Grey by EL James Review

I avoided this for a while. Mostly just because I had seen bits and pieces online from it and I was thinking “EL didn’t actually write that did she?” Well turns out she did.

So this book is just Fifty Shades of Grey in Christian’s point of view. Nothing too exciting or great though.

I mean the dialogue between Ana and Christian is the exact same and the events are the same so to me there isn’t much of a reason to read it. It’s the same story. Just with words changed.

I know I said that about Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer but instead with Twilight. But the changes between the original and the new story were more significant.

This one is the same. And if anything I think it’s worse than Fifty Shades of Grey. Sure, in the original, Ana goes on and on about her Inner Goddess which was kind of weird but Christian likes to refer to his ‘manhood’ just as much. It’s not great.

Aside from that, you might think it would be interesting to know what Christian was thinking sometimes in the story while only ever reading from Ana’s point of view. But the way this is written? It’s not giving you much. He’s always hiding his past from Ana and himself it seems, the only real insight you’re given are things from Christian’s dreams which aren’t descriptive as it’s from his point of view as a child.

I wanted to know more about Christian’s relationship with Elena and his past but we don’t get much of that. When he brings Elena up he often shuts her down despite her being his close friend, he doesn’t really want to talk to her about Ana or anything it seems. I suppose he’s a closed-off person but it bothered me we didn’t get more interactions with them.

It’s just all about how Christian is distracted by Ana and is trying to “woo” her. Which you get from the first book anyway.

So I feel like you could give this book a miss if you’ve already read the original book series. I don’t think I would have missed anything by not reading this one.

And now that I have read this one, I can say with certainty I won’t be picking up Darker to read either. Which is Fifty Shades Darker, once again in Christian’s point of view.

I know everyone says this is the Midnight Sun we never got (Stephanie Meyer did start writing Twilight in Edward’s point of view but never finished) but I don’t think it is. I feel like I would have much rather read Midnight Sun to this.

Overall I thought the book was okay. But I didn’t think it added anything more to the original story for me. I rated it 2/5 stars on Goodreads.

I have now read 11 out of 12 books for my reading goal this year and I’m so glad I have been able to stick to my goal! The last book I have chosen to read is My Sister’s Keeper. Very different from the last book I have just read. I did hope to exceed my reading goal this year but with how busy I will be coming up to the new year with university I will be happy enough to just complete the goal. But I am looking forward to challenging myself to read more in the new year!

~ Courtney x