Pretty Little Liars Summer of Answers So Far…

Oh my God.

New characters.
I’m done.
So last night I sat down to film a video talking about Pretty Little Liars so far this season, and it turned into a 40-minute video. Turns out I have a lot of feelings about this season of PLL. Now I’m not going to sit and write about everything I talked about in the video because that would be a waste of time, but I just wanted to highlight some things I talked about in the video here. And of course if you guys wanna check out the video it is below:

Onto the things I want to highlight:
Sara Harvey – is she Red Coat? I don’t know…people on Tumblr and some of my friends think she might be. But I don’t want her to be. I mean I understand where everyone is coming from because it would finally explain why she was being so weird all the time around the girls but…I don’t think she is. I feel like it’s the easy way out for them to make Sara Red Coat and so…I hope it’s someone else. Even though I already thought we knew who Red Coat was…but according to the last episode we do not.
Mona – I want more Mona on the show. I just love her. Also can we please talk about Mona and Mike? I ship it. #M&M
Leslie – What even was her deal? I bet we never see her again.
Emily’s Habitat for Humanity friend – Potential new love interest for Ezra? I hope not… #Ezria forever.
Alison – Her feelings towards Charles, I kind of understand but at the same time I don’t. Charles tried to kill you, why do you feel bad for him? I mean…I know by the time we know Charles’s whole story I’ll be feeling sorry for him too but until then can we just focus on catching him…then we can decide what we want to happen to him.
Charles – Remember when we went through that episode where we thought he might be dead, but then he turned around and was like lol jk I’m alive and coming home for a birthday party. Yeah…hated that. Also, Charles is not Jason’s twin but rather his older brother…and Alison and Jason have met him before because Mrs D took them to his birthday party one year…random…I wonder what other events they have been to of Charles’s that they didn’t know of?
Rhys – He’s so not Charles. I’m sorry, but the show can’t do that to me…nope. He’s good looking, though, I’ll give him that. People on Tumblr seem to think he’s there to frame Jason….hmm…I guess we’ll see.
Clark – Why are him and Rhys working together? What is their deal? I imagine that Clark had something to do with sneaking Rhys into the gallery to swap out the pictures in the last episode, but who knows?
Lorenzo and Alison – Do we ship it? I liked them together, thought it was nice. However it seems it’s very over between them so…it was nice while it lasted.
Ella and Ashley – Yes! Mum power! It’s very rare we get to see the parents on this show interact with each other, but I kind of love it. Someone on Twitter suggested the mums get their own spin-off show and I would totally watch it. I mean…they’re pretty great.
The last thing I wanted to mention in this blog post is this Facebook post in which Pretty Little Liars promised us we’d get the answers we’ve been waiting for all summer:

If we get all those answers in one episode I think I might die. I mean I’ve waited about five years for this (I started watching PLL about two seasons in) they better finally give us some REAL ANSWERS.
But at the same time, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because chances are, we will only get one of those answers, and that is the reveal of Charles, because that’s what they have been promoting the most. The other things I consider a bonus…
I guess we’ll just have to see. In the meantime, I’ll be on Tumblr looking up some theories, and if any of you have your own theories please feel free to leave them in the comments below because I love reading them.
~ Courtney x

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