Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Thoughts


Another season down. Only six to go and then I’m on season 15 and watching with everyone else. That being said I’m probably gonna be caught up at the end of season 15 which makes me upset because that just means waiting forever for season 16…

But yes, this was a long season of Grey’s and this is probably the longest one of these blog posts I’ve made yet. I did think of slowing down on the bullet points but then that went out the window with the last couple of episodes lol.

So here’s my thoughts – looking back we have come a long way this season, and I can’t even imagine what’s to come next:

  • Meredith got fired. And everyone still hates Alex. This is gonna be a good season.
  • April is not going to be able to control everyone else but it’s cute that she thinks she can.
  • McDreamy plz talk to Meredith again you guys supposed to be the OTP…
  • The Chief stepping down and Hunt stepping up is so weird – like I never thought about who might be Chief next but I don’t think it was gonna be Hunt. The last competition for Chief of Surgery was so much fun…
  • April is finding her feet! Yay!
  • Bailey being sassy to Hunt is everything
  • Love that Cristina and Teddy don’t know how to take out an appendix – y’all as bad as each other
  • Also can Meredith and Derek have their baby back – that was cute – them almost breaking up and not having a baby is not
  • It’s been a few episodes and like where is Lexie? I know she younger than the rest of them but where did she go?
  • Also that episode that focused on the guys instead of Meredith and Cristina was real cute
  • Love that they can’t build a deck
  • Oh my God Lexie appeared! Only to be shipped away by Jackson…alright then
  • Of course Jackson’s mom is a surgeon it runs in the family
  • Bailey’s old man appeared and she dumped the new one. Okay so she getting back with the old one? Plus I also thought she wanted him to wait for her so…it wasn’t clear
  • They talked about George </3 gah I miss him
  • Why are Meredith and Alex always in the accidents? Like Meredith drowning/putting her hand on a bomb…Alex getting shot? What’s up with you guys
  • So Teddy’s husband is gone… RIP :/ but also knew he wasn’t going to be around long because the actor is a major part of Scandal the other Shonda Rhimes TV show…
  • Jackson has finally decided to end it with Lexie because she’s still kind of in love with Mark Sloan lol surprised that they lasted this long
  • Also Lexie’s new fringe is not cute, I didn’t like Meredith’s either. Let’s not make this a trend.
  • Okay having Meredith and Derek keep Zola was the best decision they are the cutest family
  • And everyone moving out of Meredith’s – gonna miss that crazy house lol


  • OH MY GOSH they are doing a what if episode – I am so for this here are some thoughts on just that episode:
  • First of all Ellis and Webber can’t even deal
  • Callie as a heart surgeon and not with Arizona can’t even
  • Bailey! SO SHY
  • Cristina and Meredith are not each other’s person omg what is this
  • Derek and Addison together and she pregnant – omg can’t
  • CALLIE IS WITH HUNT HAHAHA WOW – so unexpected
  • MEREDITH IS WITH ALEX AND HE IS A DORK – this is too weird
  • Lexie the druggie with dreadlocks – she looks ridiculous
  • Alex and April doing it on the side hahahahahaha
  • Also Charles is still alive? And they briefly mentioned Izzie and George – I wish they had got them back for one episode…
  • Okay but like overall that was a really fun ep – ya know imagine if that’s how the show really was – I’d die


