Grey’s Anatomy Thoughts Seasons 4 & 5


I have just finished season 5 and I am an emotional wreck. I’ve been writing this post as I’ve been watching so there are a lot more bullet points this time around. They are also probably not in the best order because things changed in the show and as they did I had new thoughts so may be a bit messy but that’s kind of how I feel the last couple of seasons were.

So let’s just dive right in because why else would you be here?

  • Burke and Addison left with no warning?! This annoyed me.
  • First of all, Burke, that’s so rude. Just walking out on Cristina and not coming back? Wow. Did not expect this from you.
  • Then my fave Addison, ugh, you went to that spin-off in LA and I don’t know if I can ever forgive you. I don’t know if I will even watch the spin-off even if it is just for you because, well…it didn’t look that great from what we saw on Grey’s Anatomy…but we’ll see.
  • Alex and Ava – that was a journey. But also hey Elizabeth Reaser hey, guess this is what she was doing before Twilight. Though honestly, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work out, that girl didn’t seem to be very stable…then it turned out she wasn’t…sorry Alex.
  • So…George and Izzie didn’t work out which sucks, but are they even still friends? It seems like everyone is ignoring George since he failed his intern exam and once again he’s in the background – WHY CAN’T WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE GEORGE?
  • Izzie and Alex 2.0? I definitely thought George and Izzie were going to get together…just not right now…
  • It’s a bit confusing.
  • Callie is with Hahn and I didn’t expect it but you know I am rooting for it. They seem so unlikely to be together and yet there they are – ugh, cute.
  • Also amazed they managed to keep it a secret for so long with the way gossip spreads in that hospital.
  • UPDATE on the Callie and Hahn situation – I wrote the last two bullet points before I watched season 5 – WTF I can’t believe they did Hahn like that. No. Unacceptable. She was a good character and should have stayed.
  • McSteamy is actually a decent guy – where’s his love interest?
  • Okay he gets with Meredith’s sister? Um…No I don’t like that.
  • It’s cute they try to squeeze in moments with Sloan and Lexie but it’s legit not working out well at all. Also can’t believe Lexie moved into Meredith’s house and left George living in that crappy apartment alone.
  • I hate that McDreamy and Meredith can do that on-again off-again thing that makes me love them when they are together. But when they aren’t together they become really unbearable so like…I don’t know if I can be okay with this roller coaster.
  • This new trauma guy is not my favourite – that’s all I gotta say.
  • Yo Hunt trying to kill Cristina in his sleep because of PTSD – damn, I mean I see them ending up together and working through it but that’s scary.
  • Meredith’s sister and George? Lol no. Let’s not make that a thing.
  • George passing his intern exam! YAY! Now can he please go back to having bigger storylines because I like him.
  • He’s still in the background I’m so mad.
  • Izzie seeing her dead fiance and having sex with him? Yikes. Who wrote this…
  • So turns out Izzie is sick – this is starting to make sense…but also I did read about her leaving the show and this is probably how it’s gonna go down.
  • This new heart surgeon woman does not fit in with the team…not a fan.
  • Die and Deth? Haha kind of love it but also why is Meredith’s friend crazy thinking she can just have the interns take her appendix out like???
  • So Sadie didn’t last long – not surprised tbh.
  • Honestly, all the new interns are just kind of annoying?
  • Also yasss Callie for being the LGBT representation we need but her and the Addison replacement, Arizona? I don’t know how to feel about them – I guess I’m just mad that they got rid of Hahn and replaced her with this new girl…
  • Izzie and Alex getting married? I seriously thought Izzie and George were the ones…
  • GEORGE IS GOING TO THE ARMY? NO GEORGE – guys I already know he leaves the show and I googled and they kill him off ffs. He couldn’t just have a happy life?
  • This is so sad because he was a great character and then they just threw him into the background.
  • I broke down like a baby at the end of season 5 – like Izzie in the lift like when she was going to meet Denny and then it opens and it’s George – IT REALLY GOT ME. And I’m not okay with this at all…

So that’s where I’m at. Not sure where we go from here or what to expect in season 6. I know for sure that George is the one that doesn’t survive and I know Izzie leaves later in the season, but aside from that who knows?

I feel like the show is currently kind of messy in terms of characters and storylines, it’s almost exhausting to keep up with the way they write out characters and bring new ones in. And I don’t even like all the new people they throw in, so I don’t know how this is gonna go, I mean you can’t watch a show if you don’t like at least one of the characters…

But for right now the plan is to soldier through, I think I’ll get over George in time, he was already so in the background that when they did shine light on him it was a miracle…but now the question is, who else is leaving the show?

I could Google it but then I’d spoil the show more than I already have, so I guess I just keep watching.

No doubt I’ll be back very soon with another season recap so stay tuned!

~ Courtney x

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