Cinema Tickets and Selfies | Pages 169, 178 & 183 | The Pointless Book 2

Hey guys!
Today I am bringing you another Pointless Book 2 blog post, this time we are rating movies and taking selfies. Productive.
As always if you guys wanna check out the video it will be below:

The first page I did was page 163, which asks us to stick in cinema tickets and rate the movie. Luckily for me, I’m a huge cinema ticket hoarder. I started my cinema ticket collection in 2011. I just love movies. So for this page I decided to choose movies that I had seen more than once, because then it would be okay to part with the cinema ticket. This is what my page looked like below:

So the cinema tickets are bigger than the page in the book, so I have to fold them when I close the book but that’s okay. The movies I chose were Breaking Dawn Part 1, New Year’s Eve, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jurassic World and Fantastic Four. I haven’t actually seen Fantastic Four more than once but it was my most recent cinema ticket so I added that too.
My ratings were:
  • Breaking Dawn – 5 stars – I love Twilight with a passion and saw this movie four times in the cinema. I’m a Twihard through and through.
  • New Year’s Eve – 4 stars – I thought this was cute. I mean it had a lot of actors in it that I liked and the story was fun and I liked Valentine’s Day so this was similar.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey – 3 stars – Y’all know all my thoughts about Fifty Shades, if you wanna check out the blog post where I talked about it, it’s here
  • Jurassic World – 4 stars – Surprisingly thought it was good even though it was about dinosaurs. However Chris Pratt totally swayed me.
  • Fantastic Four – 2 stars – Definitely not one of my favourites. Plus it was a remake and the last half of the movie was cliche and boring.

So those were my movie reviews, as you guys can see I’m easily impressed at the cinema haha. As long as I don’t fall asleep during the movie I usually consider the movie fine.
The next page that I did was page 178 which was basically just to take a selfie with the Pointless Book and the Pointless Book 2 so here are some of my fabulous selfies:

And finally the last page I did was page 183, which was basically just colouring in but I still wanted to do it because who doesn’t love colouring in?
And so that brings us to the end of another Pointless Book 2 blog post. I hope that you guys liked it, and if you guys wanna check out more of my Pointless Book 2 videos you can click the link to the playlist here.
~ Courtney x