You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes Review

Settle in lads. This one is a long one.

Just when you think things couldn’t get crazier for Joe, he is thrown into the small town of Bainbridge where all he wants is his librarian but there are so many people standing in his way. Naturally. But this time it’s different for Joe, he’s a different person than he was before, he has a son now and he is a better person. He will not kill anyone.

Spoilers from here on out, although anytime I do a blog post review there’s always spoilers but I feel like I need to start warning people so yes. All the spoilers here, stop reading now haha.

You know, I thought it was kind of crap that Joe said he wouldn’t kill anyone this time around, but he didn’t! That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of death though because there definitely was, but none of it was at Joe’s hands! Hooray! Proud of him, this is growth lol.

So yeah, we are with Joe out there in the world after getting out of prison. I was confused when I first started reading because I thought I had missed something but I hadn’t. Joe got out of jail with the help of the Quinns but they paid him off so he would disappear and so now he is in Bainbridge, pining after a new girl while stalking Love’s Instagram to check up on his son. Also Love named their son Forty and that is so gross.

Naturally, getting this new girl Mary Kay is not going to be easy for Joe. There are always obstacles and by that I mean people in his way to getting his “prize”. First of all, the overbearing best friend, Melanda. Joe does not exactly hit it off with her and she immediately becomes annoying af. So maybe Joe should just kill her and it will all be fine right?

No he can’t. He’s reformed. He’s not that person anymore. But then when Melanda catches him hanging around outside Mary Kay’s house she ends up kidnapped and in Joe’s whisper room. Sounds so familiar right? No it was a misunderstanding, Melanda thought Joe was after MK’s daughter, but he wasn’t and now he has his future girlfriend’s BFF hiding out in the basement. Cool.

Surprisingly Joe doesn’t kill Melanda, but he knows he can’t keep her in the basement forever. He spins some story about her moving away and finding love and ditching Mary Kay. Which Joe thinks is good for her because they are too co-dependent and Melanda doesn’t even like Mary Kay.

While Melanda is locked up in Joe’s basement, he finds out there’s another huge obstacle in his way to Mary Kay – she’s MARRIED. And worse, he’s a musician and an ex-drug addict. Bad news. And also again, potentially someone Joe might kill off?

But he doesn’t kill the husband either, he just pretends to be a huge Philstan – yeah probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard of – to try to convince Phil to divorce Mary Kay. Seems straight forward enough and so different in comparison to the old Joe. Proud of him, yet also itching for him to just kill the low life? I mean I don’t know why I’m rooting for a serial killer to kill people but like everyone in this book was SO ANNOYING that I wanted them gone as much as Joe lol.

Some time passes and Joe thinks he is beginning to win over Mary Kay and maybe everything will be alright for them. Until there’s another complication. Enter Oliver, he was hired by the Quinns to spy on Joe. Super fun. Joe has a stalker. Now he definitely can’t get caught killing anyone because otherwise Oliver could report back to the Quinns and Joe will never get the chance to be with his son.

Too bad for Joe, as he decided to be nice to Melanda and finally move the TV into the whisper room for her to be able to see more clearly. That was his mistake. I knew there was a reason that Melanda was begging for the TV, she ended up smashing it and using the glass to kill herself. Bad news for Joe, he now has a dead body in his house and he has to get rid of it. Even though he didn’t kill her, he can’t just leave her here or call anyone because it’s hella sus she was there in the first place.

So Joe tries to get rid of the body, only to be caught by his buddy Oliver. This is when he strikes a deal with Oliver so that he doesn’t tell the Quinns what he saw. Basically if Oliver wants something, Joe buys it for him. Turns out Oliver got screwed over by the Quinns and isn’t getting paid as much as Joe. And this is when Oliver literally becomes the worst and most annoying person in the book and I kind of just want Joe to kill him. But he can’t, if he does then Oliver’s brother will kill him and no one wants that. So Oliver sticks around.

