I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk Review

After Angela’s not so fun adventures in LA, she is jet setting it off to Paris with her boyfriend as his band is performing in a festival.


Or so we think…

Angela also has a job while she is in Paris to write an article for a fancy fashion magazine and she better not screw it up otherwise her job would be on the line…again.

I want to start off by saying that this book was definitely better than the last one. At least this time Angela actually liked Paris and was embracing it like she did in New York. Sure there were lots of other things to be freaking out about but she took time to take in the city and enjoy it so that was nice.

That being said, it’s not like this trip was going much better than her LA trip as Angela is still worried she might ruin her job by writing a terrible article because she’s not actually a proper journalist. Which, is annoying because Angela came to New York to be a writer and now when she gets opportunities she basically doesn’t want them. Can’t she just accept how lucky she is? Nope, she has to mope about it just a little bit.

Then there came a twist and Angela discovered that the French assistant that has been helping her, hadn’t actually been helping her at all. Eh. Was a little surprised but I mean with the way things go in Angela’s life is it that big a shock?

I am also kind of over Angela just deciding to drink her problems away – I am done reading about how she drunk too much and is throwing up and looking like crap and how that didn’t solve her problems. Although it happened a lot less this time around it still is getting boring to read.

Aside from that, Angela has also been dealing with insecurity over her relationship with Alex. This time though I guess I don’t blame her, I mean finding out that your boyfriend’s ex is French and beautiful and wants him back? I’d be freaking out too. Especially because Alex seems to be keeping to himself and not talking to Angela very much, I know they both have work but communicating might be nice.

Oh, and Angela and Jenny end up fighting over basically nothing? They always seem to jump down each other’s throats for the tiniest of things which is also getting a little bit old. I mean I know that the clothes Jenny sent her were ‘blown up’ but it’s not as if Angela could do anything about that…

Though things seemed a bit dull in the beginning with Angela wandering around Paris with her French assistant doing the bare minimum of actual work, things did pick up towards the end.

Angela’s decision making hit an all-time low as she decided to take the Eurostar from London back to Paris after realising running away this time was not going to be the best solution, so I guess that was some kind of growth.

Of course, in the end, things with her and Alex ended up working out and she and Jenny were fine too once they realised they were fighting over nothing. Not surprised on either front.

The only thing currently up in the air is Angela’s job. So the article for Belle hasn’t been written and she was fired from her writing at The Look. I mean, I totally see her getting her job back or another chance or something, there is no way that her visa just gets cancelled and she gets deported. Especially when the next book in the series is ‘I Heart Vegas’ – now I know there is an ‘I Heart London’ but we ain’t there yet.

So I’m interested in seeing where that goes.

Side note: also really enjoyed reading about Angela and Solene having that fight on the stage at that festival and then Angela spilling all the T about her and Alex’s relationship to everyone too. That was enjoyable.

Overall I would say this one was an okay read, things definitely picked up towards the second half of the book which I was grateful for after how the last book went. I was definitely concerned about this one especially with the absence of Jenny who actually makes Angela seem tolerable because Jenny doesn’t take her shit.

But the series has definitely redeemed itself a little bit after LA. And as the first book in the series that I didn’t read previously, it was enjoyable.

Next up is to read in the series is actually a novella about Jenny which I did read before – not knowing what order to read the books in – but I forget what happens but I am excited because I do love Jenny. She’s pretty great. So look out for a new blog post coming about it very soon as I seem to be reading these books at an amazing pace.

~ Courtney x

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