Meet the Allgoods

Hey guys!
So today I thought I would introduce you to my Sims 4 family. This is the sim family that I have been playing with when I am not playing my Legacy Challenge save file.
These are the Allgoods.

I originally started with two sims, but their family grew pretty quickly. I have decided that I will talk about each sim individually and then talk about my experience with playing with such a big household of Sims. I have never played with eight sims at one time before, so this was kind of new to me.
Before we even get into talking about my sims, let me give you a peek at the family tree.

The Allgood Family Tree

So there is Jen, who is the mother, Tanner the father, Alice and Amber who are twins and both married, Elle who is the second youngest and Patrick the very youngest of the family.
Now I can introduce you to my sims! Let’s start with Jen.

Jen was the first sim that I created. She is basically the same as my Aria Montgomery sim however I changed her name, her clothes, and her makeup. She started young adult and originally had the Painter Extraordinaire lifetime aspiration.

Since then, Jen has completed the Painter Extraordinaire lifetime aspiration and is now pursuing the Bestselling Author lifetime aspiration. She is in the painter career, is reaching the elder stage of life and has gained quite a lot of traits.
One of my friends reminded me of the lifetime rewards panel and since then all my sims have been racking up the traits haha.

Next we have Tanner, Tanner is just my Tanner Patrick sim. He started as a young adult and had the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration. As you can see in the photo, he has aged quite a bit.

Since we started, Tanner as aged up twice to become an elder, I find it weird that he ages up slightly faster than Jen because they started at the same time. And he has completed the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration and is now working towards the Successful Linage lifetime aspiration. He works in the entertainer career and, like Jen, has accumulated quite a lot of traits.

Jen and Tanner soon became pregnant with a set of twins. Which was surprising, I was definitely not prepared. The oldest one (or the one I’m going to talk about first) is Alice. She is a young adult and has the Master Chef lifetime aspiration.

Alice currently has a culinary career, and is married to Johnny Zest.

I won’t say a lot about my sims’ significant others. Mainly because they haven’t been part of the family for long. Johnny is one of the premade sims in the game and is an adult, he has the Joke Star lifetime aspiration and is an adult.

Next we have Amber, who is Alice’s twin sister. She is a young adult and is following in her father’s footsteps and pursuing the Musical Genius lifetime aspiration.

Amber is currently in the entertainer career and is married to Alison DiLaurentis.

Alison is a sim I created and added to the neighbourhood in this save game, as well as the other Pretty Little Liars. She is an adult, has the Party Animal lifetime aspiration.

Then we have Elle. She is a young adult and is, unfortunately, the awkward middle child.

Elle has the Friend of the World lifetime aspiration and is pursuing a business career. Elle is also looking for love, but unfortunately due to the size of our family it’ll be a while before she gets married.

And finally we have the youngest of the Allgood children and the only boy, Patrick.

Patrick has the Serial Romantic lifetime aspiration and is currently a high school student. I have tried my teenage sims with a job and school, but that was next to impossible because their needs always dropped so rapidly so, until Patrick graduates he will remain unemployed.

And so they are the Allgoods! Now to talk about how I have been playing the game.
I don’t really have a challenge I have set myself with this household, I’ve kind of just been playing and trying not to cheat. Which has been going pretty well.
The only times I have cheated were to one, get a better bed for Jen and Tanner and two, reduce the ages of Alison and Johnny because they were elders when they married Amber and Alice.
As for the house they live in, it’s not great.

The Outside
The Inside
The house started with three rooms, the bedroom at the back, a bathroom and the living room. As the family expanded, the house also had to expand. It looks pretty basic right now and that’s because my sims didn’t have a lot of money while I have been making renovations to their house. Now that there are mainly adults in the house and they are all working, we can bring in more money and I may be able to design them a better house.
As for the bedrooms, all my sims have their own and I have found the easiest way to identify everyone’s was to add selfies to their respective bedrooms.

Although everyone’s bedrooms are essentially the same, mainly because like I said, we have been low on funds and so it’s not easy to give them everything they should have so as long as there is a place to sleep it’s fine.
As for playing with eight sims on a whole, it’s a lot. I find myself pausing the game a lot to make sure all my sims are doing actions to further their lifetime aspirations. I know I could make the household smaller by having older sims move out on their own but I don’t like the idea of getting rid of sims. I like to have them all in the same place, otherwise I’m not going to play as them again.
The only downside is that now as the younger sims get older, they can’t have anymore children to expand the family. So I don’t know what I am going to do about that.
One thing I will also say about playing as a large household, or just because I’m a lazy sim player is that I never travel outside my lot when I play. I feel like there are too many sims for that and if I just leave with one of them something will happen to the others. Also I can’t be bothered to sit through the loading screens that come with leaving a lot.
But overall I think it’s great to play with so many sims, there is never a dull moment. And it’s great to explore all different types of aspirations and traits at the same time.

The Allgoods pursuing their passions

Another thing I have become obsessed with in the sims 4 is the photography skill. I decided to add all the other sims I had created into the neighbourhood so that the Allgoods could be friends with them and take photos with them…and I think I’ve gone overboard.

All the photos in my sims house

As for exploring the Get To Work careers and the Outdoor Retreat game pack in this save game, I haven’t really been using them. I think it’s because one, when doing the Get to Work careers it takes you away from all your other sims and two, I think my sim family is too big for an Outdoor Retreat. But I will have to get back to using the features of them, mainly because I paid for them so should really use them.
And so I think this is a good place to end this blog post. I know it’s a lot longer than normal but I just love to share my photos. I hope that you guys enjoyed reading, and getting to know a little bit more about how I play Sims 4. Obviously everyone plays their game differently so I’d love to know how you like to play Sims.
Also if you are wondering where I get all of my custom content from (i.e all the clothes my sims wear and the fancy hair) I get it from the Sims Resource website. It is a wonderful place and I love everyone who makes pretty sim clothes. I love them so much.
Again thanks so much for reading and if you want to check out my other Sims 4 save file that I use to do a Legacy Challenge on my YouTube channel you can find it here.
~ Courtney x