Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Thoughts!


Here we are, at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. This one was a wild one with everyone recovering from the shooting, some needing to take more time than most. Here were my thoughts as the season unraveled:

  • Derek the adrenaline junkie – huh, can’t last long lol
  • Cristina and Hunt married ASAP – damn. But glad that they both made it down the aisle.
  • Alex and Lexie are over hallelujah.
  • Bailey taking time away from her man 😦 I hope they make it work. She deserves this.
  • Of course, McDreamy hated Chief lol but he held out for quite a while so good for him.
  • Cristina’s PTSD from the shooting is saddening to see – she used to be so focused and now she’s just floating around. I hope she gets better.
  • Callie and Arizona are leaving? That sucks :/ I mean I’m sure they come back but come on guys.
  • Spoke too soon only Arizona is going lol – still sucky for Callie though – SHE DESERVES BETTER
  • I wonder if Arizona comes back…
  • Alex was super cute in that documentary episode with that kid – he totally belongs in peds.
  • Cristina quit?! Damn – someone talk some sense into her stat.
  • Callie and Cristina’s unlikely friendship is nice to see – guess they were more than just roommates – but why did Callie think Cristina cutting hair was a good idea lol
  • Cristina went fishing with McDreamy lol okay sure
  • But also Cristina working as a bartender was fun for a hot minute
  • Fistula is a weird word lol
  • Arizona came back! But things with her and Callie are iffy…are they gonna make it work? Callie needs a good love!
  • But also Callie having Mark’s baby? Never saw that coming but also wanna know how it turns out
  • Honestly, Bailey tweeting during surgery is me
  • Can’t believe that Teddy married that patient lol – also I guess I know why Jake Ballard left Scandal for a while…
  • I am actually loving this Mark/Callie/Arizona thing please don’t let it end
  • I guess Meredith and Derek don’t end up having a baby right? I mean the hormones are making Meredith go blind so like I can’t see that going anywhere
  • Bailey and her new guy – I guess she could never go back to the other one after the incident? He just kind of disappeared tho – and no I don’t know either of their names lol
  • Avery and Lexie? Is that gonna last? I have no idea but you know what Avery needs someone
  • The new peds guys is weird…I don’t know how to feel about him
  • You can’t ask someone to marry you while you are driving a car wtf Arizona
  • Why are they singing though like this is hilarious
  • Oh my God McDreamy with a baby – dying this is too cute
  • Meredith and Derek have officially gotten married!
  • And Callie and Arizona’s wedding was like super cute – also love how none of the parents are really the biggest fan of Mark just being there but honestly love him
  • Also can they pick a Chief Resident already because the race is getting old and no one is even really being that competitive – it’s just Alex really gunning for it and Cristina not being able to do anything because of Teddy lol
  • So Teddy’s gonna piss off to Germany and we need to find yet another heart surgeon? Ugh
  • Of course Alex told, it was only a matter of time. Soz Meredith but you broke the rules
  • Damn Derek you being harsh on Meredith
  • And she alone with the baby?! Wonder how that’s gonna go
  • Also can’t believe Cristina was just so not gonna have her baby with Hunt. Like he should get a say. At least she could have considered what he had to say.
  • I suppose she never told him about what happened the last time she was pregnant…
  • Also Teddy and that guy were so cliche. Of course, she falls in love with the guy she married on a whim. That’s how it goes lol

So as far as seasons go, I feel like this was a calm one. No one dramatically exited the show, and it was chill. I mean sure there were things that annoyed me, like Cristina taking forever to get back into surgery and the Lexi/Sloan situation but that’s to be expected. Can’t love everything.

That being said as always I’m excited to see where the next season goes. No time to waste – season 8 here I come!

~ Courtney x

7 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Thoughts!

  1. Great post!

    I am also in the middle of watching this show now too. I just started Season 9. I was watching the show when it was actually on years ago and fell behind after Season 5. Recently picked up watching it again, thanks to it being available on Netflix. Such a great series! I’m not sure it’s a popular choice, but I so love Lexie and Sloan together, might be my favorite couple.

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    1. I hate when shows try to add in musical episodes when it’s not fitting for the show – I’ve seen it a couple of times and they’re usually not great. Like this isn’t Glee lol

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      1. LoL, totally! I think when they did the episode on Grey’s Anatomy is was around the time Glee had started and doing musical episodes was like a trend on every show all of a sudden.

        The actress who plays Callie can definitely sing. I saw her on Broadway in Spamalot before she started on Grey’s Anatomy. But a lot of the other actors on the show at the time, weren’t what one may call singers. Although they did give it a good effort.

        Enjoy Season 8!

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      2. Yeah I just thought it was so strange lol and thanks! Can’t wait to be fully caught up on it but think I’m making good progress through 😛

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      3. Awesome! I watch so many series and I’m not a binge watcher so I have only been watching one episode at a time. It’ll probably take me many more months before I’m fully caught up on the series at this pace, but I’m okay with that, LoL.


      4. I watch quite a few series that are currently airing so I get like one new episode a week – I haven’t been into a new show in a long time so I’m excited I have Grey’s (for now) 😛

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