Meanwhile, Joe is still trying to worm his way in with Mary Kay and he thinks it’ll be easier now her BFF is no longer in the picture. But there’s still the husband. Although turns out he didn’t have to worry about him too much because he does win over the girl in the end, but they’re seeing each other on the sly until Mary Kay can get the divorce sorted.

But it’s not over for Joe just yet because while he and Mary Kay are hooking up, Phil overdoses. So I guess Joe is getting lucky with everyone offing themselves so he doesn’t have to lol. Although this time everybody knows about it and Mary Kay is shutting Joe out because if she hadn’t have been with him then maybe her shitty husband would still be alive. Yikes.

And just when Joe thinks he’s back in with MK after all the grieving and what not, Phil’s brother rolls into town. And honestly, does Joe never catch a break? I mean I guess I shouldn’t be rooting for Joe to be happy but I always secretly am, I thought he would’ve been happy with Love but that wasn’t working out, but it looked like him and Mary Kay had a real chance…but no all these people be getting in the way.

Phil’s brother hangs around for a while, he’s annoying and is a life coach who tries to tell women that their feelings aren’t real and to think with their head and it sounds like the worst thing. Yet Joe still ain’t about to kill anyone so he tries to find other ways to take down the brother and then he hits the jackpot. Turns out Phil’s brother is a creep and has forced himself on multiple women and so he gets taken out by the #MeToo movement. Woo! Goodbye brother, hello Joe and MK forever.

But it still ain’t over hahahaha. Honestly even writing this it’s wild. But in comes LOVE. Yeah that’s right Love wants to see Joe. And that’s weird, because I thought she never wanted to see Joe again and I’m wondering if this is following a little along the lines of the TV show and how Love is also crazy and the same as Joe. Although somehow on the TV show I think it’s way more escalated and Joe’s more afraid of her on the TV show.

Anyway, Love demands Joe fly out to LA so he does and he finds Love in a hotel room with a GUN. Yikes. I thought Joe might die but I didn’t think it would be at the hands of Love. Turns out she is mad that Joe has moved on from her and their son. And she knows that Joe would have preferred to watch them from afar which is why she was always posting on Instagram, but then Joe stopped watching them and he moved onto a new family.

Love is clearly crazy and depressed and Joe can’t talk her down and next thing you know, Joe is shot in the head. Oh my God. Honestly thought this might have been where it ended, but it didn’t because there was still some book left so Joe lives, HE LIVES! But unfortunately Love committed suicide. Yep another suicide. This book is wild, why does death follow Joe everywhere he goes? He’s cursed for sure.

So Joe wakes up in hospital to find out Love had post-partum depression and she didn’t really want Joe to leave her she thought he would fight for her and their son but he didn’t. So she tried to kill Joe and then she killed herself. Super dark Love. Like I didn’t think she had this in her, but depression does bad things to people.

After Joe finds out from Love’s dad that he will never see his son again he goes back to Bainbridge to try to win MK back one last time. She isn’t happy that he bailed on her even though he literally got shot like come on sis, give him a chance. But she sends him away so Joe goes back home to rest, because he got shot so he should rest.

LOL NO REST FOR JOE. He’s being kidnapped by Seamus, MK’s other friend who is all about CrossFit and the definition of toxic masculinity and I hate him. Seamus is going to kill Joe because he came back for MK and he can’t have that. Seamus was finally gonna get the girl after Phil left but nah, Joe got there first. And so here we are with Joe trapped in the forest and possibly going to die AGAIN. And seriously, Joe can’t catch a break.

This time it’s worse though because I so did not want him to die at the hands of Seamus, of all people. Like what? Nah. Joe deserves to be taken out by a true villain and not just some annoying dude who has been waiting in the wings for years. I mean no doubt Joe deserves to die after everything he’s done but like not like this. I mean I guess exactly like this but not because of Seamus lol.

