Currently Watching: November 2018


So far this month, I have been all over the place when it comes to my TV shows – I think it’s because it’s the middle of a university semester and I have no time to be starting a brand new show, so I’ve been revisiting some old ones.

Of course, I am still keeping up with How To Get Away With Murder, Dynasty, and Riverdale. Because they only air new episodes once a week, I can’t binge them so I have to find other things to watch in between.

So here are some of the things I’ve been watching on and off this month because I just can’t seem to settle on anything:


The show I seem to be watching the most lately is CSI, I set myself the task of watching every single episode of CSI ever, including spin-offs a couple years back. Though it’s the kind of thing you have to be in the mood to watch, so I’ve watched it on and off for a while. Though have recently finished season three and have been happily working my way through season four.

I don’t know when this binge of CSI will end but so far I’m enjoying it. Watching the show has even encouraged me to finally try and complete the DS game. I never made it past the first case but I always wondered what else the game had in store for me…


Next, we have 90210, a show I watched for the first time a couple of years ago on Netflix. Or maybe it was more recent? Last year maybe? Either way, I wanted to watch it again. It’s got those high school drama vibes that I live for. I mean if anything it’s basically Gossip Girl set in LA. So, a natural go to.

That being said, I only managed to make it towards the end of season one and then I stopped. I think the main reason why was because the stream I was watching it on was always really quiet? Which was bothering me so I guess I never really went back. I’m just really hoping they add it to Netflix again.


Another show that I have just gotten towards the end of season one in is Ugly Betty. I bought the box set in a second-hand shop ages ago after not being able to find it anywhere. I loved Ugly Betty when I was younger, and it’s still a good show now.

I kind of wanted to start watching it on a whim and I went with it and it held up well. Though kind of like 90210 it trailed off.

So I think I am itching to get a new show because I have been dropping off watching ones I have seen before, occasionally I will watch some Gilmore Girls or How I Met Your Mother before bed. But aside from that I know I want something new, I think that’s why CSI is sticking because while I might have seen a few episodes on TV, it’s still technically newer than stuff I’ve been rewatching.

I think my goal over Christmas break might be to find some new shows. But until now I guess I will stick with my repeats… And I know I haven’t finished Vampire Diaries to start the Originals, but it’s still on my list.

Anyway, these are the main shows on my radar currently, not sure what the future will bring. But hopefully, I find something good. And as always please feel free to leave suggestions of shows I might like in the comments!

~ Courtney x

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