P.S I Still Love You By Jenny Han Review

The sequel to ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. I read the first book because I liked the movie, and obviously, I wanted to know what happened next.

This book was so cute – like cuter than the first one.

And I’m just gonna put it out there right now – I totally would have chosen John over Peter. I suppose if Lara Jean had gotten with John then she would have discovered that it was nothing like the idea of being with him…but they did have so many cute moments in this book and I was totally hooked on it.

I am so excited to see the second movie and see how they do the scenes with John like I can’t wait to see Lara Jean and him in their 40’s get up looking cute as ever. It will be great.

Anyway yeah okay onto the rest of the book haha.

So the first half of the book actually talks about the fall-out of the video posted about Lara Jean and Peter in the hot tub – this is covered at the end of the first movie so I wasn’t surprised this happened. Though the movie kind of glossed over it whereas it was a big thing in the book – I don’t know if they will bring it back up in the sequel but I guess we see.

The book also deals with Lara Jean being insecure because Peter is still spending a lot of time with Genevieve and Lara Jean is jealous. Which I would be too if my boyfriend was still spending a lot of time with his ex. Though nothing happens between Peter and Gen it definitely seems like something is going on…especially when Peter doesn’t really talk about it.

I think it’s interesting how fast Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship seemed to fall apart and get put back together again – with the way things were going I actually didn’t expect Lara Jean to choose Peter…like not until John literally said: “I didn’t even have a chance did I?”

Not that I’m mad about it I guess – I just think it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Also, I really enjoyed this idea of Assassin – it sounds like a fun game. Again, something I can’t wait to see how they do it in the movie 😛

Overall, a really enjoyable read. Super excited to see where the series goes, and can’t wait for the movies either – the actors that play Lara Jean and Peter are so cute and have great chemistry so it will be great to see them together again!

In the meantime, I will settle on picturing them in my head as I move onto the third and final book in the series – I hope the ending is satisfying, I couldn’t bear for the series to end badly it’s been so good so far. Fingers crossed!

~ Courtney x