Luckily Joe gets rescued by Oliver! Yay! Oliver has a purpose! Sort of. I mean glad he came to Joe’s rescue but he’s still annoying af and talking to Joe about this TV show he’s gonna pitch about Joe’s life (lol sounds familiar You on Netflix much). And so Joe is safe but he’s still paying for Oliver’s crap and again, if Joe was gonna make one kill this book, could it be Oliver?

Finally, after ALL of that. Joe gets the girl. He and MK get married and it’s cute and I’m finally like yes, this is it. They live happily ever after, Joe deserves it he literally escaped death twice and he should definitely have some PTSD or something but he’s fine and he’s with his girl…

And then MK’s daughter tries to put the moves on Joe and it’s weird and uncomfortable because she is a CHILD. And this is when Joe learns that Seamus was sleeping with the daughter this whole damn time and so when Seamus kidnapped Joe it was actually about the daughter and not MK and it’s so so so gross. And then it makes me think this is why Melanda attacked Joe in the woods and assumed he was after MK’s daughter. Maybe she knew about Seamus…hmm well can’t ask her because she’s dead.

But anyway, MK comes in and finds her daughter trying to seduce her new husband and is furious. And then there’s a lot of mother daughter fighting and next thing you know…MK has been pushed down the stairs by her daughter.

Cut the epilogue, Joe has moved to Florida, and opened the bookstore him and Mary Kay always talked about opening. Turns out Mary Kay went into a coma but they are going to be pulling the plug on her. And Joe is once again alone, the daughter packed up and went off to college so at least Joe didn’t have to deal with that. But yeah…he opens the bookstore and naturally there’s a women who walks in and you’d think that Joe might give up by now but no, he wants to know this girl…

And that is where we end it. Finally. Honestly the end was a roller coaster, after the Love thing it just kept going and going and I didn’t really like it? I mean yes okay the whole series is far fetched and wild and crazy but this really was next level. And I really don’t like when books do that, like ramp it up to 100 at the very end and just keep throwing in things last minute like hi I didn’t need Nomi (the daughter) to suddenly come out and throw herself at Joe like nah, gross.

I guess it would make sense that Joe would end up losing another girl and in line with this book he didn’t even kill her. Sad. I would’ve been fine with him riding off into the sunset with Mary Kay in their bookstore. It would’ve been cute but life can’t be that simple, not for Joe.

I wonder if there will be another book or if this is the end. I think I would be fine if this was it, I mean Joe’s been through a lot and there’s only so many of these books you can do before it becomes too much. I mean it’s always going to be Joe chasing after a girl and probably killing the odd person here and there, so it makes sense to end it here. Especially because so much craziness happened this time around it felt like the end.

So yeah, I’m fine leaving Joe here but because I enjoy the writing style so much I would also be okay if there was another one lol but I think four is the limit. But we see what happens.

On the bright side there is always season 3 of the Netflix show. I’m not sure what it will be like because I believe it was written before or at the same time as the third book so it will probably be different. Especially since Joe didn’t go to jail in the TV show and Love is still around and crazy too lol. So I’m excited to see where that goes and if it will be just as wild.

In the meantime it’s time to go on and probably read something lighter haha. Hopefully something that doesn’t have six plot twists at the end would be nice.

You Season Two Thoughts

Hello You,

I have just finished watching season 2 of You and so I thought I would share my thoughts, similar to how I did for Grey’s Anatomy. I took bullet points while I was watching the show, so that is what I’m going to share.

However, I will probably add more to them since this was a quick thing and I just wanted to watch the show.

Also before we get into this I wanna say I have read both books the TV show is based on, so if you wanna know my thoughts on Hidden Bodies, the book this season was based on then feel free to check it out here.

