My Holiday in Portrush

Hey, guys!
So today I thought I would share with you some photos of my holiday. If you guys didn’t know I went on holiday with my friends for the week to Portrush. Which is probably the only holiday destination we have in Northern Ireland. Everyone else decided to go abroad for their holidays, but me and my friends decided to stay up by the coast for a week. Haha.
So we rented a house for the week and packed our things and went off. I had no idea what we were going to be doing when we were away, mainly because we didn’t really have any plans, we just sort of decided we wanted to go on holiday and this was where we were going.
The house that we rented was called Isle Cottage and if you guys are thinking about staying in Portrush I would definitely recommend this house because it was such an adorable little house in a quiet area. Plus there is plenty of room for everyone.

Isle Cottage

If you guys are interested in seeing the little house tour I did of this house you can check it out in my vlog below:

The first day that we got there we didn’t actually do much, we just got settled and did some shopping for the week. Then we played some Cards Against Humanity which has quickly become our favourite game.

The next day started out nice, we went to Barry’s which is the amusement park in Portrush. We went on some rides and then we decided to go along the streets and look into the shops. A lot of the shops in Portrush are very touristy you can pick up almost anything there with a name on it if you want to bring back personalised gifts, they also have a custom t-shirt store if you want to make customised t-shirts for your holiday.
We also stopped by one of the arcades that they had known as ‘Phil’s Amusements’. We played some arcade games to win some tickets. I ended up winning the most out of all my friends and picked up a few things from the prize counter, nothing special, just a ring, a notebook and two sweets.
We had also planned to go to the beach this day but then it began to rain so we just decided to go home and we played some more card games. A popular one was “bullshit” which is basically where you have to try and get rid of the cards in your hand by putting them in the centre and if people think you are lying about the card that you have put down they say “bullshit” and it escalated and got heated very quickly but it was fun. You can also replace the word “bullshit” with a less explicit one if you don’t feel like yelling swear words at your friends.
Another game we played was “spoons” and this is where you pass cards around and try to get four of a kind and then once you do, lift a spoon. Then everyone else has to take a spoon after the first one has been taken and the person without a spoon gets a letter. They are out if they get all the letters that spell “spoon”. It was a fun game and definitely not as aggressive as “bullshit”.

The set up for Spoons

The next day was a lazy day and we didn’t do anything. This is because the weather wasn’t great so we spent the day at home, but that was fine, we all had our books and electronics to entertain us. Another plus side to the house was that it had WiFi and the WiFi was pretty good, it did cut out a little when we were there but for the most part it was strong.
The day after that we headed back to the amusements because the last time we went one of our friends wasn’t able to go as she had to work. This is the day that we won ourselves a Pony. It sounds weird that a bunch of 18/19-year-olds went to the amusements with the sole goal of winning a Pony from the ticket counter but that’s what we did.

It started out as a joke but it quickly escalated and so we were able to take home our prize, we named it Isla Sheniqua, and there has never been a more majestic pony in all the land.

That night me and three of my other friends went out to Kelly’s which is a nightclub in Portrush. It was one of those places that we had heard a lot about and so we decided to go for the night and see what the fuss was about. Some of my friends didn’t want to go and so decided to stay home instead, they had their own dance party at the house.
I’m not really the type of person to go clubbing but I would recommend Kelly’s in Portrush. It wasn’t like I expected it, I had heard it had been around for a long time and so I didn’t know how well it would look on the inside but it has been renovated and it looks really great. The music was good and the atmosphere was really great.
Also, the taxi driver that we got to the club was so nice! He was very helpful on giving us information on the club and its opening hours and he also arranged with us a taxi back to the house which was very generous of him. Since it was our first time going there we really appreciated the information from the taxi driver.
The sad thing about it is that it is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays which was very upsetting to me and my friends who really wanted to go again before we left. It’s a fun place to go to but it’s not the kind of place you can go to every week if you live far away from it like me and my friends do. But it was good to go just once so that we could say we’ve done it.
Me and my friend Jasmine before we went out
The next day we went to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge which I have actually never been to before. It’s one of the main attractions in the coast and it was a nice way to spend part of our day. Going over the actual rope bridge wasn’t too bad, although I’m sure if you are scared of heights it would be more of a challenge.
The weather wasn’t too bad when we went however it was windy which could sway some people when they are on the bridge. Other than the bridge itself the scenery there is beautiful. I really loved it and was able to get some really great pictures while we were there.

After the rope bridge, we decided to head to the beach but unfortunately it began to rain when we got there so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. When we got home we ordered a Chinese from and chilled for the evening. It was surprising that we were able to get a delivery because we thought we’d be too far out and have to go and collect the food ourselves but we did find a place to deliver to us. It took just over an hour to get to us which was good timing considering where the house is.
The next day we had plans to go to the Giant’s Causeway but after looking up the prices we decided not to go because we thought it was too expensive. If you are going to Portrush and have never been to the Giant’s Causeway I do recommend it though because it is something we’re known for.
However, because my friends and I live in Northern Ireland we decided it was okay to give it a miss because we’d all been before.
So instead we decided to go to the beach again and have a picnic. Luckily this time the weather was nice and we were able to find a place in the rocks to sit so we didn’t get sand in everything. Again, I was able to get some really great pictures.

This was our last full day here because we had to leave early Saturday morning and so we decided to go out for dinner. One of the best-known places to eat in Portrush is Ramore, I’ve heard a lot about the restaurant because of people from school going there and so we decided to go.
Ramore is not just one restaurant however, it is actually a group of different restaurants located in the same area of Portrush which I think is really nice because they have different restaurants for different occasions. My friends and I decided to eat in the Harbour Bistro which has more of a ”bar’ type atmosphere and we didn’t have to book a table, they only take bookings for parties of 10 people or more and there were 7 of us but we luckily didn’t have to wait for a table. The service there was great and they were very quick in serving us, the restaurant also requires you to order at the counter which is nice because it allows you to have time to decide what you want before you order.
Overall the experience was great and we had a really nice time and, of course, the food was good too.
That night we came home and we packed up our things to prepare for leaving the next day, we were all quite sad about having to leave because it had been such a nice week away.
We left early Saturday morning and made it back home around lunch time. The drive was long to get back home but I suppose the journey will always be long depending on where you are travelling from.
If I had to say anything else about the trip it’s that I really enjoyed spending time with my friends, I know that we have seen each other every day at school but soon we won’t even have that so it was so good to have a little holiday away together. Plus we were able to make it through the week without wanting to kill each other which is great because it means our friendship was meant to last haha.
Now just because the holiday is over doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other again, we told ourselves we’d make plans and hang out over summer because there’s still a lot of summer left.
Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post, it’s a little different from my past blog posts but I hope you found it helpful and maybe it’ll make you consider taking a holiday in Portrush sometime soon…who knows?
~ Courtney x