  • Surprised Teddy hasn’t forgiven Owen for Henry – like she’s chill with Cristina? I imagine they work it out
  • Sloan and Lexie are they gonna get back together or what’s the deal – he’s with that other girl but Lexie just wants to tell him – and girl I want ya to tell him too – you both make an exit this season and I imagine you do it as a couple
  • Are Cristina and Hunt over? I mean at least they trying counseling…
  • Derek accusing everyone being racist just because he didn’t do Zola’s hair is hilarious
  • Sloan trying to get Avery laid is cute lol guess they are real good friends now
  • HUNT CHEATED or damn this is not good and the last thing I expected from him wtf
  • Okay but Sloan as Chief in that suit with the earpiece – I love it
  • Also I see we remember that Callie is a genius when it comes to studying and she helped Meredith so yay!
  • I can also see that Teddy is so not handling this whole Henry thing very well…
  • The boards! They all so close to being doctors – BUT ALSO THEY ALL GONNA LEAVE?!
  • I mean I know for the purposes of the show that probably isn’t gonna last but come on guys :/
  • Also I can totally see why they drop Lexie because she’s younger than all of them so kind of just lifts out
  • APRIL AND JACKSON – I died. Like what’s going on there? I guess not a lot since April failed her boards but like…that could be something I could be behind
  • Cristina and Hunt officially over because Cristina has decided to go elsewhere? I guess she made her choice. But I think besides the cheating Hunt was a keeper.
  • Also can’t believe Meredith and Derek aren’t even gonna get to live in that house – we’ve been waiting for this house 8 seasons and now they gonna leave?!
  • I also need to take some time to feel sorry for Richard after his wife fell in love with that guy at the care home – I mean he was a saint and he didn’t deserve that. Heartbreaking – but him and Jackson’s mom though…I see that
  • Bailey got a proposal from her man! It probably wasn’t the best in the middle of that O.R. but hey I thought it was cute
  • Even though I knew about the plane crash I was still shocked
  • MARK
  • Of course I cried – like they all stranded out there, Lexie is gone, the rest of them barely holding on…

And so here we are again at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. You know…you think I would get used to all the traumatizing things that happen by now but apparently not.

This season seemed to be a long one, lots of stuff going on. But maybe it’s because I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to watch as much as normal lol. Even as I’m writing this I know I have uni work to be doing but I needed to get my thoughts out there.

I’m so ready to start in on season 9 too. I need to see everyone get rescued and be fine. But I guess that has to wait. The struggles of having responsibilities and other things to do…that being said I should also get back to reading, kind of haven’t been doing that either…

Anyway, I should end this here otherwise I’m gonna ramble forever – I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of ending blog posts…but I will be back very soon with another Grey’s Anatomy blog post that’s for sure.

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Thoughts!


Here we are, at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. This one was a wild one with everyone recovering from the shooting, some needing to take more time than most. Here were my thoughts as the season unraveled:

  • Derek the adrenaline junkie – huh, can’t last long lol
  • Cristina and Hunt married ASAP – damn. But glad that they both made it down the aisle.
  • Alex and Lexie are over hallelujah.
  • Bailey taking time away from her man 😦 I hope they make it work. She deserves this.
  • Of course, McDreamy hated Chief lol but he held out for quite a while so good for him.
  • Cristina’s PTSD from the shooting is saddening to see – she used to be so focused and now she’s just floating around. I hope she gets better.
  • Callie and Arizona are leaving? That sucks :/ I mean I’m sure they come back but come on guys.
  • Spoke too soon only Arizona is going lol – still sucky for Callie though – SHE DESERVES BETTER
  • I wonder if Arizona comes back…
  • Alex was super cute in that documentary episode with that kid – he totally belongs in peds.
  • Cristina quit?! Damn – someone talk some sense into her stat.
  • Callie and Cristina’s unlikely friendship is nice to see – guess they were more than just roommates – but why did Callie think Cristina cutting hair was a good idea lol
  • Cristina went fishing with McDreamy lol okay sure
  • But also Cristina working as a bartender was fun for a hot minute
  • Fistula is a weird word lol
  • Arizona came back! But things with her and Callie are iffy…are they gonna make it work? Callie needs a good love!
  • But also Callie having Mark’s baby? Never saw that coming but also wanna know how it turns out
  • Honestly, Bailey tweeting during surgery is me
  • Can’t believe that Teddy married that patient lol – also I guess I know why Jake Ballard left Scandal for a while…
  • I am actually loving this Mark/Callie/Arizona thing please don’t let it end
  • I guess Meredith and Derek don’t end up having a baby right? I mean the hormones are making Meredith go blind so like I can’t see that going anywhere
  • Bailey and her new guy – I guess she could never go back to the other one after the incident? He just kind of disappeared tho – and no I don’t know either of their names lol
  • Avery and Lexie? Is that gonna last? I have no idea but you know what Avery needs someone
  • The new peds guys is weird…I don’t know how to feel about him
  • You can’t ask someone to marry you while you are driving a car wtf Arizona
  • Why are they singing though like this is hilarious
  • Oh my God McDreamy with a baby – dying this is too cute
  • Meredith and Derek have officially gotten married!
  • And Callie and Arizona’s wedding was like super cute – also love how none of the parents are really the biggest fan of Mark just being there but honestly love him
  • Also can they pick a Chief Resident already because the race is getting old and no one is even really being that competitive – it’s just Alex really gunning for it and Cristina not being able to do anything because of Teddy lol
  • So Teddy’s gonna piss off to Germany and we need to find yet another heart surgeon? Ugh
  • Of course Alex told, it was only a matter of time. Soz Meredith but you broke the rules
  • Damn Derek you being harsh on Meredith
  • And she alone with the baby?! Wonder how that’s gonna go
  • Also can’t believe Cristina was just so not gonna have her baby with Hunt. Like he should get a say. At least she could have considered what he had to say.
  • I suppose she never told him about what happened the last time she was pregnant…
  • Also Teddy and that guy were so cliche. Of course, she falls in love with the guy she married on a whim. That’s how it goes lol

