My Bucket List and Random Thoughts | Pages 15 and 55 | The Pointless Book

Hey guys!
Today I am here with another Pointless Book blog post! This time we are making a bucket list and writing down whatever is on our minds. Interesting.
If you guys wanna see the video where I filled in these pages as always it is below:

So the first page that I filled in was my bucket list, and I’ve never made a bucket list before so this was interesting. And if I’m honest, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to write here. I have no idea what kind of things I want to accomplish by the time I’m older…I guess just as long as I accomplish something I’ll be okay. But this is what I managed to come up with…

In case you can’t read it the bucket list reads:
  1. To travel the world
  2. To publish a book
  3. To code my own website from scratch
  4. To go on a huge shopping spree Blair Waldorf style
  5. To attend vidcon or any other YouTube convention
  6. To visit my favourite social media headquarters
  7. To play a part in the next big technology innovation
  8. To visit the “Friends” set in Hollywood
  9. To meet one of my favourite celebrities
  10. To earn enough money to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, not having to worry about bills etc.
I don’t think any of these goals are unreasonable…I mean I feel like these are honestly things I could do…well maybe not play a part in the next big technology innovation, but I do want to create a cool gadget or something. It’d be fun.
The next page I chose to do was something less serious and that was page 55 to write whatever was on your mind until you get to the bottom of the page and this is what my page ended up looking like:
So for those of you who don’t know I actually mainly write joint up…normally when I fill in the Pointless Book or am revising I don’t because it makes it easier to read but any other time it’s usually joint writing.
And in case you can’t read that here’s what it says:
So I am currently filming a video and decided this was the page I was going to fill in for it and I have no idea what I am going to write to fill this space. This is probably the most I have written since I went on summer holiday and it feels weird. At least my handwriting is okay. Don’t know how I’ll cope when I got university and have to write loads. I mean literally my hand hurts haha. Not used to holding a pen for so long. I definitely prefer to type things. Also currently listening to Taylor Swift which is nice. And of course, I can write her name really nicely compared to the rest of this which is a mess. Oh well. I guess I needed this I really should get back to handwriting things. At least sometimes. And omg here we are at the bottom of the page hallelujah! 🙂
Sometimes it is really hard to write down what is going on in your head because you think faster than you write so it ends up looking a mess like my page did haha but it’s fine I think my writing could have been a lot worse and that’s because I have seen it a lot worse.
And so that is it for this Pointless Book blog post, I hope that you guys liked it. I’m not sure if I’ll come to complete everything on my bucket list but if I do, I’ll be sure to tell you. 🙂
~ Courtney x

Results and The Future

Well, guys…
I did it.
I passed my A-Levels and I am going to university.
Who would have thought?
Well actually everyone I know. Everyone had so much faith in me haha. I also had faith in myself. I mean I know I worked hard. My mock grades gave me a lot of hope and so I knew that I would at least pass.
I didn’t just pass, I exceeded what I thought I would do. I never know exactly what I’m going to get. I just knew I’d never get my mock grades they were too high.
For those of you who are wondering what my mock grades were they were 2 A*s and an A. I didn’t actually get that but if I had I’m sure you would have heard about it haha.
My actual results were more realistic. I just always feel weird sharing them with people. I don’t know why either, it’s not like they are bad by any means I just don’t feel like it’s other people’s place to know. Other than my friends and family.
So I don’t think I’ll share my real results.
Y’all just need to know I’m going in the right direction.
So, it is now 8 in the morning, I haven’t slept and I’m just…content.
I don’t know what else to say I mean I know I have to be down at the school in an hour to get my paper results – not the actual certificate but just the piece of paper that says what you got because, it’s tradition.
I’ll see my friends, we will go and celebrate. We can enjoy the rest of our summer without having to worry about the future. We have a plan. And it’s great.
I’m so nervous about university, though…It’s going to be so different from secondary school. I mean I have been doing the whole school system thing for 14 years of my life and so to do anything else seems strange…
I know I’ll adapt, but initially it just seems scary. It is also exciting, I mean it will be good to meet people who have the same interests as me and to begin focusing on learning about something I’m interested in.
It’ll be exciting to be in a new learning environment and to have that “university experience”.
I guess I just have mixed emotions about it now. I mean for the longest time I didn’t even know if this was something I really wanted. Being thrown into the process of applying to university and having to choose a course wasn’t exactly what I thought. It stressed me out a lot knowing that this one choice would determine my whole life.
Although as time went on I knew this was the right decision. I know what I want to achieve in the future and this will be something that will help me along the way. I know not everyone chooses university as their next option after school but for some, it is the right choice. But that’s a choice I needed to make on my own, I had to know it was right for me and not right because someone pushed me into it. And I think that’s the most important thing about this whole thing, your future has to be your choice, no one else’s.
So the future does indeed look bright.
I have no idea how university will actually go for me. If I’ll love it or hate it or just be okay with it. I just know it’s where I’m going for the next four years. So I better saddle up.
Wish me luck!
~ Courtney x