Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Thoughts


First of all, I know this is my 3rd(?) post about Grey’s Anatomy lately but I’m obsessed. I swear I will get some non-Grey’s Anatomy blog content up soon I’ve just been busy with uni and this show is one of those things I watch when I’m taking a break from uni work. Also, it’s super easy to quickly write some bullet points in between episodes.

So yes, I have just finished season 6 and it wrecked me. Like starting with George leaving and ending with a massive disaster. I cried so much.

Here are my thoughts on season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy:

  • I SO would have preferred if Izzie had gone instead of George – like oh my God. GEORGE WAS BAE – this is what happens when you don’t get enough screen time. I mean I get it but I’m still not okay with it.
  • A merger? Did you mean – a good way to kick off old cast members and replace them with new ones? This should be good…
  • Wow I already hate all the new Mercy West people – No one will beat the original interns, not even Lexie is growing on me.
  • I can’t believe that Meredith gave her dad part of her liver and then he was kind of never seen or heard from again the entire season – cool. I guess we got more important things going on then.
  • I love that they’ve now just shoved Bailey, Sloan and Lexie to the sidelines for these new people – get out I miss Bailey going off on everyone.
  • Just as I think that Bailey’s dad shows up…
  • Sloan has a daughter and she’s pregnant? Lol okay.
  • We got a new heart surgeon…let’s see how long she lasts.
  • Yeah I definitely would have rathered Izzie died at the start of the season, the way they wrote her out was so weak. She wasn’t even in half the episodes before she made her exit.
  • So the Chief is drinking again and now McDreamy is the Chief – guess the war is over between them and McDreamy clearly won.
  • Lexie slept with Alex and Sloan slept with Addison…so honestly, their relationship is nothing to me. Like they have no real story. They had some moments, but it’s not an epic love like Meredith and McDreamy or Izzie and Denny…it’s just there…so the fact they aren’t together anymore does not bother me.
  • Sloan’s daughter doesn’t hang around and also wants to get rid of the baby – lol not a surprise. Didn’t see her sticking around for long term or seeing Sloan trying to take care of a baby.
  • Why is Lexie an awkward character that I don’t see with anyone? Especially Alex. Why is this a thing lol?
  • Also her blonde hair is not cute.
  • Sloan and Teddy…meh nothing exciting there.
  • Yasss Bailey you get your man!
  • Okay but like Cristina and Meredith have such a good friendship and I love it
  • Are Teddy and Hunt going to get together or are they just screwing with Cristina because they can? I need this love triangle to be over. Thanks.
  • I can’t believe Arizona doesn’t want kids – that’s so mean and honestly, Callie deserves better she needs something real after George and Hahn
  • Sloan and Lexie get back together right? I mean he still loves her, she clearly still loves him…bound to happen – still not the epic love I was hoping for but eh
  • OH MY GOD!
  • Okay so I just finished the season 6 finale and here are a bunch of bullet points I have to make on the last two episodes alone:
  • Again, this is one way to get rid of a lot of cast members – I see they weren’t fond of some people from Mercy West either…
  • I didn’t expect this to happen, like one minute some guy is wandering around looking for McDreamy, next thing you know he’s shooting people…cool…
  • ALEX – yo okay I forgot while watching the episode that he’s still present in season 15 so like he doesn’t die but man he had me for sure there…
  • MEREDITH – SWEETIE – is she gonna tell McDreamy about the baby? She just had a miscarriage and like was actually happy about being pregnant and it would have been cute for her and McDreamy to have babies and now… well now I don’t know
  • MCDREAMY – okay not cute, he was definitely not dying today oh no. I know he makes his exit later on, thought I was second guessing myself BUT DID THAT STOP ME FROM CRYING? NO! I’m an emotional wreck right now.
  • Hunt made a choice! Good for him – if he hurts Cristina again tho he’s on my list
  • Bailey! If they had killed her off I would have been done with this show. Would not have been having that.
  • And yasss Callie and Arizona are back together – didn’t really see them being apart for too long and they weren’t – literally an episode or two lol
  • And now…now I need to recover because that finale was a lot.

I am desperate to start season 7 now so I know how everyone recovered from this because I surely haven’t. So expect me to be back ASAP with another Grey’s Anatomy blog post lol

~ Courtney x