Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Thoughts!


Here we are, at the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy. This one was a wild one with everyone recovering from the shooting, some needing to take more time than most. Here were my thoughts as the season unraveled:

  • Derek the adrenaline junkie – huh, can’t last long lol
  • Cristina and Hunt married ASAP – damn. But glad that they both made it down the aisle.
  • Alex and Lexie are over hallelujah.
  • Bailey taking time away from her man 😦 I hope they make it work. She deserves this.
  • Of course, McDreamy hated Chief lol but he held out for quite a while so good for him.
  • Cristina’s PTSD from the shooting is saddening to see – she used to be so focused and now she’s just floating around. I hope she gets better.
  • Callie and Arizona are leaving? That sucks :/ I mean I’m sure they come back but come on guys.
  • Spoke too soon only Arizona is going lol – still sucky for Callie though – SHE DESERVES BETTER
  • I wonder if Arizona comes back…
  • Alex was super cute in that documentary episode with that kid – he totally belongs in peds.
  • Cristina quit?! Damn – someone talk some sense into her stat.
  • Callie and Cristina’s unlikely friendship is nice to see – guess they were more than just roommates – but why did Callie think Cristina cutting hair was a good idea lol
  • Cristina went fishing with McDreamy lol okay sure
  • But also Cristina working as a bartender was fun for a hot minute
  • Fistula is a weird word lol
  • Arizona came back! But things with her and Callie are iffy…are they gonna make it work? Callie needs a good love!
  • But also Callie having Mark’s baby? Never saw that coming but also wanna know how it turns out
  • Honestly, Bailey tweeting during surgery is me
  • Can’t believe that Teddy married that patient lol – also I guess I know why Jake Ballard left Scandal for a while…
  • I am actually loving this Mark/Callie/Arizona thing please don’t let it end
  • I guess Meredith and Derek don’t end up having a baby right? I mean the hormones are making Meredith go blind so like I can’t see that going anywhere
  • Bailey and her new guy – I guess she could never go back to the other one after the incident? He just kind of disappeared tho – and no I don’t know either of their names lol
  • Avery and Lexie? Is that gonna last? I have no idea but you know what Avery needs someone
  • The new peds guys is weird…I don’t know how to feel about him
  • You can’t ask someone to marry you while you are driving a car wtf Arizona
  • Why are they singing though like this is hilarious
  • Oh my God McDreamy with a baby – dying this is too cute
  • Meredith and Derek have officially gotten married!
  • And Callie and Arizona’s wedding was like super cute – also love how none of the parents are really the biggest fan of Mark just being there but honestly love him
  • Also can they pick a Chief Resident already because the race is getting old and no one is even really being that competitive – it’s just Alex really gunning for it and Cristina not being able to do anything because of Teddy lol
  • So Teddy’s gonna piss off to Germany and we need to find yet another heart surgeon? Ugh
  • Of course Alex told, it was only a matter of time. Soz Meredith but you broke the rules
  • Damn Derek you being harsh on Meredith
  • And she alone with the baby?! Wonder how that’s gonna go
  • Also can’t believe Cristina was just so not gonna have her baby with Hunt. Like he should get a say. At least she could have considered what he had to say.
  • I suppose she never told him about what happened the last time she was pregnant…
  • Also Teddy and that guy were so cliche. Of course, she falls in love with the guy she married on a whim. That’s how it goes lol

So as far as seasons go, I feel like this was a calm one. No one dramatically exited the show, and it was chill. I mean sure there were things that annoyed me, like Cristina taking forever to get back into surgery and the Lexi/Sloan situation but that’s to be expected. Can’t love everything.

That being said as always I’m excited to see where the next season goes. No time to waste – season 8 here I come!

~ Courtney x