So as far as seasons go, I feel like this was a calm one. No one dramatically exited the show, and it was chill. I mean sure there were things that annoyed me, like Cristina taking forever to get back into surgery and the Lexi/Sloan situation but that’s to be expected. Can’t love everything.

That being said as always I’m excited to see where the next season goes. No time to waste – season 8 here I come!

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Thoughts


First of all, I know this is my 3rd(?) post about Grey’s Anatomy lately but I’m obsessed. I swear I will get some non-Grey’s Anatomy blog content up soon I’ve just been busy with uni and this show is one of those things I watch when I’m taking a break from uni work. Also, it’s super easy to quickly write some bullet points in between episodes.

So yes, I have just finished season 6 and it wrecked me. Like starting with George leaving and ending with a massive disaster. I cried so much.

Here are my thoughts on season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy:

  • I SO would have preferred if Izzie had gone instead of George – like oh my God. GEORGE WAS BAE – this is what happens when you don’t get enough screen time. I mean I get it but I’m still not okay with it.
  • A merger? Did you mean – a good way to kick off old cast members and replace them with new ones? This should be good…
  • Wow I already hate all the new Mercy West people – No one will beat the original interns, not even Lexie is growing on me.
  • I can’t believe that Meredith gave her dad part of her liver and then he was kind of never seen or heard from again the entire season – cool. I guess we got more important things going on then.
  • I love that they’ve now just shoved Bailey, Sloan and Lexie to the sidelines for these new people – get out I miss Bailey going off on everyone.
  • Just as I think that Bailey’s dad shows up…
  • Sloan has a daughter and she’s pregnant? Lol okay.
  • We got a new heart surgeon…let’s see how long she lasts.
  • Yeah I definitely would have rathered Izzie died at the start of the season, the way they wrote her out was so weak. She wasn’t even in half the episodes before she made her exit.
  • So the Chief is drinking again and now McDreamy is the Chief – guess the war is over between them and McDreamy clearly won.
  • Lexie slept with Alex and Sloan slept with Addison…so honestly, their relationship is nothing to me. Like they have no real story. They had some moments, but it’s not an epic love like Meredith and McDreamy or Izzie and Denny…it’s just there…so the fact they aren’t together anymore does not bother me.
  • Sloan’s daughter doesn’t hang around and also wants to get rid of the baby – lol not a surprise. Didn’t see her sticking around for long term or seeing Sloan trying to take care of a baby.
  • Why is Lexie an awkward character that I don’t see with anyone? Especially Alex. Why is this a thing lol?
  • Also her blonde hair is not cute.
  • Sloan and Teddy…meh nothing exciting there.
  • Yasss Bailey you get your man!
  • Okay but like Cristina and Meredith have such a good friendship and I love it
  • Are Teddy and Hunt going to get together or are they just screwing with Cristina because they can? I need this love triangle to be over. Thanks.
  • I can’t believe Arizona doesn’t want kids – that’s so mean and honestly, Callie deserves better she needs something real after George and Hahn
  • Sloan and Lexie get back together right? I mean he still loves her, she clearly still loves him…bound to happen – still not the epic love I was hoping for but eh
  • OH MY GOD!
  • Okay so I just finished the season 6 finale and here are a bunch of bullet points I have to make on the last two episodes alone:
  • Again, this is one way to get rid of a lot of cast members – I see they weren’t fond of some people from Mercy West either…
  • I didn’t expect this to happen, like one minute some guy is wandering around looking for McDreamy, next thing you know he’s shooting people…cool…
  • ALEX – yo okay I forgot while watching the episode that he’s still present in season 15 so like he doesn’t die but man he had me for sure there…
  • MEREDITH – SWEETIE – is she gonna tell McDreamy about the baby? She just had a miscarriage and like was actually happy about being pregnant and it would have been cute for her and McDreamy to have babies and now… well now I don’t know
  • MCDREAMY – okay not cute, he was definitely not dying today oh no. I know he makes his exit later on, thought I was second guessing myself BUT DID THAT STOP ME FROM CRYING? NO! I’m an emotional wreck right now.
  • Hunt made a choice! Good for him – if he hurts Cristina again tho he’s on my list
  • Bailey! If they had killed her off I would have been done with this show. Would not have been having that.
  • And yasss Callie and Arizona are back together – didn’t really see them being apart for too long and they weren’t – literally an episode or two lol
  • And now…now I need to recover because that finale was a lot.

I am desperate to start season 7 now so I know how everyone recovered from this because I surely haven’t. So expect me to be back ASAP with another Grey’s Anatomy blog post lol

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Thoughts Seasons 4 & 5


I have just finished season 5 and I am an emotional wreck. I’ve been writing this post as I’ve been watching so there are a lot more bullet points this time around. They are also probably not in the best order because things changed in the show and as they did I had new thoughts so may be a bit messy but that’s kind of how I feel the last couple of seasons were.

So let’s just dive right in because why else would you be here?

