Rejoining Neopets

I’ve had Neopets accounts on and off since 2009 – and I always consider going back every few years, it’s just a simple online thing that can be a way to have fun, and it also brings back memories of my first experiences on the Internet.

So I’m back again. This time, I hope I stay longer than a few days though.

I don’t know what this will accomplish in my life to be honest, but I guess I just miss having a virtual pet. You know, I grew up with more Tamagotchis than I can count, and you bet I loved my Nintendogs the mostest.

I guess I just want to get part of my childhood back lol.

So if you want to add me on Neopets my username is coco_cutie1997 – an homage to my OG username which was coco_cutie2009 (I can’t get the account back because I deactivated it in 2010).

This is my neopet – her name is IceQueen_xo – I feel like they must be running out of usernames and stuff at this rate no? Either way, I hope me and IceQueen_xo will have some great adventures together.


And we will see if I enjoy the nostalgia and keep playing or if I will get bored and give it up once more lol.

~ Courtney x