Happy August!

Hey guys!
Pinch, punch, first of the month. Welcome to August.
It feels so weird that it’s August now. I mean to me, July lasted forever. Which I know isn’t the case for a lot of people but because I spent a lot of time at home during July the days sort of just went on forever.
One thing I will say though is, I’m glad my months don’t feel like they are going by too fast. I mean…I like when life goes slowly. I am so not ready for everything coming up in the next few months. So maybe time going slow isn’t such a bad thing.
Anyway, I just wanted to make a blog post welcoming the new month and talking about the things I am looking forward to in this month…
The first thing is VEDA – a.k.a vlogging every day in August. Now this only applies to some vloggers out there, but I enjoy when YouTubers take on the challenge of vlogging every day, because it’s not easy. I mean…I’ve tried and even though my life wasn’t that exciting to vlog, it was still a lot of work. I guess people don’t realise but to film your day and then upload it to the computer and edit it and then upload it to YouTube is a long process. So I definitely applaud those that do it on a regular basis and I, of course, enjoy watching their adventures.
Another thing I love about August YouTube-wise is Auguest which is Tyler Oakley’s month of collaborations. I always enjoy these because they are always so much fun and always look like a good time. I love when any YouTubers collab, especially my favourites because it just always looks so fun and enjoyable. I mean, that’s why I would love to have YouTube friends to collab with. Because, they understand what it’s like to be a YouTuber and also they’re always up for being weird on camera.
Other things to look forward to this month are…results day. Which probably doesn’t sound like anything to look forward to but I only look forward to it because that’s the day we find out if we passed our exams. It’s also the day we find out if we’re going to university so there’s a lot riding on it. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. It’s just something we’ve all gotta do.
Of course, what comes after results day is usually some celebration/party type thing with your friends which is always nice. I mean especially when you get to catch up with those friends you actually haven’t seen all summer…
Something else I look forward to in August that isn’t exactly to do with real life, are the fireworks shows in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Every Sunday in August they have fireworks shows and I really enjoy playing the game during that time. Back in 2013, I used to always play during the fireworks shows with my friends and it was really nice to just sit and catch up with them. And by friends, I mean my internet Animal Crossing friends. That summer I made a lot of them and I thought it was really fun, finally I had met a group of people who loved Animal Crossing just as much as I did!
And as always, I hope to spend some more time with my friends, mainly because we’re all headed to university in September so it’ll be a while before I see any of them again after this summer. I don’t know what we plan to do though, but I’m still hoping we get some good days out and things like that.
I don’t know what else August holds for me since I don’t really ever have proper summer plans, but these are just some things I know for sure are happening this month. Hopefully, some more exciting things happen too but I guess we’ll see.
~ Courtney x

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