Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar Review

Hey Upper East Siders,

I just finished the Gossip Girl book and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

So I’ve actually read this book before. I planned to read the whole series after I finished the TV show but never got around to getting the rest of the books because I was a poor secondary school student. And then, earlier this year when I got a library card I discovered they had the series on their ebook app. So now I can read them all!

Anyway yes, I wanna say beforehand that I love the TV show Gossip Girl. The drama was everything, the cast was everything. I love it a lot.

Will I love the books though? I guess we see.

So I know the show is loosely based off of the books so I’m not expecting anything to be exactly the same. I would say the first few episodes of season 1 are similar to the events in the first book.

So here’s my list of similarities:

  • Serena back from boarding school
  • Nate slept with Serena
  • Chuck tries to force himself on Jenny at the Kiss on the Lips party
  • Blair wanting to have sex with Nate but finding out about Serena and Nate

So not many things. But they don’t all happen in the same way they did on the show. To be expected.

Now onto things that were different because this stuff was interesting.

First thing is that everyone’s parents are around. Yeah it’s weird. Because in the show Serena has her daddy issues and Lily remarries several times and then also on the show Chuck never knew his mother. But in the book world of the Upper East Side both their families are in tact. Not only that, all the families have more siblings than the show had you believe.

I can’t imagine Blair or Chuck having siblings it doesn’t seem right. But there ya go.

Also Gossip Girl is a .co.uk site? This is weird to me only because the book is based in America so why would the website have a UK domain? I don’t think this is a thing most people care about but I do.

Plus, Gossip Girl always refers to everyone only by their first initial on the website. Unlike on the show when sometimes Gossip Girl would use their actual name. Which I’m glad they did on the show just because only referring to someone by a letter doesn’t sound good when you’re talking about them lol.

Another thing they play up in the book is that Nate is a major stoner. Which we never really got in the TV show. Not to mention that everyone smokes. Though I suppose that wouldn’t have been a good look on TV. Especially since at the time of the TV show I feel like you couldn’t smoke everywhere like you could early 2000s when the book was set.

But yeah, other things that happen in the first book did happen in the TV show just later on like Blair’s mom getting with Cyrus and the introduction of Vanessa.

Oh! That’s another thing Vanessa goes to Constance in the book! Which I can’t even imagine but yeah that’s a thing.

I can see that the TV show definitely changed a lot but it’s understandable. With TV shows they need to amp the drama up and cut minor characters because it’s a money thing. But in books you don’t need as much drama. Which is fine. I mean I’m not expecting anything major from the first book.

I am interested to see where it goes though. I mean right now there’s the familiarity of everything that happens but I have no idea where we go from here.

If I had to say anything it’s that I am sad we won’t have Dorota in the books. Dorota is Blair’s maid and she honestly makes the show so much better haha.

Also, do they reveal who Gossip Girl is in the books?! Because the TV show reveal was weak and I think it would be better maybe if there wasn’t a reveal but at the same time I would love to know who Gossip Girl was actually meant to be. Kind of like how in Pretty Little liars, A is actually not who they made it out to be on the TV show. (I haven’t read PLL but it’s on my list even though I know who A is in the books).

But yeah, overall I liked it. Like I said I am interested to see where we go from here.

Don’t have much else to say. I mean this was just me breaking down the similarities and differences from the TV show but I promise to talk more about the books as we go on. But I can’t say I won’t bring up the TV show again. But yeah, more focus on the books from now on.

So until next time,

You know you love me,

xo xo

~ Courtney

(P.S I’m glad they add the ‘xo xo’ part on the TV show I don’t know why but it just sounds good)