Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes Review

I could not wait to read this. Literally, I knew as soon I finished reading “You” that I needed to know what happened to Joe after Beck.

Turns out a lot of things happened. A lot of unexpected things.

I have so many thoughts on this so be prepared because it’s gonna be a long one.

First of all, Joe and Amy. Another girl he is obsessed with. Of course. But she’s no Beck, no she is better than Beck in every way.

But sadly the Joe and Amy story doesn’t last very long as she bolts to LA to become an actress. Gross.

Joe isn’t pleased and has to hunt her down and kill her. And this is where I’m pumped up and excited, which is a weird thing to be excited about but for some reason with Joe it feels right.

So Joe goes to LA and he hates every second of it. I feel like if you love New York you aren’t a fan of LA and vice versa. It’s just how it is.

But don’t fret because things are just beginning for Joe and soon he is living in a crappy apartment with an annoying landlord and a clingy neighbour and the worst drug-addict boss.

It does not take long for him to make his first kill. And honestly, I really enjoy Joe’s thinking and his reasoning behind everything. I think because it’s logical, and I think logically about things too. I definitely don’t justify to myself why someone needs to die and so plan to kill them but like I follow Joe’s thinking well.

Plus in this book he isn’t referring to anyone as “you”, because he has moved on and there are a lot more people he has to focus on now. Yet the writing is still the same style and I’m all in for it.

So his first murder in LA was kind of unexpected. I don’t think I saw it coming until it was decided and happening. But soon after Joe gives up his hunt for Amy as he is thrown headfirst into the rich life of LA.

He falls in love with this girl called Love. Which I honestly hated so much like I know that’s the point but it is actually the worst thing. Anyway, he falls for her and he gives up his fight for Amy. And I was surprised by this because I didn’t think anything would stop Joe once he was on a mission.

I suppose he did have a new mission though. To love, Love. To be her everything, to be a part of her world.

Sadly though not everything is peachy there because Joe is jealous of the men in Love’s life and while he deals with his issues with that he also manages to get another murder in there on the sly. That one I saw coming haha but still surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Eventually, though Joe realises he has nothing to be jealous about. Except for the fact, Love has a strong connection with her twin brother Forty. Again the worst name but I didn’t pick it.

Forty is the worst character. I just hated everything about him and Joe did too. Forty was a rich, drug addict who thought he could make it in Hollywood and he just got on my nerves so damn much.

Sadly though he sticks around for a while as Joe becomes friends with him for the sake of Love. He listens to Forty as he tells Joe all of his stupid movie ideas and Joe decides he can make them better so he starts writing for Forty on the DL. Immediately I know this isn’t a good idea but Joe thinks it would be cool to get his break in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Love’s third twin – again something stupid which I hate – Milo writes a movie and he wants Love to be in it and they start filming and there’s this tension between Joe and Milo because this movie is just Milo’s way of showing he is still in love with Love. And ya know we love a good love triangle. Wow. Drink every time you read the word love in this blog post lol.

Anyway yeah so we have this jealousy again and then there this whole scene in the movie about oral sex and it’s a big deal because “Love doesn’t do that” but she would for the movie but then she ends up doing it with Joe to show she truly loves him and the scene is cut from the movie. So all is going well for Joe.

Until a police officer comes and attacks Joe because he knows that he killed his clingy neighbour. Which he did but the police don’t have proof so it fine. Joe knows what needs to be done.

Once he takes care of things everything is once again all sunshine and rainbows for Joe. And now I’m actually rooting for him to finally he happy and be with a good person and everything end well for him. Even though he killed like four people in the last book and also has up to this point killed three more people…

Sadly though there is just one more person Joe feels like he needs to rid the world of. Forty. Forty screwed Joe over and didn’t give him credit for writing the scripts he sold which I gotta say was a dick move but also didn’t you kind of sense it coming because that’s the kind of thing people do.

Forty ends up going on a bender and Joe feels like it is his responsibility to help Forty on to the afterlife. Except while he is finishing Forty off he finds out that the Salinger family is investigating the death of Peach. And Joe is thinking about that mug of urine he left in her house that time. Yikes.

Joe immediately flies out to little Compton to see if he can get the mug but he has no such luck and also Love busts him for lying and saying he was in Las Vegas looking for Forty when he flew out to Little Compton.

Joe decides to tell Love the truth. All of it. Minus the Forty part and I am shook. I can’t believe he would tell her everything…

More so I cannot believe that love is OKAY with it??? She barricades Joe in the bathroom and disappears and immediately I think this is it. Joe is done. And Joe thinks so too but mo Love comes back with the mug!

I am so surprised by this but also happy and rooting for them both in some weird twisted way and not to mention love is pregnant! Okay, this part I’m not so sure on. It’s what she says and of course Joe would believe but something about it just doesn’t sit tight with me…

But they are both happy and all is well and even better news is that Forty is alive! I am shocked by this news just like Joe is and they go to the hospital where Forty gets Joe back in on the writing “deal” otherwise Forty will tell everyone joe tried to kill him. Yikes.

Luckily forty cares more about his fame and realises he needs Joe for that so Joe is not going to jail today.

Fast forward a bit and Joe actually runs into AMY.

Man did we forget about her? I didn’t and I was surprised she hadn’t shown up sooner.

They have a faceoff and I seriously thought this was when Joe was gonna end her but lucky for her he is a changed man and he just let’s her go.

I was definitely surprised because I didn’t think he would just let her walk like that and also I was amazed no one saw them on the beach but I suppose there was fog…eh still they seemed to be there a long time and Joe was straddling her – almost strangling her lol.

Still, Joe let’s her go and he feels at peace at last and even ends up hearing even better news. Forty is dead. And Joe didn’t kill him! Are you shocked? I am too. Immediately I am thinking that this is some plot Forty constructed to bring Joe down but it was not, it was just an accident.

Now Joe’s life is perfect because he’s got the girl, the rich life, a baby on the way…it’s everything he’s ever wanted.

This is when he gets arrested.

I don’t know how Joe will get of this one but he believes he will, he is thinking very positively because of Love and the baby. But like I said earlier, I am suspicious about Love and the baby. I don’t know what it is but something about her and her family seem too perfect. I think there is something going on, even if Joe doesn’t see it.

But I guess we won’t know for sure until we get the next book.

So yeah, that was a wild ride from start to finish. I love how the story is going and I can’t wait for more. Sadly though I have no idea when the next book will be.

On the bright side, season 2 of the Netflix show is coming in a couple months and I am excited for it. I’d never thought I’d say this but I think that Penn Badgley does make a good Joe Goldberg. Even if it took me ages to see it because to me he will always be Lonely Boy from Gossip Girl lol.

Speaking of which – I think my next read will be the Gossip Girl series. I really want to read it and I think this is the time. I know it will be very different from the TV show but I’m still excited to see what it’s like.

So yes, overall really enjoyed this book and the series. I would recommend the TV show and the book to be honest because even though the first book and the TV show are very similar they are both just really good. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the next book! 😛

~ Courtney x

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