Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1-3


I am finally going to watch all of Grey’s Anatomy. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the last year or so, mainly because the show is produced by Shonda Rhimes and I already love her shows Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, so I naturally thought this would be the next step.

And as usual when I watch TV shows I have a lot of thoughts on them and because the whole world has probably watched all of Grey’s Anatomy already and would not appreciate me live-tweeting the whole thing, I think it’s better to collect all my thoughts in blog posts as I make it through season to season.

These are not going to be really long or full of insight or anything, this is just the mind of a girl that watches way much TV and gets emotionally involved with fictional characters. So I’m doing it in bullet points to make it easier.

I have just finished season three and here are my thoughts on the series so far:

  • Meredith doesn’t deserve McDreamy. He’s so wonderful and she doesn’t see it and that bothers me.
  • Cristina and Burke broke my heart. I didn’t see them being more than a fling and then they got right up to the wedding and Burke walked away?! Damn it Burke. Though when you really looked at the relationship you could see the flaws.
  • George. Wow. There’s a lot I can say about George. First of all, WHY WAS EVERYONE SLEEPING ON HIM HE’S SUCH A GEM. He’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve what he goes through. Especially that whole Meredith situation.
  • George and Izzie? Unexpected. But they’d be cute together so can they make that a thing?
  • What even is George’s relationship with Callie. He kind of fell into it and doesn’t communicate with her and she just kind of throws things at him. It’s doomed to fail. Unless George finally gets it together and stands up to her more than he currently does.
  • George and his failing his intern exam. Oh George 😦 you been through so much. Why couldn’t he have just passed with everyone else?
  • I think Meredith maybe should have just stayed with the vet…
  • Meredith’s dad is actually the worst? Not to mention he’s the same actor that plays Cyrus Beene in Scandal and he’s not a great guy in that either.
  • Why are everyone’s parents dying? That’s not cute.
  • Addison is actually a fave of mine and I kind of have a crush on her.
  • But when Addison went to LA and they were trying to set that spin up thing off I did not appreciate it – we had other things going on people! I don’t have time for the spin-off.
  • Izzie and Denny were really cute and it killed me that he didn’t survive.
  • Alex is actually a decent human being? Who knew? But also he deserves to get with someone if everyone else is.
  • Why am I still shocked when everyone sleeps with each other even though this is exactly that kind of show? Like I never saw Alex and Addison coming, and Izzie and George was also a wild one lol
  • McSteamy was a great addition to the show just because he’s McSteamy though he could be nicer to interns.
  • Bailey is a babe and I love her.
  • I got so upset when Meredith was practically dying but also I was annoyed I got emotional even though I know she lives – the shows been going on for 15 seasons, I think I would know if they killed off the main character or not.
  • I loved seeing the attendants fight over who was gonna be chief because we never see them like that.
  • I was relieved that they didn’t use Izzie’s money as an excuse to write her out of the show – I know she leaves eventually but like I didn’t want it to be so soon.

Those were some of the main thoughts I’ve had on the show so far, if you could not tell I am loving this show. There are so many characters and so much drama that I am more than ready for.

So expect more updates as I progress, and I’ll continue to try and avoid spoilers on the internet at all costs. Now, onto season 4…

~ Courtney x

My Pole Anniversary!

This day last year was the day that I went to a pole dancing class for the first time. I was with my friend and we were both nervous, but it was something we had always wanted to do so we decided to take the chance and go for a taster class.

After that one class, I was hooked, it was super fun and everyone was really supportive and so I kept going back.

Flash forward to now and I am more than ready to start another year of pole. I think it’s crazy the amount of progress I have been able to make in just a year. When I started, I felt like I would never be able to do any of those crazy spins/moves I had seen my teacher do countless times between classes. But slowly I have been making progress and getting stronger and I think today it really shows.

The video above was taken today, and honestly, if you had told me last year that I would be able to do something like that? I probably would have laughed you out of the room. So I’m really proud of all the progress that I’ve made and I can’t wait to see how far along I get this year!

I’ve been sharing weekly progress updates on my Twitter for the past year, and I think I might start taking to my blog to post more in-depth updates depending on the week, so definitely look out for more pole posts in the future!

~ Courtney x