I Heart New York By Lindsey Kelk Review

I read this a few years ago and decided to read again.
The story follows Angela Clarke as she runs away to New York after finding her fiance cheating on her at her best friends wedding. Yikes. You read that right.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book again, I remembered bits and pieces as I went along. It definitely describes the dream life. Or at least, the life I wished I had when I first read it and the life I still do want lol.
It’s what I describe as a fluffy story, you know one where nothing really goes wrong and there’s a happy ending and all that. Something that’s a feelgood and easy to read. Definitely, the right book to kick off some good summer reading.
Overall I did enjoy it, even though the story is a bit far-fetched and also the fact that there may be too many references to that one Marc Jacobs handbag, it’s definitely a cute read.
Of course, I’m going to continue to read the series because when I first read this book I don’t remember if I continued to read all the books in the series. I think I might have only read the first two and given up so I’m back to read the whole series once and for all. If anything just to continue to live vicariously through Angela as she travels the world.

~ Courtney x

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