Suits Finale Thoughts


I just finished watching the finale of Suits and I thought I would share my thoughts.

I feel like they crammed a lot into this episode. Like they were really pushing it.

First, they finally sorted the Faye issue once and for all. I gotta say this was a little anti-climactic. I was expecting a more dramatic court scene rather than Harvey settling it in the meeting room just him and Faye.

I liked seeing everyone in the same room together though, we love teamwork.

It just felt like after all the building up of this big thing it fizzled out quite quickly. Not that we had much time to process the fact that Faye was actually gone for good because Louis was getting married.

This seemed so out of left field for me for some reason. I guess because they didn’t really mention it? Okay I know Louis asked Shelia to marry him before she gave birth and everything but I didn’t realise it was just going to come up like that. Especially because the Faye thing kind of eclipsed everything else and we never heard about Louis wedding planning, which if it’s Louis ya know that was a thing he was going to be involved in.

It made sense though, you can’t end the show forever without seeing them get married or giving birth to their child. Which, by the way why did they throw in that unnecessary drama of Shelia almost dying? Am I the only one that felt like that didn’t need to be a thing? Especially so close to the end of the episode and then to have it all be fine…Ugh.

Then we come to Donna and Harvey getting married. I cried, for sure, but it seemed so rushed. And I know they justified it and all that but you can’t just have Harvey being like “lol this won’t be us for a while” and then turn around and be like “jk marry me now though”. I felt like it wasn’t their style, I don’t think we needed to see them get married to know they were endgame.

Oh, and I was so sad Rachel wasn’t there with Mike. I know this is because Meghan Markle is now royalty but still haha. It just seemed weird and then I was surprised when they showed clips of her from the old seasons because she’s now married to a prince and to see her in an actress context is weird now. But yeah, I just felt like it was weird she wasn’t there, even though I know why she couldn’t have been. I think it would have been cool if there was an exception just so she could have stood next to Mike at Louis’s wedding but whatever.

Despite having issues with the finale I did like it. I mean it wrapped everything up in a nice way and I think it was great that Harvey decided to go and work with Mike at the end. I so cried when Harvey and Donna were saying goodbye to Louis it was so cute.

Plus the Mike and Harvey interview scene at the end was super cute too! I’m gonna miss them a lot.

Oh and those old scenes they threw in there, thought it was a bit random but I did enjoy them. I feel like they could have included way more but I know for the runtime purposes of the show it was kind of short.

Also, I am happy that they decided to make Katrina a named partner and put her name on the wall, that was a good choice guys. I love Katrina. I am sad she and Brian never worked out but I would have loved to see her be in the big leagues with the rest of the gang.

So those were all my thoughts on the Suits season finale. Overall the last season was really good, I wasn’t sure how to feel about the show after Mike decided to leave but I think it did well. Like all shows, there were times during the middle where I didn’t know if I would still keep watching or not but I stuck with it and now we are here.

I always get sad when one of my shows ends because it means I gotta find a new show, which I hate doing because it always takes me ages to find one lol but I’m sure I will.

On the bright side, other shows I watch have begun to return to our screens like Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. So I guess I have some things to keep me occupied while I search for a new show.

If you have any TV suggestions please leave them below!

~ Courtney x

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes Review

I feel like I have to say this every time I’ve read a book that has a movie based on it. I’m gonna be upfront about it – yes I’ve seen the movie.

But actually, I did read a bit of this book before the movie. And what I mean by that is, one time I was at my sister’s house and I saw the book sitting and I read a few pages in bed, didn’t think much of it and forgot about it.

Then a few years later I saw the movie, cried, obviously.

Now today I have finished reading the book.

I have to say I do think it’s redundant about reading a book when you’ve seen the movie. Which everyone says. But I only mean it if the movie and the book are basically identical. And that’s the case here.

Too bad you don’t really know it until you’ve actually read the whole thing lol.

Suppose I could have asked or looked to see if anyone had asked but I guess I wanted to find out for myself.

I enjoyed the book a lot, it brought back flashes of the movie which I liked. I couldn’t imagine Will as anyone but Sam Claflin he’s gorgeous.

But yeah, it was a good book though I would skip it if you’ve seen the movie. I am interested in maybe reading the sequels. I think it is a great standalone book but there are a couple sequels. I’m not too fussed on reading them but it would be interesting to see what Louisa gets up to next.

Did I cry at the book?

I was trying very hard not to lol I was in a cafe at lunchtime and didn’t really think it was the best time to start crying. But it definitely still got me emotional.

