Overcooked 2 First Impressions!

Today I am sharing my first impressions of Overcooked 2! Though before we get into this I just want to say that I already had good impressions for this game because I had so much fun playing the first one.

In Overcooked, you must work as a team with friends/family to help save the Onion Kingdom from being destroyed by a hungry meatball monster. In Overcooked 2, you must once again come together to defeat the Unbread!

Cheesy, yes but also, great.

The past couple of days I have been able to play a lot of the game with my niece, with her help I have made it to the end of world 4, which I assume is maybe around halfway.

One thing I can already tell you is that with Overcooked 2 you definitely need someone else with you to help you complete it. With the first game, I was able to complete the story mode all by myself by switching between two chefs. But because of how fast-paced Overcooked 2 is, and with complex levels, you will definitely need another person. It’s not as easy to switch between characters when you’re trying to pass food between rafts, conveyor belts and other obstacles that are thrown your way.

So if anything I think it’s good that it really amps up the difficulty to get you to play with people. I already can’t wait to introduce my family to this game. We played the first one at Christmas and it was hard for them to grasp then, so I can’t wait to see what’s it like with additional controls thrown in.

I also love that when it comes to the final levels in each world that there’s another layer to them. I don’t want to give away spoilers but it’s crazy how fast things can change when you least expect them, you really have to think on your feet to keep up the momentum of the level.

The game also adds some new side levels given to you by Kevin, the Onion King’s dog. Seems a bit random but I have been enjoying the side levels, they are a bit tricker than the main level but once you have a system it works flawlessly.

Aside from the main story, I have also had the chance to play online with people. You can only do online multiplayer in a VS mode or in an Arcade mode which doesn’t really lead anywhere. Though it can be fun if you don’t have people to play locally and you want more players.

One thing that makes this online play difficult is that with Nintendo Switch, you can’t talk to one another. Which is a downfall when one of the main points of the game is to have good communication.

The game provides a little menu where you can use preset messages in game, but who has time for that when everyone is running around and doing their own thing anyway?

The arcade mode is especially hard to figure out what’s going on when you can’t communicate, the first time I played, everyone ran off to do their own thing when the level started and I had no idea what to do, so I tried my best to contribute in some way but ultimately I don’t know if I did anything.

It’s a lot easier to play online in VS mode, but only because you only have to cooperate with one person, and you somehow develop a sort of system with the other person based on where you’re positioned at the start of the level. For example, if you are near the ingredients and the chopping boards, that’s your job, the other person will cook etc.

So if anything I would say it’s probably easier to stick with the local play, especially because it is way more fun.

I think you can play the main story mode with friends online, but only if you have Nintendo Switch friends who also play the game, I currently don’t have many Switch friends or know anyone who has the game so haven’t been able to test this out yet.

But overall I would highly recommend this game, it’s super fun and definitely one to bring up at parties!

And if you guys wanna add me on Nintendo Switch, please feel free to! I’m always looking for new friends 😛 We might not be able to talk to one another but I think we could still work well together lol.


~ Courtney x

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