Exam Stress and Leaving School

Hey, guys, just a little blog post about life.
So as you know, it’s exam season and that is always stressful. It might not be on the same level of stress for everyone, but it definitely gets a little stressful.
And I was definitely feeling stress this year. This was my last year at secondary school and these exams had to count for something and so of course you want to do well. Especially since these exams are what are standing between you and getting into university. It’s a scary thought.
However, the only way to get through it is to push yourself. Work hard and get the results that you want. And I definitely think that I did my best. There’s nothing else you can do.
Which I know, makes me sound like such a teacher but it’s true. If I didn’t work hard I definitely would not have the grades that I do. Like my mock grades gave me such confidence about the real thing and that’s because I worked hard for it.
So I’m just hoping that the real thing goes just as well.
We don’t find out our exam results until August so we have some time to wait which sucks sometimes because it’s not exactly something you want to be worrying about over summer. But the truth is, as soon as I walk out of the exam room I don’t think about it anymore. And I think that’s how everyone should be.
My whole approach to exams is that you need to stop worrying about the exam the night before. Like, set a time to revise to and then stop and go to bed or do something to take your mind off of it. Because otherwise you just won’t sleep and lack of sleep is not good before an exam.
I know that sometimes you think you’ll forget something if you stop revising it and I have had the same worry but honestly, when I’ve stopped revising for the night and then go back to it the next day, I’ve found that I still remember most, if not everything that I learnt the day before. Your brain needs to take a break.
So you rest and then you go to the exam. By that point, there’s nothing extra you can do which is when I just stop worrying. Like, I take my seat in the exam room, take the exam and don’t worry about it after. Like you have done all that you can and now you just have to let it be whatever it is.
I don’t think there’s any point stressing about something that you can’t change. The only time you can change it is any time right up until before the exam. Like you either know it or you don’t and so you just sort of have to go with it.
Which sounds like I have such a laid back approach to exams but I think it’s so much easier to be this way. I might be a total mess up until the exam, but as soon as I’m in the hall I’m pretty calm. I think you just need to let the stress out of your system before the actual exam. And you just need to find a way to do that.
I mean, I guess everyone is different and if you have a way to cope with exams that works for you then that’s good. But this is just how I feel about it.
You work hard, you take the exam and then you can finally breathe because it’s all over.
Which is finally what I can do now. I  have finally finished all my exams and it means I can just breathe and start my summer.
This summer also marks me leaving school. As in…I’m going to go to university. And that…that is scary and exciting.
I mean I’ve been at school for 14 years of my life and I am looking forward to being in a new environment. I am kind of glad that I will no longer have to wear a uniform, even though the stress of trying to figure out what to wear every day will be something I have to think about when the time comes. But I am looking forward to meeting new people and just having that “university experience”.
It is sort of weird to think I won’t be going to school anymore though. I mean I know I’ll miss it. I will miss the classes that I had and I will miss some teachers, and of course I will miss my friends. It’ll be strange to think they will all be somewhere else in September. They will all be in different places in the UK. Which I guess isn’t that bad because they are still going to be close but not that close.
I know I’ll keep in touch with them though. If anything I know that I made some really good friends the past few years and I do plan to keep them. I mean if anything I’m really glad that I made good friends. I think that it’s really important to surround yourself with good people, it really helps you to have someone out there that is going through what you are too.
And I suppose it’ll be the same when I go to university. We will all be a bunch of freshmen who have no idea what is coming haha. But I am looking forward to it.
As scared as I am I know I won’t be the only one and that it’ll take a while to settle in but it’ll be okay. I mean it’s just the next step in life and it’s something everyone has to go through eventually. Whether you are going to university or going into a job or whatever you chose to do after school…it’s scary.
But I do think we should embrace it.
So while I am sad that this part of my life is ending I am happy that a new part is starting. Adulthood.
Haha, that’s a scary thought.
I am not even ready to be an adult. But I guess that’s just something I have to take one day at a time.
I mean if I’ve learned anything it’s that no one really knows how to be a perfect adult, we are all just learning as we go along.
So if anything you just have to go with the flow. And at the end of the day don’t take life too seriously. Just enjoy it for what it is.
I wasn’t expecting this to get so deep, but it ended up being that way haha.
I can’t help it, I think when you are going through a big change like this it really does just give you a lot of time to reflect.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed reading. And I hope that you come back for my next blog post, I am planning to do one talking about my overall secondary school experience. Which I think will be a blast haha.