You By Caroline Kepnes Review


I watched the Netflix adaptation of this book at the start of the year and it definitely made me want to read the book.

You is about a guy called Joe and Joe falls in love with Guinevere Beck but his love is just a little bit too much to handle. Basically, he’s an obsessed stalker who would do anything to get with Beck.

Now I gotta say the TV show definitely changed some of the storylines and I think it was to make it even more dramatic which is fine it makes sense. Also in the book they didn’t have a neighbour for Joe like Paco on the TV show. He was a good egg. Miss him.

I really enjoyed reading the book, it was really addictive and I think I liked it more than the TV show just a little bit. I think sometimes the TV show dragged a little. But the book did not.

It’s so interesting to see things from Joe’s point of view. He never has a doubt in his mind about what he is doing, he does everything for her and to protect her. And it’s wild.

Also thank you book for explaining that Beck actually emails people so that’s how he can follow her, rather than the TV show saying that Joe can read her text messages even though they showed her using iMessage but she had an Android phone and those things just don’t work together…

Anyway, I am super excited to read the sequel if I can get my hands on it, plus I hear a third book is on the way. I’m kind of obsessed with seeing where things with Joe will go. It’s just so different from other things I’ve read yet still in the realm of things I enjoy haha. Gotta have a bit of thriller and mystery in there.

So basically overall loved the book – though sometimes it was a bit hard to read because I got confused at who was talking sometimes. And the whole thing about how he only talks about Beck like “you are doing this, you see me, you act like…” etc. Some of those paragraphs were long and it took a while to process but nothing too terrible. Still easy to read and very addicting.

Now excuse me while I go out of my way to find the sequel – I read this book as an ebook borrowed from the library but they don’t have the second one as an ebook which is annoying…but I’ll find a way to get it.

~ Courtney x