  • Burke and Addison left with no warning?! This annoyed me.
  • First of all, Burke, that’s so rude. Just walking out on Cristina and not coming back? Wow. Did not expect this from you.
  • Then my fave Addison, ugh, you went to that spin-off in LA and I don’t know if I can ever forgive you. I don’t know if I will even watch the spin-off even if it is just for you because, well…it didn’t look that great from what we saw on Grey’s Anatomy…but we’ll see.
  • Alex and Ava – that was a journey. But also hey Elizabeth Reaser hey, guess this is what she was doing before Twilight. Though honestly, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work out, that girl didn’t seem to be very stable…then it turned out she wasn’t…sorry Alex.
  • So…George and Izzie didn’t work out which sucks, but are they even still friends? It seems like everyone is ignoring George since he failed his intern exam and once again he’s in the background – WHY CAN’T WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE GEORGE?
  • Izzie and Alex 2.0? I definitely thought George and Izzie were going to get together…just not right now…
  • It’s a bit confusing.
  • Callie is with Hahn and I didn’t expect it but you know I am rooting for it. They seem so unlikely to be together and yet there they are – ugh, cute.
  • Also amazed they managed to keep it a secret for so long with the way gossip spreads in that hospital.
  • UPDATE on the Callie and Hahn situation – I wrote the last two bullet points before I watched season 5 – WTF I can’t believe they did Hahn like that. No. Unacceptable. She was a good character and should have stayed.
  • McSteamy is actually a decent guy – where’s his love interest?
  • Okay he gets with Meredith’s sister? Um…No I don’t like that.
  • It’s cute they try to squeeze in moments with Sloan and Lexie but it’s legit not working out well at all. Also can’t believe Lexie moved into Meredith’s house and left George living in that crappy apartment alone.
  • I hate that McDreamy and Meredith can do that on-again off-again thing that makes me love them when they are together. But when they aren’t together they become really unbearable so like…I don’t know if I can be okay with this roller coaster.
  • This new trauma guy is not my favourite – that’s all I gotta say.
  • Yo Hunt trying to kill Cristina in his sleep because of PTSD – damn, I mean I see them ending up together and working through it but that’s scary.
  • Meredith’s sister and George? Lol no. Let’s not make that a thing.
  • George passing his intern exam! YAY! Now can he please go back to having bigger storylines because I like him.
  • He’s still in the background I’m so mad.
  • Izzie seeing her dead fiance and having sex with him? Yikes. Who wrote this…
  • So turns out Izzie is sick – this is starting to make sense…but also I did read about her leaving the show and this is probably how it’s gonna go down.
  • This new heart surgeon woman does not fit in with the team…not a fan.
  • Die and Deth? Haha kind of love it but also why is Meredith’s friend crazy thinking she can just have the interns take her appendix out like???
  • So Sadie didn’t last long – not surprised tbh.
  • Honestly, all the new interns are just kind of annoying?
  • Also yasss Callie for being the LGBT representation we need but her and the Addison replacement, Arizona? I don’t know how to feel about them – I guess I’m just mad that they got rid of Hahn and replaced her with this new girl…
  • Izzie and Alex getting married? I seriously thought Izzie and George were the ones…
  • GEORGE IS GOING TO THE ARMY? NO GEORGE – guys I already know he leaves the show and I googled and they kill him off ffs. He couldn’t just have a happy life?
  • This is so sad because he was a great character and then they just threw him into the background.
  • I broke down like a baby at the end of season 5 – like Izzie in the lift like when she was going to meet Denny and then it opens and it’s George – IT REALLY GOT ME. And I’m not okay with this at all…

So that’s where I’m at. Not sure where we go from here or what to expect in season 6. I know for sure that George is the one that doesn’t survive and I know Izzie leaves later in the season, but aside from that who knows?

I feel like the show is currently kind of messy in terms of characters and storylines, it’s almost exhausting to keep up with the way they write out characters and bring new ones in. And I don’t even like all the new people they throw in, so I don’t know how this is gonna go, I mean you can’t watch a show if you don’t like at least one of the characters…

But for right now the plan is to soldier through, I think I’ll get over George in time, he was already so in the background that when they did shine light on him it was a miracle…but now the question is, who else is leaving the show?

I could Google it but then I’d spoil the show more than I already have, so I guess I just keep watching.

No doubt I’ll be back very soon with another season recap so stay tuned!

~ Courtney x

Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1-3


I am finally going to watch all of Grey’s Anatomy. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the last year or so, mainly because the show is produced by Shonda Rhimes and I already love her shows Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, so I naturally thought this would be the next step.

And as usual when I watch TV shows I have a lot of thoughts on them and because the whole world has probably watched all of Grey’s Anatomy already and would not appreciate me live-tweeting the whole thing, I think it’s better to collect all my thoughts in blog posts as I make it through season to season.

These are not going to be really long or full of insight or anything, this is just the mind of a girl that watches way much TV and gets emotionally involved with fictional characters. So I’m doing it in bullet points to make it easier.

