I think I wanted more in-depth about Jenny as we only know her from the eyes of Angela, and in Angela’s eyes, Jenny seems to just be the best. Which isn’t bad but at the same time it would be great just to know Jenny as herself.

I also don’t like where this story ended for Jenny, it seemed like things had just begun looking up for her again and I want to know more of what happened, I mean I know we will probably find out in the next main series book but it won’t be focused on as much because we will return to Angela, though at this stage I would much rather hear about Jenny.

Oh well, guess we can’t have everything.

Like I said before I think this is a cute read, though way too short because I feel like I was just getting into it only to find it was ending. Here’s hoping we find out what happens with Jenny and her new career and possibly her new boyfriend(?) when we return to the main series with I Heart Vegas.

~ Courtney x

I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk Review

After Angela’s not so fun adventures in LA, she is jet setting it off to Paris with her boyfriend as his band is performing in a festival.


Or so we think…

Angela also has a job while she is in Paris to write an article for a fancy fashion magazine and she better not screw it up otherwise her job would be on the line…again.

I want to start off by saying that this book was definitely better than the last one. At least this time Angela actually liked Paris and was embracing it like she did in New York. Sure there were lots of other things to be freaking out about but she took time to take in the city and enjoy it so that was nice.

That being said, it’s not like this trip was going much better than her LA trip as Angela is still worried she might ruin her job by writing a terrible article because she’s not actually a proper journalist. Which, is annoying because Angela came to New York to be a writer and now when she gets opportunities she basically doesn’t want them. Can’t she just accept how lucky she is? Nope, she has to mope about it just a little bit.

Then there came a twist and Angela discovered that the French assistant that has been helping her, hadn’t actually been helping her at all. Eh. Was a little surprised but I mean with the way things go in Angela’s life is it that big a shock?

I am also kind of over Angela just deciding to drink her problems away – I am done reading about how she drunk too much and is throwing up and looking like crap and how that didn’t solve her problems. Although it happened a lot less this time around it still is getting boring to read.

Aside from that, Angela has also been dealing with insecurity over her relationship with Alex. This time though I guess I don’t blame her, I mean finding out that your boyfriend’s ex is French and beautiful and wants him back? I’d be freaking out too. Especially because Alex seems to be keeping to himself and not talking to Angela very much, I know they both have work but communicating might be nice.

Oh, and Angela and Jenny end up fighting over basically nothing? They always seem to jump down each other’s throats for the tiniest of things which is also getting a little bit old. I mean I know that the clothes Jenny sent her were ‘blown up’ but it’s not as if Angela could do anything about that…

Though things seemed a bit dull in the beginning with Angela wandering around Paris with her French assistant doing the bare minimum of actual work, things did pick up towards the end.

Angela’s decision making hit an all-time low as she decided to take the Eurostar from London back to Paris after realising running away this time was not going to be the best solution, so I guess that was some kind of growth.

Of course, in the end, things with her and Alex ended up working out and she and Jenny were fine too once they realised they were fighting over nothing. Not surprised on either front.

The only thing currently up in the air is Angela’s job. So the article for Belle hasn’t been written and she was fired from her writing at The Look. I mean, I totally see her getting her job back or another chance or something, there is no way that her visa just gets cancelled and she gets deported. Especially when the next book in the series is ‘I Heart Vegas’ – now I know there is an ‘I Heart London’ but we ain’t there yet.

So I’m interested in seeing where that goes.

Side note: also really enjoyed reading about Angela and Solene having that fight on the stage at that festival and then Angela spilling all the T about her and Alex’s relationship to everyone too. That was enjoyable.

Overall I would say this one was an okay read, things definitely picked up towards the second half of the book which I was grateful for after how the last book went. I was definitely concerned about this one especially with the absence of Jenny who actually makes Angela seem tolerable because Jenny doesn’t take her shit.

But the series has definitely redeemed itself a little bit after LA. And as the first book in the series that I didn’t read previously, it was enjoyable.

Next up is to read in the series is actually a novella about Jenny which I did read before – not knowing what order to read the books in – but I forget what happens but I am excited because I do love Jenny. She’s pretty great. So look out for a new blog post coming about it very soon as I seem to be reading these books at an amazing pace.

~ Courtney x

I Heart Hollywood By Lindsey Kelk Review


Following up Angela’s adventures in New York, she is headed to Hollywood to interview a major Hollywood star, and of course, she couldn’t go without BFF Jenny.

I gotta say, this book was…annoying me.

I mean the first one was fine with Angela exploring her life without her fiance and finding her feet in New York and dating around but in Hollywood? Angela is more whiny and annoying than ever.

I guess she was always kind of annoying in the beginning in her indecisiveness in what to do when choosing between Brooklyn and Wall Street but like it was not nearly as bad as her choices in Hollywood.

It’s clear from the beginning that Angela is not taken with Hollywood as she is with New York. Which is fine because you don’t have to like everywhere in the world that you travel to but she seemed to want to find flaws in everything which just got on my nerves. I mean Jenny was having fun and trying to include Angela but she just kind of dragged things down.

I think I much would have rathered hearing about Jenny’s Hollywood adventure compared to Angela’s.

That being said I know not everything that happened in Hollywood was totally Angela’s fault. I admit that a lot of it had to do with the actor she was interviewing, who of course was flirting with her and being super charming. Because in what book world does the main character who is a plain girl not get the attention of every guy that she sees?

Even though the actor turned out to be…playing for the opposite team which honestly wasn’t the most shocking thing, I mean sure it meant things with him cleared up kind of nicely but eh, wasn’t fussed.

I am definitely being more critical with this one than I am with the first one lol. I think just in the first book Angela made everything about New York and what she was doing seem so exciting and glossy, but as soon as she went somewhere else…well…she didn’t like it very much and it showed which meant that reading it was kind of meh.

Not to mention the fact that she had just gotten herself a boyfriend which meant that being away from him for even a second she was paranoid he was hooking up with every girl in New York…I mean I get it, I’ve definitely been the girl who has been worried when her boyfriend doesn’t text me for some time but at the same time, you gotta give the guy some space.

Overall, I would say this book was not the best. I don’t really know what I was expecting from a sequel but this one was meh. This might have been the reason I didn’t continue reading the series (the first time around), the first one is a good fluffy read but this one is just a hot mess. I mean I know that it shows that not everything in Angela’s life is peachy all the time but this was just one disaster after another and it seemed highly unlikely that it would end in a neatly wrapped bow like it did…

That being said I will give the series a chance, so I will continue on with Angela as she travels to Paris, here’s hoping she actually likes this place a bit more than LA…

~ Courtney x

I Heart New York By Lindsey Kelk Review

I read this a few years ago and decided to read again.
The story follows Angela Clarke as she runs away to New York after finding her fiance cheating on her at her best friends wedding. Yikes. You read that right.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book again, I remembered bits and pieces as I went along. It definitely describes the dream life. Or at least, the life I wished I had when I first read it and the life I still do want lol.
It’s what I describe as a fluffy story, you know one where nothing really goes wrong and there’s a happy ending and all that. Something that’s a feelgood and easy to read. Definitely, the right book to kick off some good summer reading.
Overall I did enjoy it, even though the story is a bit far-fetched and also the fact that there may be too many references to that one Marc Jacobs handbag, it’s definitely a cute read.
Of course, I’m going to continue to read the series because when I first read this book I don’t remember if I continued to read all the books in the series. I think I might have only read the first two and given up so I’m back to read the whole series once and for all. If anything just to continue to live vicariously through Angela as she travels the world.

~ Courtney x