Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week by Lindsey Kelk Review

My Kindle made this book seem a lot longer than it was because at the end there were big samples from the first two books in the ‘I Heart’ series and another book by Lindsey Kelk. Which is sad because I would have liked this to be longer.

It was a cute read, something that was different from reading about Angela’s life which was nice.

The story follows Jenny through a week of disappointing dates and possibly a new career venture. I feel like it’s so short I don’t have a lot to say about it.

I was expecting more for Jenny though, I don’t know what it is but I wanted more about her and more thoughts? I don’t know, I think I wanted more in-depth about Jenny as we only know her from the eyes of Angela, and in Angela’s eyes, Jenny seems to just be the best. Which isn’t bad but at the same time it would be great just to know Jenny as herself.

I also don’t like where this story ended for Jenny, it seemed like things had just begun looking up for her again and I want to know more of what happened, I mean I know we will probably find out in the next main series book but it won’t be focused on as much because we will return to Angela, though at this stage I would much rather hear about Jenny.

Oh well, guess we can’t have everything.

Like I said before I think this is a cute read, though way too short because I feel like I was just getting into it only to find it was ending. Here’s hoping we find out what happens with Jenny and her new career and possibly her new boyfriend(?) when we return to the main series with I Heart Vegas.

~ Courtney x

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