I have just finished season three and here are my thoughts on the series so far:

  • Meredith doesn’t deserve McDreamy. He’s so wonderful and she doesn’t see it and that bothers me.
  • Cristina and Burke broke my heart. I didn’t see them being more than a fling and then they got right up to the wedding and Burke walked away?! Damn it Burke. Though when you really looked at the relationship you could see the flaws.
  • George. Wow. There’s a lot I can say about George. First of all, WHY WAS EVERYONE SLEEPING ON HIM HE’S SUCH A GEM. He’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve what he goes through. Especially that whole Meredith situation.
  • George and Izzie? Unexpected. But they’d be cute together so can they make that a thing?
  • What even is George’s relationship with Callie. He kind of fell into it and doesn’t communicate with her and she just kind of throws things at him. It’s doomed to fail. Unless George finally gets it together and stands up to her more than he currently does.
  • George and his failing his intern exam. Oh George 😦 you been through so much. Why couldn’t he have just passed with everyone else?
  • I think Meredith maybe should have just stayed with the vet…
  • Meredith’s dad is actually the worst? Not to mention he’s the same actor that plays Cyrus Beene in Scandal and he’s not a great guy in that either.
  • Why are everyone’s parents dying? That’s not cute.
  • Addison is actually a fave of mine and I kind of have a crush on her.
  • But when Addison went to LA and they were trying to set that spin up thing off I did not appreciate it – we had other things going on people! I don’t have time for the spin-off.
  • Izzie and Denny were really cute and it killed me that he didn’t survive.
  • Alex is actually a decent human being? Who knew? But also he deserves to get with someone if everyone else is.
  • Why am I still shocked when everyone sleeps with each other even though this is exactly that kind of show? Like I never saw Alex and Addison coming, and Izzie and George was also a wild one lol
  • McSteamy was a great addition to the show just because he’s McSteamy though he could be nicer to interns.
  • Bailey is a babe and I love her.
  • I got so upset when Meredith was practically dying but also I was annoyed I got emotional even though I know she lives – the shows been going on for 15 seasons, I think I would know if they killed off the main character or not.
  • I loved seeing the attendants fight over who was gonna be chief because we never see them like that.
  • I was relieved that they didn’t use Izzie’s money as an excuse to write her out of the show – I know she leaves eventually but like I didn’t want it to be so soon.

Those were some of the main thoughts I’ve had on the show so far, if you could not tell I am loving this show. There are so many characters and so much drama that I am more than ready for.

So expect more updates as I progress, and I’ll continue to try and avoid spoilers on the internet at all costs. Now, onto season 4…

~ Courtney x

My Thoughts on Orange is the New Black Season 6


The new season of Orange is the New Black dropped a last week, so naturally, I binge-watched the whole thing.

I enjoyed this season, I think this has been one of the most enjoyable seasons to watch. I felt last season’s riot was really dragged out and from what I remember before then I wasn’t really into gangster Piper or the brief appearance of Ruby Rose.

This season brought the ladies of Litchfield down to MAX. A place we heard lots about but didn’t know anything other than it was horrible.

But I have to say that halfway through the season I was thinking they don’t have it that bad in there. I mean they’re still allowed to roam around pretty freely and get library books and commissary. Even yard games and an aerobic class.

So MAX is basically the same as what they had before but with cells and less freedom in jobs.

Plus this season the guards seem to pay basically no attention to the inmates. At the start, before they were moved to GenPop the guards were harsh. They were abusing the inmates they believed to have caused the riot. But that soon stops it seems and we just begin to see the guards less in general.

Then there was the Fantasy Inmate thing. Which again kind of fizzled. I wasn’t really that interested in it but at least we got to know more about the new guards.

The new guards aren’t really anything special.

I did like that Luschek really embraced his role as an aerobics teacher. That was fun.

And then there was McCullough who was struggling with PTSD after the riot. I wish they had shown more of her and her struggle because it was hardly shown. I mean we saw her in the toilets burning cigarettes into her leg but it never went anywhere. I need more on this.

The only other guard worth mentioning is the one who was dating Aleida. I don’t remember his name. Can’t believe he was willing to smuggle drugs into the prison for Aleida. Not really sure where that will go, well actually I know in the end Aleida is gonna dump him because she’s only using him so she can smuggle the drugs. I don’t think she’s actually in love with him.

Speaking of Aleida, let’s talk about the inmates. First of all, I don’t understand why they focus so much on Aleida. She was really annoying. I guess they needed her because she still has a connection to prison because of Daya but also the drug thing. Either way, I probably could have done with seeing less of her.