Now onto my thoughts on the TV show:

  • Oh Joe, running away to LA because the ex you thought was dead showed up. Mood. But also it seems so random like I feel like the book did it better, I know Joe was trying to find a place Candace was never gonna find him but he literally could have gone anywhere, in the book he goes to LA to chase someone else.
  • I was so shocked to find Joe built a cage in LA but also kind of impressed. Don’t ever change man.
  • Wow in the first like five minutes of the show Joe is getting his finger cut off by a crazy guy, that’s fun.
  • Ooh Beck the ghost! I wonder how long this lasts.
  • Well that guy definitely needed to die because he was a psycho and would never have left Joe alone but what’s next for Joe and Will?
  • It is so creepy watching Joe grind up that dude omg.
  • Delilah got a huge upgrade from the books I mean she went from “Don’t fuck Delilah” to “Don’t fuck with Delilah” – you go girl.
  • I love that they needed to write in some way to kill Henderson to stay true to the books. At least in the TV show it seems like they tried to make out like Joe was being a good guy whereas in the books he kills him over some comedy sketch lol
  • Ooh Candace and Forty I see how it’s going to be. I knew we hadn’t seen the last of her.
  • Joe accidentally killing Henderson is hilarious like look at him trying to turn a new leaf but someone died anyway…Yikes.
  • Nice nod to the book with Candace using Amy’s name. I would have preferred if Amy had been in this one but I guess there’s a thrill of trying to figure out what Candace’s plan is with Joe.
  • Poor Candace having PTSD from Joe. Not surprised though I mean she was buried alive.
  • I “wolf” you. Seriously?! So much worse than that everythingship crap.
  • I’m so glad the Third Twin thing is just a reference and not Forty’s whole idea for a movie because I don’t think I could handle that crap again. It was so stupid.
  • Seeing Joe tied up like that was hilarious but I wish it had been Candace who did it and not that other woman.
  • I guess no one is going to find out about that first guy Joe killed? I mean I suppose no one really knew about him apart from Will.
  • So Candace just got paid off and went on her merry way? Okay then.
  • Ahhh enter Milo. Surprised Love is actually sleeping with him though didn’t think that would happen. Also surprised Forty hates him, I thought he loved him in the book.
  • Joe actually took a selfie so he can online date lol. Who is he?
  • Omg that whole cleanse thing too. LA has changed Joe forever.
  • I see that Love is not going to go through that whole oral issue she had in the book. Kind of sad about that though because I thought it would be hilarious. Though in the TV show she seems to be pretty kinky.
  • Ooh Joe and Delilah getting arrested for public indecency . That’s fun. Also they were kind of cute together.
  • I was wondering how they were going to kill Delilah but she finds out about Henderson. So he kills her and then that cop guy obviously – but what about Ellie?
  • Hey Joe fixed up that wall – nice.
  • WAIT he’s letting Delilah go?! Someone is really trying to turn a new leaf.
  • Forty drugging Joe is so wild. And I thought this was when Joe was going to attempt to kill Forty but I guess not.
  • DELILAH MURDERED – but who did it?
  • Omg her facial recognition worked? With her eyes closed?! Sketchy, mine doesn’t work sometimes when I have makeup on lol
  • Joe calling Will and him being totally chill about Joe having another person in the cage and possibly killing them is crazy but okay. We love a non-judging friend.
  • Hey Candace is back! Hi girl.
  • Ah she found Joe and Delilah! This is where Joe gets caught and goes to jail right?
  • I guess not she just calls Love instead. I know from the book that Love is okay with Joe being a killer and even helps him get rid of that mug of pee so this is fine. I mean in the book I was unsure if she was really in love with him or just saying it so she didn’t die but we’ll see where this goes.
  • Love also killed Delilah and that babysitter? Wow.
  • LOVE IS LIKE JOE I’M SCREAMING. She is not like she is in the book, she’s a killer, she wanted Joe from the beginning, she knew they were soulmates I kind of love it but was not expecting this oh my God.
  • Lol wait does Joe not like this?
  • This is a turn of events, I did not expect Joe to recoil from Love, in the book, he is the one who is still head over heels in love with Love and would still do anything for her…this is weird.
  • I see that Forty has figured out that Joe is a killer and wants to free Dr Nicky. I can see why he is freaking out, if only he knew Love could be just as dangerous…
  • What is with Joe’s hair at this wedding it is so distracting haha
  • So Forty traps Love and Joe in Anavrin and wants to kill Joe. This took a huge turn.
  • Side note I think it’s nice that Joe wants to help Ellie. There is no Ellie in the books but I think it’s nice he thinks of her and wasn’t going to kill Delilah because of her. He always looks out for the kids, like Paco in the last season. I miss him.
  • SO THE COP KILLS FORTY? Unexpected. I mean I knew Forty died in the book but I couldn’t remember how. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen on the TV show but it made sense because it was clear that Love and Joe could never be together properly with Forty in the way, at least how Joe saw it.
  • Plus I expected Joe to kill that cop because he killed him in the book lol.
  • And so it ends with Love, actually being pregnant, living in a lovely new home with the family she always wanted with Joe by her side.
  • Meanwhile Joe hates it and believes that he deserves this for all the horrible things he has done. He thinks this is his punishment, trapped with a psycho like Love because he wants his child to have a father.
  • But at the same time there’s a neighbour who he might have caught the sight of who he quite likes…

