I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella Review

This book sounded super cute and kind of cliche so I decided to give it a read.

It is 100% cliche but I don’t mind a cliche. Depending on how it’s done. This one was okay.

I was surprised to find I really didn’t like any of the characters in this book. Like Fixie’s siblings are the worst, Fixie is annoying in her own way, Ryan was actually awful and Seb was okay I guess. Though why he decided to get back with that ex of his I have no idea it was stupid.

So yeah I’m amazed I stuck with it but I guess I wanted to see where this Fixie and Seb thing went.

Of course they got together in the end. That was expected.

I wasn’t expecting the little break up but it was nothing.

I’m glad Fixie got her backbone and stood up to her siblings. They really needed it.

Honestly Nicole was pissing me off because she never finished a sentence and was such an air head, and Jake just seemed like dick lol hated it.

Plus the whole Fixie and Ryan thing. Ugh. Red flags all over the show. He was actually the worst person and it sucks she didn’t see it for the longest time.

But yeah overall the book was okay I guess. I definitely think I wanted to like it more than I did.

I did like the idea of Farrs though. I love that of all things the thing I loved the most was actually the family shop haha but it was a cute idea and I just imagine it being really fun and friendly.

I think if there was a movie I would go see it just to see how they did the shop lol.

Anyway, this is actually the first Sophie Kinsella book I’ve read. I really want to read Confessions of a Shopaholic because I liked that movie but I have no such luck getting the book in the library so it’s been on hold.

It was an easy read. I feel like I tend to gravitate towards books that have this kind of writing style. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess it’s like chick lit? Haha it’s a similar style to the “I Heart” series ya know. But it’s not a bad thing. I do like a good chick flick movie so why not a good chick lit book?

And my chick lit journey doesn’t stop there I picked up a new book at the library today: Me Before You. Yes I’ve seen the movie and I totally cried so we shall see how the book treats me

~ Courtney x

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