Another inmate who was on the outside of a while was Pennsatucky. I totally forgot she escaped last season with Coates. I never liked their relationship but it was nice to see her on the outside having fun. And I think it was smart of her to turn herself in again in the end, I was wondering if they were going to notice she was missing.

I wish they had shown Coates again though when he woke up in the forest and Pennsatucky was just gone. I mean who knows what happened to him? Is he gonna disappear from the show like Bennett did? Because I ain’t about that, I need closure.

Next, we’ll talk about Frieda, who conned her way into Florida for protection. She was very paranoid. I mean it makes sense, you were in MAX once before and screwed over the two biggest mob members and so obviously people are out for revenge. But at the same time, it wasn’t very interesting, I just felt bad for Suzanne as she was being used.

Okay, now we can talk about C and D block. It took me most of the series to figure out the difference and I’m still not sure if I do. But basically, we have two sisters Carol and Barb who each runs their own block. The two sisters have had rivalry ever since arriving at Litchfield.

I thought their story was interesting. Two sisters who originally conspired to kill their younger sister together grew to hate each other. I wish there was more backstory. But I guess that’s all the backstory you need?

So the whole season is building up for this big fight between C and D block which is spearheaded by the two sisters. And you think it’s going to be really dramatic but it actually turns into everyone just playing kickball.

Meanwhile, the two sisters are nowhere to be seen at the fight as they have snuck off together to try and get into Florida. I was actually surprised by this, I didn’t see it coming.

Sadly, their plan fails as they begin to fight each other instead. I suppose I wasn’t too surprised that the two ended up killing each other, as you could see that’s where it was heading. But I am sad it had to end this way. Of all the new characters, they were definitely the most interesting. I mean they built these two up so much through the whole season just to have it end this way…tragic.

So I guess we won’t know any more about them in the new season, and Freida can rest easy at night.

Another new character who I thought was really interesting was Daddy. Yes, that’s the name she goes by and I don’t think she’s ever called anything else. I thought she had an interesting backstory and I hope we see more of that. She was Barb’s right-hand woman and the supplier of drugs for D Block. She also plays the love interest to Daya, who becomes addicted to the drugs Daddy gives her to deal with the pain she suffers from being abused by the guards.

Daya changed pretty quickly this season, giving into the drug addiction and getting her mom to help her sneak drugs into prison. Didn’t think she was going to be the type, but I suppose prison makes you do things you didn’t think you would do. I didn’t really know what to think of her relationship with Daddy, but I know it’s only happening because Daya is lonely. Can’t see it lasting long but I guess we see.

It’s also weird to see Daya acting like a thug, again she doesn’t seem like the type. Then again, neither did Piper when she was running that panty business but anyway…

Other people in D Block, we had Nicky and Lorna. We didn’t see very much of Lorna, but we know she is pregnant and doing okay for herself, keeping out of trouble. Sort of. When Nicky joined Barb’s gang as a sober companion, Lorna kind of got drafted in too. She was willing to fight even though she was pregnant. Luckily, Nicky kept her safe…

Or did she? While everyone else is out playing kickball, it looks like Lorna goes into labour. Although we could see there was blood on her clothes, so I’m going to take a guess and say the baby doesn’t make it.

Which I don’t think Lorna will be able to handle.

I wish we had seen more of Lorna and also see her husband visit her. I felt like of all the people to have visitors, she definitely would have them. Because I kept wondering if he was visiting her during the whole pregnancy thing, I like to think he did even if they didn’t show it.

I found Nicky to be a bit annoying this season. Not sure why though. I mean I enjoyed watching her try to stop Barb from attacking C Block because she wanted to protect Red. But other than that, I don’t know, there was something about her that bothered me.

Oh! And there was the radio show with Cindy and Flaca, again something I wanted more of just because it was interesting. But Cindy was going through her own issues because of her lying about the riot and causing trouble for Taystee’s trial.