And here we are at the end!

This was a wild rollercoaster and the bullet points are way longer than I thought they would be but I knew I had a lot of things to say.

Overall the season was really good. I mean I already knew I was going to like it based on the book alone. I knew they would make changes though because that’s understandable but it’s interesting to see how they varied quite a bit from the book.

I was a little disappointed in the variations, mainly because they have changed Joe’s character from how he was. I wasn’t expecting him to recoil from Love and realise he was a terrible person. I feel like the TV show try and make you understand him and want to kind of root for him sometimes.

But I prefer that he is just bad and his thinking justifies all the wrongful actions. I guess I just prefer him be a straight up bad guy. Seeing him turn a leaf is not what I signed up for haha.

I also still can’t get over how extreme they made Love either, it doesn’t seem right but I am interested to see more of her and where it takes us. In the book I was questioning her love for Joe but in the TV show there is no question about it lol. So I wonder how raising a family will be.

But yeah, sadly there is no new book out yet so I can’t even use that as an indicator of how the next season will go. And yes, there will be another season because Penn Badgley told us lol. So I guess we have to wait. Though the book would definitely be different anyway because Joe actually went to jail.

I wanted that to happen to be honest, I was expecting him to go to jail. Surprised it didn’t happen. I know in the book he probably won’t stay in jail for long but even so, the TV show has taken a turn, where it will lead us I don’t know.

If I had to make predictions I would say that Joe pursues the neighbour, Love finds out and isn’t happy about it so maybe she tries to kill him? I say Joe makes an escape or kills Love and then…that’s kind of how far I get.

In the meantime I guess I go back to my other shows and books and patiently wait for more info, and also insert myself into every conversation about the show on Reddit because I can’t stop talking about it.

~ Courtney x

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes Review

I could not wait to read this. Literally, I knew as soon I finished reading “You” that I needed to know what happened to Joe after Beck.

Turns out a lot of things happened. A lot of unexpected things.

I have so many thoughts on this so be prepared because it’s gonna be a long one.

First of all, Joe and Amy. Another girl he is obsessed with. Of course. But she’s no Beck, no she is better than Beck in every way.

But sadly the Joe and Amy story doesn’t last very long as she bolts to LA to become an actress. Gross.

Joe isn’t pleased and has to hunt her down and kill her. And this is where I’m pumped up and excited, which is a weird thing to be excited about but for some reason with Joe it feels right.

So Joe goes to LA and he hates every second of it. I feel like if you love New York you aren’t a fan of LA and vice versa. It’s just how it is.

But don’t fret because things are just beginning for Joe and soon he is living in a crappy apartment with an annoying landlord and a clingy neighbour and the worst drug-addict boss.

