Orange is the New Black

Hello world,
Yet another TV show that has taken over my life. Yay. This happens a lot.

I caved with Orange is the New Black about two weeks ago. Netflix had recently released season three and it’s the only thing anyone on the internet was talking about. So I caved…
Honestly though, it was a good choice. This show is interesting. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at the start though, mainly because I wasn’t used to the style of show, plus all I really wanted to know from the first episode was why Piper was going to prison and it took half the episode to show us what she did. So I didn’t really think I would stick with it. On top of that we got thrust into a whole world of new characters and it took me so long to learn their names, and I’m pretty sure I still don’t know half of them.
Either way, the characters are interesting and are all so different and I am so glad because that way it does make it a little easier to tell the difference between them. It’s like you might not remember their name, but you remember what they did on the show.
So the whole prison setting is new to me, I don’t typically watch shows about prison but this is a good one, not to mention it’s a women’s prison which means that it is pretty bitchy and I love that. I am always up for a good show about bitchy drama; that’s why I loved Gossip Girl so much.
Anyway, I have just finished watching the third season after two weeks of binge-watching the show and so I have a lot of thoughts on it. Hence, why I’m making a blog post.
I don’t think I want to go into a lot of detail with this because otherwise I’ll be here forever, but I want to share with you some thoughts I had on the characters and the show in general while I was watching it. And because I don’t want this blog post to be mega long and boring I am just going to bullet point it, so I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Orange is the New Black:

  • Piper is really annoying. I don’t like her.
  • Alex is…okay. I don’t like her a lot either.
  • Also, do we think Alex is dead? Because she wasn’t in season 3 as much I probably wouldn’t miss her a lot…
  • I miss Nicky, why did they have to take her to MAX?
  • I also wish Tricia had lived…
  • “Crazy Eyes” was just misunderstood this whole time and I am so glad we get to see who she really is now.
  • Thank God Mendez went to prison
  • What happened to Bennett?
  • I don’t think Morello’s marriage is going to last…it seems kind of shady
  • I’m so glad Pennsatucky stopped preaching God. I also feel bad for her about the way she was brought up
  • Red is one of my favourite characters. I ship her with Healy.
  • I sometimes feel bad for Healy…but only sometimes because he can be a dick when he wants to be
  • Caputo is confusing, I so wanted to like him, but I really don’t think I can
  • I am happy for Polly and Larry
  • I guess Piper’s family don’t care as much as they used to because they never visit anymore
  • She also stopped calling them
  • Also so glad Piper stopped getting special treatment – like can you not
  • Do not understand everyone’s obsession with Ruby Rose
  • Kind of shipped Taystee and Poussey briefly
  • Vee was a straight up psycho and I was glad she got killed
  • Rosa definitely had the best exit from the show
  • I get that Soso was annoying but I’m glad she was accepted into Taystee’s group
  • I really didn’t like when Red lost her kitchen job
  • I hope that Daya’s baby is going to be okay
  • Boo and Pennsatucky’s friendship is cute
  • I kind of miss the scenes in the laundry room/electrical for some reason
  • I find it really random they are getting prisoners to sew panties now…
  • The whole Norma-worship thing was pretty weird
  • All of the new guards suck
  • I don’t want new inmates it took me long enough to learn about the current inmates
  • Caputo and Fig sleeping together is so creepy
  • I’m so glad there weren’t as many graphic scenes as I thought
  • Luschek is one of my favourite C.O.s
  • I think Piper is gonna regret that infinity tattoo
  • I got emotional watching everyone in the lake
  • What are they going to do to everyone who went to the lake?
  • Sofia needs to be brought out of the SHU like right now
  • I hate the MCC – why must they be a thing
  • When is season four?
And there you have it, most of my thoughts on Orange is the New Black! I know I am missing loads but I think that covered a lot of ground.
I don’t know how everyone else feels about the show but the general vibe I get is that everyone loves it, and now I know why. If you haven’t watched the show I do suggest you try it out. I can see why it wouldn’t be for everyone though, since it’s on Netflix and not on live TV it can be pretty graphic at times and you might find it offensive at times but for the most part it’s great.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts, maybe you guys can relate to some of them. I don’t know. Please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know your favourite character and why. I feel like that could be interesting because there are so many characters. And I will see you guys soon with a new blog post, probably about another TV show that has taken over my life…who knows…
~ Courtney x