I Try to Follow a NikkieTutorials Video and Meet Courtney Act | 1st August 2018

I am attempting VEDA for the second time this year. VEDA stands for Vlogging Every Day in April or August. I tried to do this in April but failed miserably, so why not try again in August!

I had a lot of fun yesterday trying to recreate a look from a NikkieTutorials video and then I went to see Courtney Act perform!

I hope you guys will enjoy this month of content from me, I feel like it’s what I need to get back into making YouTube videos because I haven’t in so long. That or maybe you’ll get sick of seeing my face but either way it’s not going to stop me from posting videos.

So enjoy, or don’t, but I hope I can make some content that might interest at least one person, even if it’s just me.

~ Courtney x