A Work in Progress Book Review

Hey guys,

Today we are reviewing A Work in Progress by Connor Franta.

Honestly, not my favourite YouTuber book. I feel like Connor’s was just…missing something for me. I feel like there is so much more we could learn about him.
However, his book was very…what I like to call “Tumblr” which means it’s very artsy and inspirational. These are not necessarily bad things, though.
His style of writing was more formal than most YouTuber books, it wasn’t as conversational as others yet he was still able to allow his personality to shine through in some parts of the book with his side comments. Very similar to the way he talks in his videos.

To me, Connor’s book makes him seem a lot older than he really is. The way he told his stories and the lessons he has learned through life really came across in an older and wiser way than most. I enjoyed learning about how he sees the world and what he takes from his experiences in life.
Throughout Connor’s book, there are lots of photos that he had taken and these were presented a lot differently than other photos in YouTuber books. They are sprinkled throughout the chapter and show off Connor’s photography skills and his creative style. I think that they help to illustrate his chapters in a very simple and beautiful way.

If anything, Connor’s book seriously made me think about life. Which, was kind of a shock to me. At the end of his book, he recites the words of his Life Doesn’t Wait video and it really just made me think about life. Am I doing what I want to be doing? It was kind of a wake-up call at 2 a.m. I remember watching the video before and thinking about it….but it really just…made me wonder if I am doing what I want to be doing in life.
At the end of the day, I think I’m doing what I want to be doing. I mean, it’s kind of hard to really decide right now because this time in my life is as stressful as it is but I know I’m headed in the right direction and that’s a good start.
To go back to Connor’s book, I think what I really would have loved were more stories. All of Connor’s stories he told were very short and he was more about making the point of what he learned from these experiences rather than the experience itself. Which, I think is fine, if that’s what you were looking for in a book. But for me, I mostly pick up a YouTuber book for the chance to know more about the YouTuber.
Plus, I am sad that Connor didn’t really talk about his time with his collaboration channel Our Second Life or really much about YouTube at all.
I think it’s interesting to see the different directions YouTubers take with their books though because even if I wasn’t fully happy with Connor’s book I do think that it was great that he stuck to his style of writing and creating. I think that’s one of the most important things.
It’s not as if this book was completely different from Connor’s style of videos or anything else he has created. So maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised with what the book contained. It’s just always interesting to see how much a person will share with you in their books or in their videos.
Overall I thought the book was good, and I definitely think there were things I could relate to in Connor’s book such as his fear of missing out and that there are a lot of things I can learn from Connor and his experiences.
I think Connor is one of the youngest YouTubers that has currently brought out a book and I think for a debut novel it was amazing. I am excited to see if Connor will write more books in the future, maybe with more stories, maybe with more lessons he has learned in life. Who knows? I’m just excited to see what he’ll come up with next.
~ Courtney x