Wordsearch and Nail Polish! | Pages 43 and 104 | The Pointless Book

Hello all!
Another Pointless Book blog post! This one is probably not very exciting though. However I did like doing these pages. It was just something nice to do for the night.
If you guys want to check out the video it is below, and also more detailed looks at the pages I did:

So the first page was the wordsearch, which there isn’t much to I mean it’s a wordsearch. I suppose I could have easily just cheated and looked at the solutions page but where would the fun have been in that? Instead I did the whole thing myself, even timed it. It took me roughly six minutes, I’d say that was in good time.

The next page was to use some old nail varnish to paint the page and i had quite a lot of old nail varnish to choose from. I didn’t really know what else to do with the page but I decided that the neatest way to do it was to just paint lines across the page, plus I didn’t know how much nail polish was still in the bottles, they were just old colours I never used anymore.

All of the colours I used…
The final result!
And there you have it, another Pointless Book blog post done and dusted. I hope you guys enjoyed. If not, that’s cool. I mainly do these things for myself anyway, it’s a result of having too much free time. But anyway, I’ll be back soon with another blog post, hopefully something more interesting next time. x