It does not take long for him to make his first kill. And honestly, I really enjoy Joe’s thinking and his reasoning behind everything. I think because it’s logical, and I think logically about things too. I definitely don’t justify to myself why someone needs to die and so plan to kill them but like I follow Joe’s thinking well.

Plus in this book he isn’t referring to anyone as “you”, because he has moved on and there are a lot more people he has to focus on now. Yet the writing is still the same style and I’m all in for it.

So his first murder in LA was kind of unexpected. I don’t think I saw it coming until it was decided and happening. But soon after Joe gives up his hunt for Amy as he is thrown headfirst into the rich life of LA.

He falls in love with this girl called Love. Which I honestly hated so much like I know that’s the point but it is actually the worst thing. Anyway, he falls for her and he gives up his fight for Amy. And I was surprised by this because I didn’t think anything would stop Joe once he was on a mission.

I suppose he did have a new mission though. To love, Love. To be her everything, to be a part of her world.

Sadly though not everything is peachy there because Joe is jealous of the men in Love’s life and while he deals with his issues with that he also manages to get another murder in there on the sly. That one I saw coming haha but still surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Eventually, though Joe realises he has nothing to be jealous about. Except for the fact, Love has a strong connection with her twin brother Forty. Again the worst name but I didn’t pick it.

Forty is the worst character. I just hated everything about him and Joe did too. Forty was a rich, drug addict who thought he could make it in Hollywood and he just got on my nerves so damn much.

Sadly though he sticks around for a while as Joe becomes friends with him for the sake of Love. He listens to Forty as he tells Joe all of his stupid movie ideas and Joe decides he can make them better so he starts writing for Forty on the DL. Immediately I know this isn’t a good idea but Joe thinks it would be cool to get his break in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Love’s third twin – again something stupid which I hate – Milo writes a movie and he wants Love to be in it and they start filming and there’s this tension between Joe and Milo because this movie is just Milo’s way of showing he is still in love with Love. And ya know we love a good love triangle. Wow. Drink every time you read the word love in this blog post lol.

Anyway yeah so we have this jealousy again and then there this whole scene in the movie about oral sex and it’s a big deal because “Love doesn’t do that” but she would for the movie but then she ends up doing it with Joe to show she truly loves him and the scene is cut from the movie. So all is going well for Joe.

Until a police officer comes and attacks Joe because he knows that he killed his clingy neighbour. Which he did but the police don’t have proof so it fine. Joe knows what needs to be done.

Once he takes care of things everything is once again all sunshine and rainbows for Joe. And now I’m actually rooting for him to finally he happy and be with a good person and everything end well for him. Even though he killed like four people in the last book and also has up to this point killed three more people…

Sadly though there is just one more person Joe feels like he needs to rid the world of. Forty. Forty screwed Joe over and didn’t give him credit for writing the scripts he sold which I gotta say was a dick move but also didn’t you kind of sense it coming because that’s the kind of thing people do.

Forty ends up going on a bender and Joe feels like it is his responsibility to help Forty on to the afterlife. Except while he is finishing Forty off he finds out that the Salinger family is investigating the death of Peach. And Joe is thinking about that mug of urine he left in her house that time. Yikes.

Joe immediately flies out to little Compton to see if he can get the mug but he has no such luck and also Love busts him for lying and saying he was in Las Vegas looking for Forty when he flew out to Little Compton.

Joe decides to tell Love the truth. All of it. Minus the Forty part and I am shook. I can’t believe he would tell her everything…

More so I cannot believe that love is OKAY with it??? She barricades Joe in the bathroom and disappears and immediately I think this is it. Joe is done. And Joe thinks so too but mo Love comes back with the mug!

I am so surprised by this but also happy and rooting for them both in some weird twisted way and not to mention love is pregnant! Okay, this part I’m not so sure on. It’s what she says and of course Joe would believe but something about it just doesn’t sit tight with me…

But they are both happy and all is well and even better news is that Forty is alive! I am shocked by this news just like Joe is and they go to the hospital where Forty gets Joe back in on the writing “deal” otherwise Forty will tell everyone joe tried to kill him. Yikes.