Poor Taystee, she was taking the blame for the whole riot due to her fellow inmates ratting her out and she was determined to fight for the truth. I thought it was brave of her to step up, but after everything, we know she just wanted justice for Poussey. I was so sad to find out that she lost the trial. I had hope that maybe she would win by some miracle but looking at the facts, there wasn’t a chance she would have won.

I think it was nice to see Caputo fight for her though. I mean it’s great Caputo was still willing to fight the good fight after everything that happened. And I have to admit, he and Fig are cute together.

Moving on to C Block, we had Badison… I don’t know what to say to her other than she’s probably the worst new character. I first I thought she would be interesting, she had some kind of reputation but honestly, she’s just annoying. Her backstory wasn’t even that great. Wasn’t really sure what her deal was with Piper other than she didn’t like Piper taking charge of kickball. I don’t know. She wasn’t my favourite.

Then Piper and Alex. As usual, Piper really annoyed me, I mean her being worried about Alex while everyone else is trying to cover themselves from the riot. Typical Piper. I suppose she was pretty quiet this season other than talking about her wedding to Alex and the kickball thing. But still doesn’t make me like her more.

I did think it was cute she had her prison wedding with Alex before her release. If anything it gave me hope for the relationship. I did think Piper was gonna get annoyed that Alex was going behind the scenes to get Madison to stop bullying her and that was gonna be the end but they made it through.

That being said, I wonder how the relationship will go with Piper on the outside and Alex on the inside. I mean Alex is getting involved with the gang, and Piper isn’t a fan but Piper has never been able to control Alex. Meanwhile, Piper will have her freedom again and I wonder how she will adjust back to normal life.

I feel like Piper will very easily cope on the outside. But will she keep coming back to visit her wife? I think she will, plus she’ll probably want to get more opinions on the memoir she’s writing.

Alex will probably still do the mob thing if it means she’ll be protected. Though after kickball and the death of the C and D Block leaders I don’t know if the rivalry and gangs will continue. But at the same time, gangs usually form in the prison and I imagine Daddy and Badison will keep the gangs alive. I can already tell Daddy will probably be a better leader than Badison. But I guess we see.

I think the only other person to talk about is Red. I felt bad for her being thrown under the bus by everyone else. She has done so much for the other girls and they just turned on her. But she soon fell in with Carol’s gang with the intent of taking down Frieda. I feel like because Red had nothing left she was just spending all her energy on Frieda.

Though I thought it was out of character for Red to just attack Frieda on her way to visitation, especially when she was about to see her grandchildren for the first time. I guess her rage took over when she saw Frieda, causing her to act out.

I wonder what this will mean for Red when she comes out of the SHU…I imagine her family will not forgive her for missing the visitation. But I think there is potential for her to come back and help Lorna deal with the baby situation. Or she’ll come back and be a gang boss because we know she’s good at being a leader. There are endless possibilities.

I think the only other thing to mention is Blanca not being able to get her early release. I think Blanca was one of those characters who is always overlooked. But this time, we were kind of excited for her because she wanted to get out of prison and start a family with her boyfriend. She was so close to being free too.

It was really just the moment when Diablo was standing there with the flowers and he didn’t see her. It was heartbreaking.

And so I think that wraps up all of the things that I wanted to say on the new season of Orange is the New Black. I feel like I am probably missing some things but these are the things that stuck out to me or I felt like I needed to mention.

I am excited about next season to see where it goes. Though I don’t imagine we will be seeing many more seasons after this with Piper being released from prison, after all, the whole series is based on a memoir written by Piper. So with her no longer being in prison it kind of makes you wonder when the end will be.

Either way, I’m interested to see where we go from here and how everything will wrap up. I always hope for a happy ending but with this kind of show, I feel there will be happy endings but also sad ones for some people. So I guess we wait and see who will be treated well and who won’t.

In the meantime I am going to have to find some other shows to fill the void now that I have to wait yet another year for a new Orange is the New Black season. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

~ Courtney x