Overall a cute read, yet heartbreaking at the same time. Don’t know what my next book will be but I’m sure I’ll find it in no time. 🙂

~ Courtney x

I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella Review

This book sounded super cute and kind of cliche so I decided to give it a read.

It is 100% cliche but I don’t mind a cliche. Depending on how it’s done. This one was okay.

I was surprised to find I really didn’t like any of the characters in this book. Like Fixie’s siblings are the worst, Fixie is annoying in her own way, Ryan was actually awful and Seb was okay I guess. Though why he decided to get back with that ex of his I have no idea it was stupid.

So yeah I’m amazed I stuck with it but I guess I wanted to see where this Fixie and Seb thing went.

Of course they got together in the end. That was expected.

I wasn’t expecting the little break up but it was nothing.

I’m glad Fixie got her backbone and stood up to her siblings. They really needed it.

Honestly Nicole was pissing me off because she never finished a sentence and was such an air head, and Jake just seemed like dick lol hated it.

Plus the whole Fixie and Ryan thing. Ugh. Red flags all over the show. He was actually the worst person and it sucks she didn’t see it for the longest time.

But yeah overall the book was okay I guess. I definitely think I wanted to like it more than I did.

I did like the idea of Farrs though. I love that of all things the thing I loved the most was actually the family shop haha but it was a cute idea and I just imagine it being really fun and friendly.

I think if there was a movie I would go see it just to see how they did the shop lol.

Anyway, this is actually the first Sophie Kinsella book I’ve read. I really want to read Confessions of a Shopaholic because I liked that movie but I have no such luck getting the book in the library so it’s been on hold.

It was an easy read. I feel like I tend to gravitate towards books that have this kind of writing style. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess it’s like chick lit? Haha it’s a similar style to the “I Heart” series ya know. But it’s not a bad thing. I do like a good chick flick movie so why not a good chick lit book?

And my chick lit journey doesn’t stop there I picked up a new book at the library today: Me Before You. Yes I’ve seen the movie and I totally cried so we shall see how the book treats me

~ Courtney x

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han Review

I feel like I said this about the other two books, but this one is so cute. So fluffy. So everything.

I wish I could hate on how perfect everything in this book is but I honestly don’t. Like you know those stories, where everything is always good and happy and wonderful and it all works out – those kinds of stories that are hardly ever realistic? That’s this. But I don’t hate it.

In this book, it is Lara Jean’s final year of high school and she has some big decisions to make about her future. And it made me feel very nostalgic for my own final year in secondary school. Sadly mine was not as magical and perfect as Lara Jean’s – but I still felt the same way that she did about being sentimental and wondering what the future would hold for me and all my friends.

So Lara Jean has had this plan that she and Peter were going to go to the same college, he was going to play lacrosse and she was going to do whatever she was gonna do and it was all going to be cute and happily ever after but…she gets rejected from the college…

Now she has to figure out a plan B, but in the meantime, she is keeping herself busy with trying to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie and also planning her dad’s wedding.

I was kind of surprised that Lara Jean’s dad and their neighbour Ms Rothschild ended up together. I wasn’t expecting it, but with the way the whole series goes, of course, their dad should have someone. It makes sense, and I totally cried reading about the wedding, but that probably had to do more with Lara Jean and Peter.

So, even though I was totally team John because of the second book, the third book totally sold me on Lara Jean and Peter forever. They had so many cute moments in this book and I couldn’t handle it. When they went to New York and Peter went to get that cookie for Lara Jean, at prom and then when Peter recreated that scene from Sixteen Candles for Lara Jean’s birthday. Ugh, I couldn’t handle the cuteness. And I definitely feel like if this was any other book series I wouldn’t have been a fan of all the lovey-dovey stuff but it works here.

I’m glad everything works out with them in the end, they were too pure not to end up together, let’s be real.

Aside from all that I thought it was interesting to see Margot not taking to Trina like everyone else. I mean it made sense but I kind of liked that there was some drama going on at home. I love a good bit of drama. Of course, it got resolved in the end but it was still something new to the series.

If anything, I do have to say I’m kind of sad that we will never know what happens when the Song girls go to Korea. Although currently, the actress that plays Lara Jean in the movie is in Korea. And so maybe the movies will give us a look into what that was like. I just think it would be fun to have the girls hanging out and spending time together without boys.

But yeah, overall a cute and fluffy book series. I really enjoyed them and I would definitely recommend reading them if you liked the movie. I am beyond excited to see the movies now that I know what happens in the books 😛 I know things aren’t going to be exactly the same but I still like having an idea of what to expect.

Just counting down the days till the next movie now…

~ Courtney x