Luckily forty cares more about his fame and realises he needs Joe for that so Joe is not going to jail today.

Fast forward a bit and Joe actually runs into AMY.

Man did we forget about her? I didn’t and I was surprised she hadn’t shown up sooner.

They have a faceoff and I seriously thought this was when Joe was gonna end her but lucky for her he is a changed man and he just let’s her go.

I was definitely surprised because I didn’t think he would just let her walk like that and also I was amazed no one saw them on the beach but I suppose there was fog…eh still they seemed to be there a long time and Joe was straddling her – almost strangling her lol.

Still, Joe let’s her go and he feels at peace at last and even ends up hearing even better news. Forty is dead. And Joe didn’t kill him! Are you shocked? I am too. Immediately I am thinking that this is some plot Forty constructed to bring Joe down but it was not, it was just an accident.

Now Joe’s life is perfect because he’s got the girl, the rich life, a baby on the way…it’s everything he’s ever wanted.

This is when he gets arrested.

I don’t know how Joe will get of this one but he believes he will, he is thinking very positively because of Love and the baby. But like I said earlier, I am suspicious about Love and the baby. I don’t know what it is but something about her and her family seem too perfect. I think there is something going on, even if Joe doesn’t see it.

But I guess we won’t know for sure until we get the next book.

So yeah, that was a wild ride from start to finish. I love how the story is going and I can’t wait for more. Sadly though I have no idea when the next book will be.

On the bright side, season 2 of the Netflix show is coming in a couple months and I am excited for it. I’d never thought I’d say this but I think that Penn Badgley does make a good Joe Goldberg. Even if it took me ages to see it because to me he will always be Lonely Boy from Gossip Girl lol.

Speaking of which – I think my next read will be the Gossip Girl series. I really want to read it and I think this is the time. I know it will be very different from the TV show but I’m still excited to see what it’s like.

So yes, overall really enjoyed this book and the series. I would recommend the TV show and the book to be honest because even though the first book and the TV show are very similar they are both just really good. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the next book! 😛

~ Courtney x

You By Caroline Kepnes Review


I watched the Netflix adaptation of this book at the start of the year and it definitely made me want to read the book.

You is about a guy called Joe and Joe falls in love with Guinevere Beck but his love is just a little bit too much to handle. Basically, he’s an obsessed stalker who would do anything to get with Beck.

Now I gotta say the TV show definitely changed some of the storylines and I think it was to make it even more dramatic which is fine it makes sense. Also in the book they didn’t have a neighbour for Joe like Paco on the TV show. He was a good egg. Miss him.

I really enjoyed reading the book, it was really addictive and I think I liked it more than the TV show just a little bit. I think sometimes the TV show dragged a little. But the book did not.

It’s so interesting to see things from Joe’s point of view. He never has a doubt in his mind about what he is doing, he does everything for her and to protect her. And it’s wild.

Also thank you book for explaining that Beck actually emails people so that’s how he can follow her, rather than the TV show saying that Joe can read her text messages even though they showed her using iMessage but she had an Android phone and those things just don’t work together…

Anyway, I am super excited to read the sequel if I can get my hands on it, plus I hear a third book is on the way. I’m kind of obsessed with seeing where things with Joe will go. It’s just so different from other things I’ve read yet still in the realm of things I enjoy haha. Gotta have a bit of thriller and mystery in there.

So basically overall loved the book – though sometimes it was a bit hard to read because I got confused at who was talking sometimes. And the whole thing about how he only talks about Beck like “you are doing this, you see me, you act like…” etc. Some of those paragraphs were long and it took a while to process but nothing too terrible. Still easy to read and very addicting.

Now excuse me while I go out of my way to find the sequel – I read this book as an ebook borrowed from the library but they don’t have the second one as an ebook which is annoying…but I’ll find a way to get it.

~ Courtney x